Chapter 4

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The G-Boys and Hermione were in the last compartment of the train. Hermione was teaching them some simple charms, transfiguration spells, and many other things.

Once Duo, Trowa, and Quatre got the hang of Exploding Snap, WuFei feel asleep, Hermione and Heero started talking again.
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"No, there is a very annoying girl who thinks she's my girlfriend, but I just want to be alone. She stalks me."
"Oh, is there someone that you like?"
"Yeah. Her name is Lily. She looks like Harry's mom."
"Hey Heero, are you flirting with the pretty land?" Duo interrupted. Hermione turned red.
"I have to tell WuFei some stuff before we get to Hogwarts." She stood up and smacked WuFei to wake him up.
"Do you like her?"
"She's alright."
"She reminds me of Lily, except for the looks and the whole Goddess of Death thing."
"Yeah she does."
"If any Slytherins ask you why you hang out with us, you just tell them that you're making fun of us." She said this just in time, because the compartment door opened.
"Draco! What are you doing down here?"
"Making fun of them."
"Come on. I save you a seat with me." Pansy dragged WuFei out of the compartment.
"Deserves him right." Hermione sat back down, between Heero and Duo.
"So Hermione," Duo put his arm around her. "Are you going out with Viktor?"
"No. Get your arm off of me." She tried pushing him away, but it didn't work.
"Are you going out with anyone? Anyone I can make jealous?"
"No. Let go of me." The closing of the compartment door made Hermione realize Heero was no longer next to her.
"Look what you did now."
"Oh, he's probably just looking for the lady with the candy cart." Hermione wiggled out of his arms and went to search for Heero.
"Heer... Harry! Harry where are you?" She called.
"Up here." She looked up and saw Heero, on top of the train.
"Get down now! Are you trying to get Harry killed?"
"Heero got down, and walked into an empty compartment, signaling Hermione to follow.
"Why did you leave?"
"Because Duo was disgusting me."
"Oh." They stood in silence for a bit, neither knowing what to talk about. The train was slowing down, and then stopped, throwing Hermione into Heero. Turning red, they stayed like that looking at each other until someone knocked on the door.
"Hey guys, we're here." It was Quatre.

"This food is excellent."
"Yeah. We only get junk food at home."
"Or whatever Lily makes." The people sitting near or around the G-Boys were giving them weird looks.
Heero was sitting silently, looking through the enchanted Great Hall ceiling.
"Whatcha thinking about?" Hermione whispered, leaning against his arm.
"Why we are who we are."
"I'm hoping it's why you are Harry and the other are who they are, and not the more complicated one."
"WuFei is nicknamed the Solitary Dragon, and Draco is Latin for Dragon. Trowa and Quatre are like brothers, and Fred and George are brothers. Ron is Harry's best friend, and Duo thinks he's my best friend. Harry is a hero her, and I guess I'm the hero there. No pun intended." Hermione smiled and finished her dessert.
"We have to meet Professor Darkes." Hermione said noticing a blonde haired woman getting up and talking with Dumbledore. Duo quickly shoved more food into his mouth.
"You act exactly like him." In the hall Heero grabbed WuFei and dragged him with them.
"Professor Dumbledore, Professor Darkes, we're here." Hermione said through the door.
"Anyone else around?" Came a voice. The boys looked up and down the hall, and then shook their heads.
"Nope." They heard several locks being unlocked then a woman opened the door.
"Come in." After locking the locks again, she turned around and saw their confused faces.
"Can't be too careful, with my past and future. Let me introduce myself, I'm Professor Karen Darkes and if I'm not mistaken you aren't who I think you are. So who are you?"
"I'm Duo Maxwell, he's Trowa, that's Quatre, the scowling one is WuFei, and the one next to the pretty lady is Heero." For five minutes, while Hermione retold what had happened, Karen circled them, looking them over, as if trying to find a fault, until WuFei muttered, 'Onna'. At this comment Karen slid her foot, making WuFei fall onto his face.
"I know Chinese. Now from what I understand, you guys are soldiers. You may be able to help me with my classes for the first month."
"What are you doing?" Karen grinned evilly at Hermione.
"Oh you'll find out."

