A/n: Ok, before I even begin let me just say that this idea came out of nowhere. What if Cy, Robin and B.B. all discussed their sexuality together? What if theRaven and Stardid the same thing, but took a different approach? Well, time to find out.

Ch. 1

Bad, Naughty Dreams

For the longest time all Beast Boy could do was sit there, clutching the sheets of his bed in wide-eyed horror. The vision of his dream hung vividly in his mind, stubbornly refusing to subside. "Oh…dude!" He cried, shaking his head in revulsion, "that's SO not cool!" Beast Boy glanced down at his purple boxers, which looked normal. He still had that warm, tingling sensation down there. Trying not to gag, the changeling leaped off his bunk bed and headed for the kitchen hurriedly.


Robin stared at the half-full glass of milk in between his hands absent-mindedly. Suddenly the doors to the kitchen opened and he jumped up in surprise. Beast Boy entered, dressed in his undershirt and purple pair of boxers, looking wide-awake. Robotically he walked over to the table where Robin was sitting and took a seat across from him.

"Couldn't sleep?" The boy wonder said with a yawn. He was dressed in a cottony white bathrobe and a pair of bunny-slippers.

"Uhh…yeah," was all Beast Boy could say, his eyes still looking off into space.

"Me too," Robin muttered, pausing to take a sip of milk, "had a dr-, er…nightmare."

"Was it about Slade?" Beast Boy asked.

"….No," Robin responded, quickly taking another gulp of his drink.


Beast Boy thought about his dream again for the millionth time, the shocking images replaying over and over again in his mind.



"You uh…like Starfire, right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Do you….um…ever have any…I dunno…dreams about her?"

Robin suddenly chocked on his milk, coughing like mad.

"Wha-what's that suppose to mean?" He finally sputtered, wiping milk off his lip.

"Dude," Beast Boy blinked, now staring at Robin intently, "you know…dream about her?"

"Well…I dream about her, yeah!" He replied nervously, "The dream I had-"

He suddenly silenced himself, realizing that he had already said too much.

"Yeah?" Beast Boy asked curiously, leaning closer to him.

"Actually, it was…really interesting," Robin admitted.

"So was mine," Beast Boy said almost dreamily, "her boobs were so…"

His eyes widened, and he clamped a hand over his mouth, shaking his head rapidly. Robin stared at the changeling open-mouthed.

"You mean…you dreamt that…"

Beast Boy nodded his head affirmatively.

"With who?" He asked, now intrigued.

"You tell me first," B.B. mumbled through his hand.

Robin hesitated.

"Starfire," He said, obviously trying to act nonchalant about it but failing miserably, "it's happened before...alot."

"Huh," Beast Boy muttered, lowering his hand.

"What about you?"


"Who did you dream about…doing it with?"

"Raven," said Beast Boy, blushing slightly "It was my first wet dream. Actually…"


"I kinda enjoyed it dude. It was… sexy."


"Definitely dude," He replied.

"With Starfire it's just….wow."

Beast Boy laughed a little.

"Yeah. Raven may seem all mysterious around us, but in bed dude…whoa."

Robin finished off the last of his milk and rolled the empty cup in his hand, while Beast Boy sat across from him. After a few seconds of silence B.B. began to hum an odd tune. Robin started to whistle casually. A few minutes passed by.

"-Whew-, well that wasn't so hard," Robin said at last, chuckling a little.

"Yeah I know dude. It's a big weight off my chest."

"Yeah, just talking about it. Really makes things a lot easier."

Beast Boy nodded his head in agreement.

Finally, Robin sat up and said, "Well…I think it's time we got some sleep. We've got a training lesson tomorrow morning at 9:30 sharp, and we need all the rest we can get."

"Alright," Beast Boy yawned, standing up, "you're right dude."

Robin tossed his glass in the sink and flicked off the lights. Then he and Beast Boy headed out to their rooms, unaware that two figures in the shadows had been listening to their conversation the entire time.

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