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Sara and Grissom were in the bath tub within minutes. Sara sat there and Grissom sat right in front of her, his back against her chest.

His head was resting on her shoulder as he played with the bubbles on his arm. When Sara asked suddenly: " Grissom, do you think this marriage will work? I need... I need to know, because, I don't want my heart to break... not again. "

Grissom turned around, and looked at Sara.

" Of course this marriage will work, we will make it work. " Grissom smiled, as he sat back again.

" What about work? What will Ecklie think? " She knew Ecklie would be pissed.

" I don't give a damn about what Ecklie thinks, I don't give a damn what the world thinks Sara, all I know is, I am going to change from now on, no more double shifts, no more secrets, I'm getting my head out of the microscope, as Catherine once put it. And you know what else? YOU, are no longer doing double shifts either, well at least for a while. You and I are going to have to spend our free time moving your things to my town house... our town house. " Grissom said as he gently pulled Sara's hand to him, and placed it on his heart.

" You feel that, it's no longer broken and empty, you fixed my heart Sara... thank you. " Sara was beyond touched by Grissom's thoughtfulness tonight.

" You really mean... I can move in with you... you want me to move in with you? " Sara asked shyly.

" Well, I don't really want my wife to live anywhere where I'm not, and if we are going to raise a family, an apartment won't do...as a matter fact, neither will my town house. When we get back to Vegas, we will buy a house together. What kind of houses do you like, one story or two? " Grissom asked. When Sara didn't respond, he turned to see her desperately trying to keep the tears from falling.

" I love, um, two story, is that okay? " Sara was trying hard to keep her emotions to herself, this was something that didn't go unnoticed by Grissom.

" Of course it is honey, whatever you want, and another thing. Sara, if we are going to be a couple, then we need to show our emotions for each other, no matter how hard it may be, okay? " His hand gently started to caress her face.

" Okay... Griss... Gil, thank you for doing this. " Sara was now letting the tears fall down her cheeks. She, never before, felt so loved and cared for.

After their very refreshing breath, they just sat, comfortable in each others embrace, while they listened to the radio. When the song 'She thinks she Needs me', by Andy Griggs, came on, Grissom asked Sara if she would like to dance. She, of course, accepted. While they danced Grissom sang the words in Sara's ear, in a little whisper.

"She thinks I walk on water, she thinks I hung the moon.

She tells me every morning, they just don't meet men like you.

She thinks I've got it together, she swears I'm a tough as nails.

But I don't have the heart to tell her, that she don't know me that well...

She don't know I much I need her, she don't know I'd fall apart.

Without her kiss, without her touch, without her faithful loving arms.

She don't know that it's all about her, she don't know I can't live without her.

She's my world, she's my everything, and she thinks she needs me.

Sometimes she cries on my shoulder, when she's lying next to me.

But she don't know that when I hold her, she's really holding me... holding me

She don't know how much I need her, she don't know I'd fall apart.

Without her kiss, without her touch, without her faithful loving arms

She don't know that it's all about her, she don't know I can't live without her.

She's my world, she's my everything, and she thinks she needs me.

Now the funny thing is, she thinks she's the lucky one...

She don't know how much I need her, she don't know I'd fall apart.

Without her kiss without her touch, without her faithful loving arms.

She don't know that it's all about her, she don't know I can't live without her.

She's my world, she's my everything, and she thinks she needs me.

She thinks I walk on water, she thinks I hung the moon.

" I love you Gil, so very much do I love you. " Sara said with a brand new batch of tears in her eyes.

" I love you too. " He said as he picked her up and swung her around to the new song, 'Strong enough to be your man' by Travis Tritt.

" I love you, I love you, I love you! " He kept repeating with the most beautiful smile Sara had ever seen.

He gently placed back on the floor, and kissed her, with so much love and passion, that Sara's knees nearly buckled.

As the kiss deepened their worlds grew black, and nothing mattered anymore, nothing existed, just them... and only them.

Sara woke up in the morning and went to stretch, but soon found out that she couldn't move. She opened her eyes, to see the strong arms of Gil Grissom around her. She was on her side, and he was behind her, his arms protectively wrapped around her. She looked around the room, and noticed their clothes spread all over the room. Sara laughed a bit to herself.

