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Marriage of Convenience

" Alright.. how about, the worst theroy? " Warrick asked. The whole CSI gang was waiting for their superviser to come

and hand out assignments, and in the meantime sharing stoies of the past.

" I would have to say Nicks theroy of the Diver being dropped in thr tree by a helicopter. " Catherine stated between laughs, however Nick was not to amused by her bringing that up. She, all to well, remembered the case, and Nicky being so persistent on his theory.

" Nuh uh, I would have to say, that it was Sara's theroy of spontanious combustion. " Warrick received a hit in the from Sara across the table.

" It could happen, just because it didn't happen in that case, didn't mean it couldn't! " Sara was a little embarassed. At the time, the theroy made perfect sense, but after words, it sounded just as silly as she felt. Personally, she thought Nick's was the worst, but, she was pretty sure he probably thought the same about her.

" I feel for ya girl, somehow, we became the main victems of their jokes. " Nick knew it wasn't always fun being on the receiving end, but he knew Sara wouldn't take it the wrong way, she could throw it out, and take it back, alothough, she did prefer to throw it out.

" Grissom's coming down the hall now, lets all hide and suprise him! " Greg Sanders had had one to many cups of his Blue Haiwien coffe.

" Greg, what are you, four years old? " Warrick smirked at Catherine's comment. Their newest CSI member had been jumping off the walls lately, and Catherine had had enough.

" What, haven't you ever just felt like you could rule the world? " Greg's eyes were wide and he was literally shaking with excitment... and way to much caffine.

" Yeah, once maybe when I was in the fifth grade, but Greg, we've grown up and it is time for you to try to. " Catherine was fed up with his loud music and his jumping out of every corner. ' I am so sick of this damn hyperness all the time, it's time someone teahs him to caln down. ' Catherine thought maybe she could be the one to teach him a lesson, and was about to do so when Grissom came in, and stood right behind the excited, ' soon to be lab tech again if he didn't cam down ' Greg. ' This oughta be good ' .

Grissom clearded his throat and Greg nearly jumped out of his skin and turned around sharply, to be face to face, with his superviser. ' How long as he been standing there? I hope he didn't hear my idea of jumping out and suprising him... oh good move Greggo! What if he sends me back to the lab? ' Greg gulped at the thought.

" Take a seat... Greggo. " Grissoms chuckled a bit at the pale person in front of him, who was looking at him so quizically.

" Okay, assignments, we have all the easy stuff tonight, two B&E's and two bodies. Catherine Warrick, you guys get the body over at lake Mead, Davids already there, I suggest you get going we have, what looks like, a nasty storm coming our way, get out there and back, before your evidense gets washed away. " Catherine took the slip of paper from Grissom and walked out the door, Warrick following right behind.

" Nick, you have the B&E at the Desert Palms Cassino. Brass is down there talking with the manager right now. " Nick rose took the slip and went to his Taho, he liked the chase of the big cases, but he still liked having the simple one's so far. Grissom hadn't let him do any real stressful cases since he returned from his ordeal, but he was fine with it at the moment.

" Greg, you get the interesting B&E tonight. They broke into, and I hope you're ready for this, the body farm. I guess people are just getting tired of the classic money or jewels, now they're trying to steal bodies, O' Riley is already there and he doesn't like it, say's it isn't natural and disgusting, so don't take to much time. "

" You got it boss. " Greg replied, all to happy that he wasn't refined to the lab. Even more happier that this was his first case alone, he was going to make sure Grisoom knew he could handle it.

" Sara, you and I, are going on a little road trip. Our body is about a hundred miles south of the lab. We are the closest to the little town, called cooperville. " Grissom said with a little smile on his face, as much as he didn't wwant to addmitt it, and tried desperetly not to, he was excited about a road trip... with Sara.

" Cooperville? Sounds like something out of leave it to beaver, or the happy days. Are you sure it's safe? " Sara said sarcastically. She knew it would be safe, but, think about it, a town called ' cooperville sounded a little strange. But who cared she was going there with Grissom, she would follow him to mars if she could. She couldn't wait to get out on the road, only her and Grissom, no one to interfer. ' Wow, only Grissom and I,no one else... could this day get any better? '

" Yeah, well, wether the town is Happy days, or Nightmare on Elm street, we're going there. " ' and only us. Could this day get any better? ' Grisom smiled at his thought and went to pick up the keys from the table when Sara suprised him by placing a hand on his arm.

" I don't think so Dr. Grissom, I'm driving. " Sara had a challenging look in her eye, that was daring him to argue. Strangely Gissom was not about to back down.