"What are you still doing up?" Heero asked, spotting Hermione sitting next to the fire.
"Could ask the same for you." Heero sat down on the couch next to her.
"I couldn't get to sleep." Hermione gave him part of her blanket.
"Let me guess, Duo was snoring again."
"Yeah, how did you know?"
"Could hear him down here."
"Is it usually this quiet?"
"Yeah, unless Fred and George are planning something. And that probably won't be happening for a month." Hermione leaned against Heero, and stared into the flames.
They sat there, silently looking at the flames. Hermione feel asleep in Heero's arms.
"I could get use to this."

Around 6 am, Lily woke the boys by her yells. She ran into their room.
"Alright, which one of you did it!"? She screamed. Harry jumped up, Ron fell off his bed. Draco yelped. Fred and George yawned and looked at her.
"What is all the commotion partner?" Fred asked. She stomped up to him, and grabbed the neck of his nightshirt.
"I know you did it." Then she grabbed George's shirt. " You did it too. Alright, I want them out of there in 5 seconds or I'll lock you in a room with Relena, Dorothy, and Draco for 3 days."
"Hey, how'd I get into this?" Draco screamed. She glared at him. She turned her attention back to the twins. "Now get them out of there now!" She dropped them and they scurried out of the room. She turned and smiled at Harry and Ron.
"Good morning. Did you guys sleep well?"
"Yeah. Do these guys always sleep in big T-shirts and boxers? Don't they sleep in Pajama's?" Ron asked. Lily started laughing.
"Pajamas? You guys seriously wear pajamas? God, I don't even wear pajamas. Oops, sorry about that. See this is the future from your time. T-shirts and boxers are comfortable, you know what, I really don't want to start into this conversation this early in the morning." Lily said.
"Fine then tell us what Fred and George did?" Then Noin and Sally ran into the room.
"Why are Trowa and Quatre carrying bucket after bucket of frogs out of your room Lily?"
"Um, I dunno. Why?" She said acting innocently.
"Lily, I thought I told you to stay out of Relena's liquor." Noin said.
"I didn't! I swear!" Lily said. Noin shook her head and left the room. Sally glared at Draco, then looked at his bed, then back at Draco.
"Did our little dragon have a bladder problem last night?" She cooed. Draco turned red and hid under his slightly damp blankets.
"See yah Lil." Sally said as she left the room.
"Bye". Lily said then she turned back to Ron and Harry.
"Are you guys hungry? I think we could find something to make for breakfast. Draco, you're not leaving this room 'til you get everything cleaned. I guess we're going to have to go shopping today. You guys wouldn't mind do you?"
"No not at all. We don't mind." Harry said. Lily smiled.
"Gees, I could have threatened Heero by painting his Gundam Rainbow, or with a portrait of Relena and he would have never agreed. Thanks!" Lily skipped out of the room and into her own, which was now de-frogged. Then the twins walked into their room.
"Why did you guys put frogs in her room?" Ron asked.
"We thought she was a person that could take a joke. I guess we were wrong" George said.
Then they started to change into the pilots' clothes.
"You know, I'm not very comfortable in spandex. And it's damn cold up here!" Harry whined.
"How do you think I feel? I'm wearing pink! AND PURPLE!" George said.
"This.. shirt... and... pants... are... too.... tight" Fred managed to gasp out. Lily, who was standing outside stifled a laugh.
"I like my clothes!" Ron said. Lily knocked on the door.
"You guys wanna go shopping first? We can get breakfast on the way!"
"Yes!" They said.
"Draco, did you get those sheets cleaned yet?" She asked sweetly. Grumbling and some mumbled curses were heard. 5 of the 6 Gundam pilots left the ship and went to the closet colony. Lily drove, since she was the only one to actually know how.
"Hey, since you're here" Lily began as she talked to Harry. "I can get Heero to change his wardrobe. As soon as we buy some stuff, you guy's can change. Kay?" They nodded. They went into different stores. The sale girls were constantly batting their eyelashes at them. The boys finally found some clothes that were way different from the g-boys' clothes. Lily whistled as they came out of the dressing room. Harry was wearing cargo pants and a yellow OSIRIUS shirt. George was wearing khaki shorts and a red T-shirt. Ron was wearing black wide legs and a green 'skating isn't a sin' shirt. Fred was wearing long baggy shorts with a Hawaiian shirt. (Now try to picture the real pilots in these!)
"Wow, I would have never believed that you guys always wear black robes." She said as they were walking around. They came up to a pet shop. All these people were surrounding a yellow box. The crowd started dying down when they approached it.
"I wonder what's going on there," Fred said. There was a black meesee puppy.
"He's cute" Fred said as he started petting him. The pet shop owner walked over to the 5.
"Would you like to hold him?" She asked. Fred picked the puppy up. "Hey Ron, he reminds me of your puffskin." Lily nudged him. Fred handed the pup over to Lily. She looks at it and hands it to Harry,
"Aren't you a dog person?" Harry asked.
"Oh, I like dogs. But I don't wanna get attached." She said. Then an annoying blonde ran over to them.
"Oh HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRROOOOOOOO! I didn't know you liked dogs." Relena shrieked. Lily whispered in Harry's ear. 'Monotone, Hn, omae o korosu.'
"Go away Relena." Harry said in monotone. The dog must have been very smart, because he marked his territory all over Relena's lame dress. She screamed and left in a huff. Lily picked up the dog.
"You're such a good doggy, yes you are." She cooed. She gave the dog to Ron, and then to George and they left the store.
They bought tons of new clothes. Then George finally asked.
"Where are we getting all the money to buy these clothes?"
"Oh, you're Quatre Rahbaba Winner. The richest boy on the colonies and Earth. I took your credit card." Lily said with a cheeky grin.
They went into a candy store. While the boys were stocking up, Lily was looking outside. She spotted a guy wearing a black trench coat and hat. A silver glint made her give him a second glancing. He was tucking a pistol back in his coat.
"Guys, hurry up and pay. We got to keep moving." She called. They gathered up all their bags and went to some more stores. Lily kept glancing over her shoulder to find the man in the trench coat. Harry noticed this when they were going to the food court.
"What's going on?" He whispered. She jumped at the sound of his voice and looked at him.
"That's a pretty big nothing to make you jittery." He joked. She looked over her shoulder again and pulled Harry away from the other boys.
"There's a man here in a trench coat with a gun. I remember him from the battle with White Fang; he was one of the men in a mobile suit. I think he's after us."
"I think you're paranoid. Come on lets eat."
"Maybe I am, okay lets go." She hooked her arm in Harry's and dragged him toward the others.