" Well, now it's permanent... no annulment, no nothing... just us. " Sara said under her breath, trying not to wake the sleeping man next to her. she smiled and snuggled up to him.

After about thirty minutes of snuggling Sara decided she would get up. As she tried to move, Grissom's arms pulled her tighter to him and he whispered.

" Where do you think you're going, it's only... "He looked at the clock. " 6:27 you don't have to get up yet."

He smiled lazily.

" Wait a minute... Gil, Baby, let me up. " She laughed at his response.

" No. " He said like a child would when told to do something they didn't want to.

" Please... I'll come right back. " Sara crossed her fingers. Grissom gave a fake cry and let her go, very very slowly.

" Preferably today. " She laughed as he let her go, but in going, she took the sheet with her, and wrapped it around her body, leaving Grissom with a comforter.

She went and looked out their window.

" Gil, it stopped raining... that means we can go to our crime scene, finally. " As she stood there, Grissom was getting impatient.

" You said you'd come back. " He said in a whine. Sara turned around, and smiled. She walked over to the bed, kissed him on the for head and moved away just as quickly.

" Hey! You little cheat. " Grissom laughed, got up and grabbed Sara from the back and they both fell backwards, landing on the bed.

" Now Mrs. Grissom, what could be so important, that we can't just lie here for a while? " Grissom smiled, thinking again that he would win... again he was wrong.

" A crime scene, baby. " Sara saw the look of disappointment on his adorable little face.

She leaned in real close to him, and whispered in a very low seductive tone. " Get over it. " She smiled a bright smile and walked away to the bathroom.

" Gee, thanks honey. " He said sarcastically. He came in the bathroom while she ways in there and noticed her phone laying there, open. He was about to ask why, but soon enough his question was answered. It started playing music.

" Again with 'I will'? Sweetie, don't you think you're a little obsessed? " He asked as the song started the chorus.

" I listen to it every morning, it usually helps me wake up. " Sara said before she started to brush her teeth. Grissom came and stood beside her as he started to trim his beard up a bit.

They were on their way out, when Sara said she would be right back. She went in the hall and went to room five. She had noticed the numbers were in a different pattern as the rest were, so she thought maybe the room would be different.

She opened the door with her key, thinking that it was really creepy that all the doors work on the same key.

What she saw in the room made her laugh so hard she fell to her knees and had tears running down her face. She went back to their room, and got Grissom, he noticed the tears in her eyes, and was immediately concerned, she told him she'd been laughing, and he would be soon too.

She took him to room number five, opened the door, and led him into the room. When Grissom saw this, his eyes grew wide, and he also, burst into laughter.

There, in the large room, were two twin sized beds.

They got themselves changed and packed up. Sara had on a pair of bell bottom, but still form fitting, Faded Glory's and a button down, but also form fitting, grey cotton shirt, that only went to about her elbows for the sleeves.

Grissom, of course was dressed in the usual, a dark blue polo and black slacks.

They went up and started talking with Ellen.

" Ellen, I hope you don't mind, but we grabbed a look at room number five. It's a very nice room, but it has two beds, I thought you didn't have double beds. " Sara said with confusion written all over her face.

" What do mean there are two beds? " Ellen said as she started walking to room number five, with Sara right behind her.

" We'll be right back baby. " Sara said over her shoulder. Grissom loved when she called him that, it sounded so much better with him than that scuzz ball Hank.

" Well, all be darned, there ARE two beds. ", Ellen said with a little to much innocents for Sara's liking.

" Ellen... you knew that there were two beds... didn't you? You aren't an old fashioned motel, Gil and I didn't have to get married... did we? " Sara was surprised how unsurprised she was about this.

" Well, don't look at me, let's go get you checked out. " She said with a small smile on her face, as she left the room, with Sara giggling behind her.

Sara and Grissom were on their way when Grissom asked. " You were back there a long time with Ellen, what did you talk about? "

" Oh... nothing. " With that Sara smiled and watched the scenery go by, as they headed to their little leave it to beaver town.


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