" Uh huh, miss Sidle, I'm driving. " There he did it, he finally accepted the challenge, there was no way she could beat that.

" Grissom... wh-what is that? Did your trantula get out? " Sara said pointing at the wall behind him, she knew it would work. Grissom turned sharply to check, sara grabbed the keys and ran for her life.

It had all happened in slow motion for him, he turned to see if his spider was crawling on the wall, when he heard Sara's chair slide back, he turned just in time to see her grab the keys and take off. ' What just happened? I think Sara sidle has beat me again... but not for long. ' Grissom turned on his heel and starting walking to the front of the building.

When he came outside infront of his Tahoe, he saw Sara sitting in the driver side seat, looking at him and laughing.

He came up and opened the door.

" What do you think is so funny? " Grissom said, trying to stop himself from laughing.

" You." Sara answered. The look on his face when she grabbed the keys was like one of those priceless comercials.

' Buying a ticket and moving to Vegas... $750.00

' memorizing every part of adoreable his face and not being able to caress it... self control

' Working for the smartest man, and yet the most gulibul... pricless ' and with that thought Sara started to laugh again.

" Move. " Grissom pointed to the passenger side. He smiled when Sara put on her best little puppy dog pout face.

" Not working... " He smirked when Sara just frowned and tried not to smile.

" You're no fun. " Sara slid out of the vehicle andbrushed slightley against Grissom when she got out, making him bluch, and her smile.

" But I'm sure you could be. " She mumbled under her breath, smiled at the thought, and climbed in on the passenger side. this was going to be fun.

Grissom heard her mumble something, but wasn't qutioe sure he understood it, and was sure he probably didn't want to.

He looked up at the sky, it's color had started changing from a beautiful sunset orange to a dark gray or black, this big strom was coming, and he wanted to get out before its started. As if on cue, small raindrops started falling on the windshield. He started up the Tahoe and started backing out of the parking lot.

Sara looked up at the sky and turned the radio on for some kind of weather report.

" We are exspecting some showers today around noon. " The weather announcer said. Sara snorted.

" WHAT... you're kidding me, it's going to rain! Now I wasn't exspecting that! " at her comment Grissom couldn't help but laugh.

Sara always made his heart bounce and eat like there was no tomorrow. H sometimes wonderded if he had the same affect on her, then he would walk into the room, and she would go from drifting off into space to giving him one of her bright Sara smiles.

When the weather was finished normal radio came back and started playing La Totura by Shakira. Sara couln't help but dance in her seat, it was jumpy, and fun, and she was in a very good mood!

Grissom watched her with amazment, at the movement of her body, at how beautiful she looked, and how happy she was, and that made him happy. Then it started, he started tapping his fingers on the sterring wheel to the beat.. then his knee started bouncing a bit... then he started nodding his head, before he knew it he was dancing in his seat with sara, but still watching the road. This was going to be a good trip.

He looked over at Sara, who was lip singing the best she could. she looked over at him and felt the blood start to rise in her cheeks,

but Grissom suprised her by turning his attention back to the road, but still dancing around in his seat. Sometimes, he amazed her, he could be the man who sullian and doesn't smile, or he could be the man, who could be the most fun to be around and always give you his smile.

The rain started to getting harder and harder until it was almost impossible to see. Grissom had the windshield whipers going as fast as he could. They were only hafe way there and still had quite a bit of driving in front of them. He hoped the rain would slow down... soon.

He looked over at Sara, she looked nervous. He didn't like seeing her afraid, he wanted to see the happy Sara who was with him about an hour ago dancing around and being silly, but still managing to capture his heart.

He was suffereing threw the channels trying to find something she might like, no... hoping to find something she might like.

Almost all the channels were static, except a couple, when one song came on he saw her reaction to it and left. The song must have just started because he didn't seem to regonize it, but Sara did, and thats what mattered. He didn't know what it souned a little like country, but he wasn't sure. When Sara started to sing along with the radio, she souned angelic, and it was almost as if she was singing to him.

" Am I dreamin? Stupid? I think I've been hit by cupid,

but no one needs to know. "

" I met a tall dark, and handsome man, and I've been busy makin big plan's

but no one needs to know right now. "

" I'll tell him some day, some way, and some how.

but I'm gonna keep it a secret for now. "

" I want bells to ring, a choir to sing, the white dress, the guests, the cake, the car, the whole darn thing

but no one needs to know right now. "

" I'll tell him some day, some way and some how.

But I'm gonna keep it a secret for now. "

" We'll have a little girl, a little boy, a little benji we call Leroy

but no one needs to know right now. "

Just as she started to get to her favorite part, that annoying sound of the radio station testing their channels was beeping.

