1Hey Ya'll, this is my third story (cause two on my account don't belong to me) and I hope you like it. This one will most likely be more violent then Ten Things I Wanna Know About You

"Okay students, remember, we've been practicing this charm for days and the first team to get it will get a free pass on the next pop test." announced short Professor Flitwick. Some students were smirking, thinking for sure that this time they would get it, other were sulking because they had managed to get rid of a few limbs today, and others were just sitting boredly waiting to begin the monotonous lesson. Again.

"Hmm..." Flitwick put a tiny index finger to his chin thoughtfully. "Maybe if we switched around the partners..." some peoples eyes just flew open from their resting place on their elbows, some accidentally smacked their neighbor in the face because their arms flew up at the suggestion, and some just yawned for the thousandth time that morning because firstly: they might of stayed up all night from their house winning last nights Quidditch match (depending on what house they occupied), or secondly: they were just extremely and profusely bored.

Lily Evans sat wide awake, as usual, in the front of the classroom, and because it was her duty to sit there because of her position in the seventh year;

In other words, she was head girl and didn't want to look bad sitting in the back.

She raised her hand and Professor Flitwick smiled at his favorite and most faithful student.

"Yes, Miss Evans?"

"I think switching partners would be a marvelous idea, professor." She smiled sweetly and tried to hide the fact that she didn't really like the person she had been parred up with for the past week. Her partner, Troy Barton, kept staring at her during class, not paying attention at all, and even tried to touch her a few times; this had received him 20 points taken away from Hufflepuff for sexual assault, but I guess he never learned because the next day he would just do it again.

The professor smiled and nodded his head,

"I guess we shall then." groans sounded audibly throughout the classroom and Lily smiled secretly satisfactory. She loved it when she tortured people with stuff they didn't want to do.

She found it brought immense amusement.

James rolled his eyes at his head mates actions. He knew she loved to torment the students that had been relying on working with their boyfriends/girlfriends so that they could snog behind Flitwicks back. He had done it a few times, but after fourth year it got old. He noticed the happy face of his teacher after hearing at least one person acknowledge his decisions, so he decided to have a little fun with it.

"I agree, Professor." said James, with a smirk lingering in the corners of his mouth. Lily spun around glaring at him, and Professor Flitwick just look confused, because James rarely participated in his class, seeing as it was one of his least favorites (mostly cause he sucked at it) going right along with potions, let alone put his say in the matter/problem at hand.

"Thank you, Mister Potter. So, there is our decision class, as both our heads seethe agreed, we will be switching partners today." The class groaned again, especially Sirius Black, James best friend and a fellow marauder; James just snorted softly so Flitwick couldn't hear him.

"Well, shall we?" started Professor Flitwick, smiling, "As our heads thought of the idea, we shall make them the first new partners." Lily took a sharp intake of breath, James started to choke on a wad of saliva he was attempting to swallow; Sirius had to pat him on the back to keep him from exploding a lung with the vicious coughing he was emitting from his mouth.

"Very well, Shamsley and...Bruden, Rodgers and Pettigrew, Lupin and O'Hara..." after about forty-five seconds he finished the list of people and all were paired, not meaning that they were exactly happy at their non-choice of partners, two especially, so they started practicing.

"Okay–" the professor started again, "Remember not to forget any of the incantation, syllables, pronunciation, letters, and DON'T wave your wand around like a baton." he said giving one last, dark look at Sirius before mumbling something about how he had set someone's hair on fire last Wednesday.

"Okay Potter, you go first."

"Why me?" he asked skeptically.

"Because I want to see you make a fool of yourself before I shove you into the dirt with my magic." she replied viciously, raising her wand threateningly and aiming it at his head; he cowered, remembering the consequences from last time they ended up in a dual in the middle of class.

"Fine...Evans." Lily rolled her eyes as he closed his, trying to remember the incantation, and when he did, opened his eyes and yelled it out loud.

Lily felt a weird sort of feeling start to stir in the pit of her stomach. She squeezed her eyes tighter, as they had shut when the spell hit her, because a horrible splitting pain had flashed across her brain, and then she felt like she was floating for a few seconds, and then, she passed out.


I woke up about a minute later, feeling really weird as I heard voices around me screaming to go get help and such, and then I attempted to open my eyes. Some more people screamed stuff like "Finally!" and "He's awake!" He? I thought overwhelmingly, and tried to sit up. I noticed the people crouched around me; Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Frank Longbottom, that female slut that had dated James last week, and a few other choice people. That's when I noticed my shoes. They weren't my white Tennis shoes, but a very expensive looking black velvet and that scared me a little bit.

"Um...guys?" but I quickly shut up at hearing my voice. It was a deep, males voice, and that scared me, even more then my weird looking shoes. I heard a female groan on my right and inclined my head fearfully to see a swish of red hair sit up and look around. I gasped loudly. That was me, Lily Evans, sitting up over there when I was sitting over here, and that practically scared the CRAP out of me.

The imposter glanced over at me and gasped, just as I had done, and at the same moment, we pointed an accusing finger at each other and yelled:


"Wha?" said Sirius beside me. "James, are you okay? That blasty-thingy knocked you out for a minute or two. I don't think you remembered it properly, Prongs." He said trying not to smile or laugh. My eyes widened in horror.

"I'm not Prongs!"

