Politely, Osiris knocked on the warded door. He waited, and would wait all night, for Severus to answer. He had just spent two long and tiring hours with his friends, talking about everything and trying to encourage the loss of their old closeness to reappear. But for now he was hoping for something else, at least someone else, to reappear.

Inside the privately warded room, a steadily drinking Severus Snape brooded before a flickering fire. His fuzzy thoughts flowed together as he remembered the earlier scene he had fled as well as the attraction he still felt for a certain War Mage, despite the enraged knowledge of knowing he was lied to, when something interrupted. He looked up at the hesitant knock. Slightly staggering, he walked to the door. Yanking it open, "What!"

"Hey, I guess. Can I come in?" Osiris fiddled with the small package in his hands.

Onyx eyes blearily glared down at the hopeful emerald look. Sighing, he gave in. He stepped to one side, allowing the man inside. "What do you want? Classes won't start until next week since they're cancelled this week."

"I know. Madame Pompfrey let me go early since it was no use making me stay. Isis had already left the wing earlier. But she did say to take it easy for the next few days."

Severus dropped into his chair, waiting and thinking of continuing his thoughtful drinking. "Was that all?"

"I couldn't tell anyone who I was. We didn't want Voldemort to know beforehand. It was easier to be separate people."

Severus snarled, "And I'm sure the Gryffindors found it amusing the past few weeks. You as well."

Osiris slightly grinned, shrugging his shoulders, "Wouldn't know about that. Only my friends and team-mates know, as well as the professors and Draco. After you left we all did spend a few moments hashing out problems and such." Without warning, Osiris planted himself in the slightly drunk Potion Master's lap, shocking the man as well as silently hoping, "I still stand by what I said before, that hissing of yours would do better in the bedroom. We can always have a try."

Onyx eyes peered into the gaze before him, searching. Then Severus gave up, he couldn't find anything discouraging the truth in the Mage's eyes, at least his hazy mind refused to think for the night. "You should be resting."

Brows raised, "But I'm comfortable." He snuggled closer into the dark man's embrace.

Severus suddenly stood, shoving the man from his lap. Sneering down at the pouting Mage, though his eyes glittered with amusement, "You, War Mage, will remain in bed as told. I will not have anyone invading my privacy just to check on you. Nor will I have that snap dragon of a medi-witch breathing down my neck."

Grabbing the speechless man by his hands, Severus hauled the willing body into his bedroom. "Undress and get in the bed. That should be something you Gryffindors understand. Though you never were one to follow orders."

Osiris quickly stripped to his boxers and slipped between the dark blue silk sheets. "I can too follow orders, especially when they seem quite interesting." Seconds later, a warm firm body pressed against Osiris.

A low murmur caused the Mage to whimper, "Cheeky brat. I do hope you plan on sleeping before I shove one of my potions down your throat." Severus carefully watched the young man open his mouth, swiftly covering it with his.

Second later, when the need for air became great, they parted, "Severus, you can call me what you will."

The man hummed against the exposed throat, "Then I call you mine, Harry." Slowly dragging out the unused name caused the Mage to melt.

Hours later, a still awake Harry Potter swore to re-hash this night in the morning with a truly sober and snappish professor, as well as hand over the rare ingredients promised to the man. Staring down at the sleeping male, Harry couldn't help but feel finally at home. Even if he feared the explosion the new dawn would bring when Severus remembered the revealed secrets, as well as the others who were patiently waiting for their turn to tear into him.