" Thank's Griss. " Sara knew what he was trying to do, and was greatful that he cared that much for her, now only if she could get him to do it on a regular basis.

" Your welcome, Sara. " Grissom was contemplating stoping in the next town, maybe at a rest area and taking a break, when sara finalized his thought.

" Maybe we should stop Grissom, the rain is getting harder, if thats possible, and I hate driving in the rain.. well I'm not driving, but still... "

" Of coarse we can Sara, there is a very small town coming up, see there's a sign... it says.. welcome to... Elmer. " Grissom said, with a hint of sarcasim in his voice on the last word.

" Cowinsidence... I think not. " Sara giggled, recalling what Grissom had said before they left. " Wether the town is from Happy days, or Nightmare on Elm street, we're going. "

After he parked the Tahoe, he started to pull out the rain coats they had in the back, when Sara opened the door, got out, and started playing in the rain. ' She's going to be the death of me. What is she doing, does she want to get sick.'

" Sara, what are you doing? Get back over here. " Grissom shouted, but the rain was coming down so hard she couldn't hear him.

Grissom grabbed his normal jacket and ran out to Sara, on the slippery, wet, muddy ground. On his attempt to get to Sara he slipped in the mud and landed right on his backside. Sara chose that moment to turn around and See Grissom sitting in the mud... laughing?

" Jeeze Griss you okay? " She asked coming over to him. When he nodded, she outstretched her arm to help him up, and he accepted it greatfully, only in the process of getting Grissom up, he pulled her down on accident and now they were bot sitting on the ground mus covered faces.

After finally getting up, the went inside to little motel and went up to the head desk.

" Hello ma'am we would like a room... preferably with double beds. " Grissom looked at the little old lady. she looked as if she had worked here for a hundred years or more. Her hair was neatly rolled itno a bun and she gave Grissom a mental image of an old cranky librian.

" Sorry sir, but we don't have rooms with double beds, only single. " The woman eyed the pair, she could sense something between them, but wasn't sure what it was.

" Well, then maybe a room with a bad and a pull out couch? " Grissom was starting to panic.

" Again.. sorry sir but no. " The woman looked from Grissom to Sara, noticing what a lovely couple they made.

" Then how about just a normal room? " Sara asked. the little old lady smiled at her.

" Would you like one with one bed or two? " The little Desk Clerk asked.

" I thought you just said that you didn't have rooms with double beds? " Sara asked, a little confused, but it wasn't bothering her... yet.

" Of coarse we do, what kind of place doesn't? " she asked with an innocent little smile on her tiny delicate face.

" We will take a room with double beds then. " Sara was now starting to get a little annoyed.

" I'm sorry, but we don't have any rooms with double beds. " The woman looked at sara confused.

Sara was getting closer and closer to madness, when the final straw broke with the ladies next words.

" Would you like a room with double beds? " The woman smiled, but her smile faded when she looked at Sara.

" LADY, do you have a room with double beds or not! " Sara was tired, she was getting a little cranky, and she wanted to get cleaned up.

The woman winced a bit at her harsh tone, but was other wise, unfased.

" What are double beds? " The lady asked.

" Can you just get us a room. " Grissom knew he had to get them a room before Sara had a chance to bow up.

" Yes I can, I will need to see your Drivers lisense and a Marriage lisense. " The woman stated.

Grissom looked over at Sara to see she was just as shocked as he was. A marriage lisense, why would she need that?

" A what? " Sara was more the an little confused right now, she thought it would be easier to get some sleep outside.

" A marriage lisense. We're an old fasion motel. " The little old woman smiled an evil little smile as if she was doing this on purpose.

" Um... were not married. " Grissom, was behond panicing now, and he was really confused.

" Well then I can't help you... sorry. " The old woman started to walk away when Sara stopped her.

" Okay, what if we pay double? " Sara was a little worried, what were they suposed to do?

" Sorry, but we don't have double beds. " The woman looked confused.

" I didn't say dounble beds, I said pay double. " Sara answered through her clenched jaw.

" Sorry but no. " She started to walk away again, but was stopped by Sara yet again. Asking her if she had any idea of what they could do.

" Well... You could go back out the doors and leave, or we have a 24/7 minister here, you could get married... kind of like a marriage of convenience... and then just, get it annouled in the morning. " The woman smiled, pleased with her idea.

" Thats sounds fine. " Sara answered quickly. ' This oughta be good. ' Sara knew the person standing next to her was not going to be to happy... she was right.

" Sara, what do you think you're doing? " Grissom was behond suprised with Sara's answer.