"Hey Harry, she's just the right height for you!" Fred said. Harry blushed. Lily put her arm around Harry's shoulders.
"You're just jealous that I like him more than you." They grabbed a table while Lily ordered the food.
"What kind of food do you think she's going to bring us? We have no clue if they eat those tubed stuff the astronauts eat in space, or normal food." George said. Harry was looking past him. A man in a black trench coat looked at the four boys, and then kept walking. It was like slow motion. Lily came back with the food when the man disappeared in the crowd.
"Here you go! French fires, hamburgers, and milk shakes. Dig in!"
"Wow, I never had junk food before!" Ron said as he chomped into his hamburgers.
:I Guess you guys will have to teach those house elves a thing or two." Lily said. Then she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. A silver glint. The man in the trench coat was pulling the gun of his coat. He was aiming at George. She dove at George just as the trigger was pulled. Everyone but Harry, Ron, and Fred ducked. A bullet hole was directly where George's head was seconds ago. Lily pulled him up.
"RUN!!!!" They jumped over tables, chairs, and people. Lily tried to go after the guy, but Fred and George grabbed her before she could. The man started chasing them, firing more bullets. Lily started searching the pockets of her jacket.
"Where did that gun go?" She kept repeating. Then they passed the candy store that had the huge gumball machine at the entrance. "Bingo." She jumped in the air and shattered the glass with her foot. Gumballs spilled all over the floor, causing the man to trip as he tried to run over them. Lily grabbed the man's gun and pointed it at his head.
"You know what, this must be your lucky day. If I wasn't a civilian now, I'd shoot you." She growled. The boys came up to her.
"Harry, go get security, Fred go see if everyone is okay back at the food court, Ron go with him, George go pay the candy store owners for the gumballs. I'll watch this guy." Lily threw the gun onto the floor and bent the guy's arms back and tied them there with the spare rope she used as a leash for Duo. "You're gonna pay for ruining my day. She said as she twisted his arm back. Harry came running back to her with 2 security guards. The others came back shortly after. Then they left the mal to go back to the ship.