"Sirius! I'm over here!" said the red head on the other side of the room.

"What...no your not! Your Lily!" said Sirius rasing an eyebrow curiously.

"Something must have happened..." said Peter thoughtfully.

"No DUH, Einstein!" yelled Sirius.

"Sirius." Remus warned shaking his head to end the almost-begun fight. He turned to me with his brows furrowed and I think that I actually looked scared, though I don't know why, I mean, what should I be scared of?

Okay, enough joking, I was ready to start crying, but wouldn't that ruin my reputation, just to start crying in the middle of class?

But then I realized, it wouldn't be me crying, I mean, according to what I know of the subject at hand, it would hurt JAMES' reputation. I was about to smirk when I realized how loony I must be, and how hard-hearted that sounded,

man was I turning into the devil.

I sat there while a plan was sorting in my head, I cleared my throat, staying firmly on the ground, and stated clearly:

"James, stand up." Wow, did THAT give me funny looks, as everybody thought I was James, but some of them gasped or looked shocked at what the red-head on the other side of the room did. She(or he, whatever) shakily stood up, eyes wide open and fearfully gulping, she looked to be on the verge of tears. I sighed and stood up, walking over to her, and placed a hand on her shoulder, leaning her head towards mine when I whispered:

"Run for it!"

We bolted out of there like a pack of cheetah's being hunted by poachers. We stopped at the end of the hall and quickly hid behind a statue as Sirius led a group of people around the other corner. Suddenly I was shoved out from our hiding place and went toppling out onto the floor audibly. Luckily nobody had heard but I was now.really.mad!

"What did you do that for!" I bellowed loudly standing to my full height, well, not MY full height, but James'.

"What did you do Evans!"

"What do you mean WHAT DID I DO!"

"This was obviously YOUR fault!" he pointed out falsely, cause even he knew it was his fault, but of course, he would never admit it to HER.

"LIAR!" I yelled in a deep voice, and I didn't even notice how close we were standing, close enough in fact, that our chests were almost touching. He was about to yell something when I put a finger to his lips, shutting him up very well that he started to blush from embarrassment and I guess me touching him, or her, or whatever.

"We need to be civilized about this. Its obviously a BIG problem so...I think we should go to Dumbledore."


"Why not, pillock!"

"Because I'LL get blamed, and what if they cant change us back! I don't want to be a girl forever, let alone you." he said glaring through slits of green eyes, but then his face softened and he started to smile wickedly.

"I can look at myself na-ked." he said coyly. I glared at him and he started to circle me. "Hey, good-lookin!"


"Oh, I'll think about it." he said, still circling me with a smile on his face. "I mean, I'll have to take a shower eventually!" I rolled my eyes, sighed, growled, and whimpered, surprisingly all at the same time. I started to mumble,

"If we went to Dumbledore...he wouldn't HAVE to see me un-clothed–"

"Naked." James corrected pretending to be Professor McGonagall.

"Can we PLEASE go and tell Dumbledore now?"

"No, We–we can figure this out, we are the smartest witch and wizard in our year/house/school, besides teachers of course, so we can figure this out!" He said finally, stamping his petit foot on the ground like a child. This did not impress Lily one bit.

"Fine. Including the rest of your posse?"

("Hmmm...very comfortable shoes...") "Um...I cant keep secrets from them."

"And pray tell why not!"

"Um...because somehow, however I hide it they find out, oh! And if you're ever snooping around their stuff, you know, while we're still like this, can you find me some blackmail? I think its what they did to find out that I like–" then he stopped and shut his mouth. I just raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything fearing that he would go off on some blonde bimbo he had found stalking him one afternoon or some other ludicrous story like that.


"So you think we should just keep this to our self's?" I said in a quiet voice, almost sad, I don't know why, but I just felt like crying, He (in my body) nodded encouragingly and I let them leak out, I don't know why, and I think its supposed to be vise-versa considering the situation, but when he gave me a hug I instantly felt better, and I felt stronger in his arms (even if they were feminine). It just all felt right, and weird I must admit, to hug James, and I felt his warmth disappear as he pulled away. I tried to wipe my eyes, but my large (or larger I guess then I was used to, not that I'm saying James has ape-sized hands or anything) hands bumped into the glasses I guess I forgot I was wearing. The nosepiece dug into the bridge of my nose and the glasses fell to the ground with tiny "clink! clink!"'s and he tried to keep in his snorts as I blindly began crawling on the ground to look for them.

"Bloody MERLIN, James your blind!"

"I know."

"Can you help me?" I said desperately not even near them as they happened to be behind me.

"Yeah." and as he knelt on the ground, picked up the glasses, and was sliding them up the bridge of my nose Sirius skid to a halt on the other side of the hallway.

"James! Lily! There you are! Where have guys bloody been!"

"Sorry Sirius," I started and cut off James before he start speaking as me, "I remembered the counter-curse to the accidental spell I cast and knowing what happens after the its been done, I thought Lily might want to keep her dignity...after all, what would I do if my head-mate suddenly sprouted seven heads in front of everyone? She wouldn't come out of her room for weeks and I'd be left with all the work." I covered smoothly and smirking as I noticed James beside me start to blush, from what they thought was embarrassment but from what I knew was relief...and maybe just a little bit of embarrassment.


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