" Oh come one Grissom, it can't be that bad, if it means we get a room for the night, it means we get a room. Anyways... it might be kinda fun. " Sara said with a sly grin and a delicate little eyebrow raised. she turned to the counter and Grissom wasn't to far behind.

' Pull yourself together Gil, it's just for one night, we'll get it annouled in the morning... this can't be good... what kind of place doesn't let you stay if you're not married? ' Grissom didn't quite know what to think. But Sara didn't have any problems with her thoughts.

' Well... I always pictured myself being married to Grissom, but in my dreams, he is a little more happy... oh well, that part might always change. ' She liked the track of her thoughts.

" Okay, honey why don't you come into the back room with me and get cleaned up, maybe put a little make up on, while you sir can go over to the mens room over there and get a little cleaned up yourself. It's not everyday you get married. " She knew what she was doing. She could always regognize the ones who were really in love.

' What are you doing Gil? You can't go through with this wedding, not when you have these feelings for Sara... it would be one thing if it were Catherine, we're just friends, there could be nothing btween us... but Sara... I just don't think this is a good idea, one of us, if not both of us, are going to get hurt, and when I love her this much... '

Did he just say love? No, he couldn't love Sara... could he? Just at that moment, the little woman just walzted right into the mens room looking for him.

" Are you ready sir? You lady friend... Sara I think she said her name was... is already, I made her put a little bit of make up on and I did her hair, she really didn't want me to, but I insisted, she is waiting in the other room for you. Remember, you can get this annouled in the morning... if you want. " She had a weak little smile on her face. She could always pick out the one's that would gon in their new life's, she had a strong feeling that they would.

" Ma'am, do you know who will be.. um... preforming the, uh, ceremony? " Grissom felt akward asking that. He had imanged being married to Sara, but under different currcumstances, but they were just fantasies, he didn't really want that... did he?

" Yes I do, my husband will be, he's a judge, and can marry people and get them annouled. Wow, him and I have have been married for fifty years tomorrow. Alot of people didn't think we would make it in a marriage, you see I am seventy and he is eighty-five, were are fifteen years apart. " Grissom listened as she countinued her story.

" When we were younger, he was very nervous, he didn't want to addmit his feelings for me, he said it would never work between us, he kept trying to convince me thatm and himself to. One day I asked him out to dinner, and he accepted. We had a wonderful time, the nest day, he asked me out to breafest, and I guess if kind of went on from there. We were married a year later. We couldn't be happier, and don't get me wrong, we do have our fare share of fights, but nothing bad enough to come between us. Well, listen to me jabber on, when you have a wedding to gey to, you can't be late for your wedding because you were with another woman. " and with that she left.

Grissom remembered when Sara had asked him out to dinner, it was right after the lab explosion.

" Would you like to have dinner with me? " Sara stood in Grissom's doorway.

" No." without a second thought, he said 'no'.

" Why not, lets, lets have dinner, lets see what happens. " Sara was full of hope.

" Sara... I don't know what to do about this. " Of coarse he knew what he wanted to do about this, he wanted to say yes, he wanted to go to dinner with Sara and find out what would happen.

" I do... you know but the time you figure it out, you're really gonna be too late. " and with that she turned and left, leaving Grissom to ponder what just happened.

Was he too late? He didn't want to be, the one time he felt as if it were too late is when he found out about Hank, he and Sara were working the case.

" Relationship? " Grissom asked suprised. She couldn't have, but I thought..

" A Hank Pedigree. " The man stated

Grissom turned to look at Sara, almost as if requesting to know if this was true, but his question was answered when she turned away. She couldn't bare to look him in the eye. She looked over at the man standing in front of her, wondering why was he doing this.

After telling them that it wasn't a relationship, that they just went out to movies, the other man left, Grissom following, but he stopped and tured around to look at her.

" I'll get the blood spotches to DNA--" and the rest was farely a mumble. Grissom looked at her for a second more, then turned on his heel and left... leaving Sara by herself.

As Grissom walked into the room he saw Sara, his Sara, standing there, she was beautiful. Her face was done with little blush, she had some lipgloss, a little eyeliner, a dark violet, masscara, and a beatiful lavender eye shadow that matched her blouse, and black slacks, which were cleaned better then they were before.

Her hair was in curls that surrouned her face. She looked beautiful.

" Thank you Ellen. " sara said to the little old woman, who shared also with her, the story about her marriage. she turned to see Grissom walking up to her. He looked handsome, he had combed the mud out of his hair and clean in out of his beard.

" Sara you look... beautiful. " Grissom's breath caought in his throat, she was so beautiful.

" Thank you Grissom, you don't look bad yourself. " She smiled one of her bright Sara smiles and they walked up to the desk together.


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