Mixed Dimensions

In Saint Ottery Catchpole, Mr. Weasley was fiddling with a muggle television. Draco( don't ask us, why he's there) , Fred, George, Ron, and Harry was watching him, since there was nothing better to do. With a spark, the television screen showed a muggle show, Gundam Wing.

In the future, in Peacemillion, five boys were in a room. Trowa and Quatre were playing Harry Potter Uno, Heero was reading fanfiction on his computer, WuFei was reading the fourth Harry Potter book secretly behind 'Justice Magazine', and Duo was re-reading the first book, very slowly(oh Duo I still love you).

In both places, each set of five boys, wished. "I wish I was him." A vortex grabbed them all, and left behind their formal worlds, and they entered a new adventure.

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