"Whoa, I can't believe they shot at you George!" Ron exclaimed.
"Well, he is the wealthiest boy in the ESUN, and a Gundam pilot. Plus, he owns the Winner Satellite Resources, and a colony, what insane man wouldn't want to kill him?"
"How come you can talk about stuff like that in a joking manner?" Harry asked.
"Because death, guns, and stuff like that has followed me since I was 4. It's normal. Like how you guys getting homework is normal."
"That is not normal, that's sadistic." Fred said.
"What, homework or death?" Lily asked.

When they got back, Draco got his bedclothes, sheets and mattress all cleaned. Noin came into their living quarters.
"Heard someone tried to kill Quatre today." She said.
"Yeah, but Lily handled it." Harry said.
"Heero talked in multi-toned, not mono-toned. I need some aspirin. Do you guys know why Relena was so upset this afternoon?"
"Yeah, a dog peed on her!" Fred said while laughing hysterically. Noin almost had a heart attack at this point.
"Trowa talked. Trowa laughed!" She blacked out.
"Um, Fred, Trowa doesn't talk or laugh." Lily said as she nudged Noin with her foot.
Noin finally came too after dinner was eaten, and dishes were washed. The new Gundam pilots were sitting around and Lily was trying to figure out why one boy was that particular Gundam pilot.
"Okay, Heero is, well, the hero, and Harry is the hero in your world. Ron is really good at chess, and so is Duo (What? I had to think of something for them to have in common!) Heero and Duo are best friends, even though they won't admit it so are Harry and Ron. Trowa and Quatre are like brothers, and you guys are brothers. But that the only way I can figure that out. Now Draco... Wait, draco is Latin for dragon, and WuFei is nicknamed the Solitary dragon. Whoa, my head hurts now." Lily grabbed some Advil from the pocket of her jackets and took twice as much that is recommended.
"Um, aren't you supposed to take two?" Harry asked.
"Dearie, when you live with Heero Yuy for your whole life, your body gets used to taking 4." Soon Noin came into the room, again, and ordered them all to go to sleep.

Late at night again, Harry woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. He went back to the look out and found Lily again. She was wrapped in a tiger striped blanket. Harry sat down next to her.
"It's beautiful out in space." Harry said in awe.
"You know, this is going to be a normal routine for us if we're not careful." Lily joked as she glanced at Harry. The light reflecting off of Earth made the green of his eyes brighter.
"Tell me more about what you were talking about yesterday."
"No way, I talked yesterday, it's your turn."
"But you know all about me."
"Oh no I don't. I know age 11 and up. It's your turn"
"Alright." Harry took a deep breath. "I can remember some things about my parents. Even before I met the dementors. I remember my mum's smell, she smelled like cherries. I remember my dad's warmth. I never knew my family you were wrong. The Dursleys were not my family. Everyday I was stuck in that cupboard I prayed for whoever was looking after people to bring me back the family I never knew. He never answered me." There was a long silence. Lily looked at Harry's sorrowful face.
"I don't believe that there is this almighty person making sure everyone is okay. If there was, that little girl wouldn't have been killed." Lily whispered. Harry heard her and could tell in was a touchy subject.
"Then that family finally came. When I met the Weasleys they took me in as if I was their family. I didn't have to pray anymore for one. But I still swore that I would get even with whoever took my family away from me."

They keep talking about stupid stuff, no longer about depressing feelings. They both fell asleep together. Lily had her arms around his waist and her head on his shoulder. Harry had his head resting on her's. Unforntunely, the others were up early and took a picture.

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