Title: Death's Messengers

Author Name: nile-reina

Pairings: HP/SS, OC/DM, RL/OC/SB, implied RW/HG

Summary: Beaten, possibly broken, and lonely Harry Potter suffers from his reality as The Savior and the unwanted nephew...But someone has been searching for him and he has finally been found...Trained beneath watchful eyes, Harry Potter has become something more dangerous, even deadly, as a Death Messenger and Warrior Mage...And his new path has plans for Voldemort

Category (s): romance, dark/horror, drama

Disclaimers/warnings: I don't own HP's world or characters but I do own the OC's…The story idea is mine…There is M/M, M/F/M, and implied M/F pairings within the story…Some of the mythical beasts within are credited to various websites I visited and those who pointed me to the right place (Sorry I'm not able to type those names within this paragraph), though how the beasts were used were my ideas

Author notes: With the OC's their animalistic sides, as well as the Underworld in which She-Demon lives, are from my imagination...I made them up as I went, so, I mean no harm if some of them actually overlap mythological beasts/creatures that existed...There is some violence and possible bloodshed depicted in the plot-line...And yes, this does have another cliche plot-line as many will recognize but hopefully some will also recognize the differences I use...And in case many are wondering throughout the story...this is where the idea of Avians and Assassin Vuclans were roughly started but given a different pathway