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Ok the last one in the trilogy of 'Miss. Hero'! You've seen 'Miss. Hero' and 'Miss. Hero 2 Miss. Fabulous' but now introducing… 'Miss. Hero 3 Miss. Back In Action'!

Starfire giggled as she crossed of the day on the calendar. 1 more day till the Miss. Hero pageant! In one day Raven, Kyle….

"He's Kyle Thunder…" came the musical echo.

…,and Starfire would be hosting the pageant! She sighed and walked into the TV room.

In the room all her friends were seated doing one thing or another all except Robin. Where was Robin?

Starfire felt a kiss on her cheek and someone behind her.

Oh, THERE was Robin.

"Hey Star." said Robin.

"Hello boyfriend Robin."

Robin blushed, "Star you don't have to call me that."

"Call you what?"

"You know 'boyfriend Robin'."

"But are you my boyfriend."

"Yes but…"

"Then what am I supposed to call you?"

"Just Robin is fine Star."

"Ok Robin."

He smiled and they took a seat on the couch.

Bee was over and Cyborg was teaching her to play Gamestation. Not that she needed his help because from the first time she picked up the controls she was whooping his butt.

"Give up Sparky?"

"No way this time I'm not going easy on you just because you're my girl."

Bee rolled her eyes, "Its ok Sparky I promise I won't tell anyone you lost to your girlfriend." said Bee teasingly.

"Friend Raven only 1 more day till the pageant!" shouted Star smiling.

Raven groaned, "Arghh…if I don't die from horror before then."

Beast Boy laughed. He was sitting next to her with arm around her, "It's okay Rae I'll say something really poetic at the funeral like: Here rests Raven who was a beloved Teen Titan, Miss. Hero winner, and the love of my life…"

Raven smiled.

"…although I'm a little less attracted to her now that she's all dead and corpse-a-fied."

Raven laughed (somewhere in Jump City a traffic light was surrounded in a black aura and blown up) and slapped Beast Boy upside the head, "You so made that word up!" she said laughing.

Beast Boy smiled and laughed.

"Isn't it grand friend Raven that because we are doing this 'hosting' will be able to do the change of outfits very often!" said Star happily.

"Oh yeah super!" said Raven sarcastically.

"Yeah Rae I've never actually seen you in a dress this should be interesting." said Bee teasingly.

Raven groaned.

Suddenly 'GAME OVER' flashed on the TV screen. Cy had lost yet again, "Aw man…" complained Cy.

"Oh yes friend Raven this arrived yesterday it is about the contestants information." said Star getting up and handing a package to Raven.

Raven looked at the information.

There was a picture of Blackfire who yet again was trying to win the pageant. 'As if' thought Raven.

There was a picture of Bat Girl who had long red hair and hazel eyes.

There was also (A/N- I had to make some up) Galaxia who had blue hair to her shoulders and blue eyes.

There was Pixley. (A/N- I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this character later on) Who had blonde hair to her back and brown eyes.

Then lastly there was Thundra who had gold hair and silver eyes. Kind creepy but hey!

Those where the top five girls the judges over the last few weeks had chosen during the preliminaries…

Beast Boy was reading over her shoulder, "I didn't know there were so many super heroes."

"Neither did I." said Rae.

"There not as cool as you though Rae." said BB.

Raven smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

Suddenly their little 'moment' was ruined by Cyborg screaming.

"What is wrong friend Cyborg?" asked Starfire.

"I WON! HAHA! IN YOUR FACE BEE!" Cyborg did a little happy dance around the room.

"Good job Sparky." said Bee giving him a kiss on the cheek. She walked over to Robin and held out her hand, "I believe you owe mw something."

Robin slipped her a twenty, "Thanks for throwing the game it finally shut him up."

Bee held the twenty up to the light to see if it was legit, "No problem. I'll lose to him again on purpose it you cough up a fifty."

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