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Raven and Star went to Raven's dressing room to get changed into their evening gowns for the end of the show.

They both wore white sparkling sleeveless dresses, and Raven wore her crown.

"I can not believe the show is almost over," said Star fixing her hair.

"I know, I'm so glad," said Raven sitting down, "But we have to go one more time, that's one more chance the person or persons has to kill us."

Star frowned, "Raven do not worry yourself for we shall find the 'person of badness' and they shall be stopped."

"I hope so Star."

The tow left the dressing room and went to find Kyle…

"He's Kyle Thunder…"

…so they could all get directions from the stage crew.

Bumblebee was walking back stage when she bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry," said the person.

"You're that Kyle guy aren't you?" asked Bee.

"He's Kyle Thunder…"

"Yes I am." he said with a wink.

"Yo Kyle I think Raven and Star are looking for you."

"He's Kyle Thunder…"

Bee looked up very irritated, "Ok what the heck is up with those voices."

Kyle lifted an eyebrow, "voices?"

"He's Kyle Thunder…"

"THOSE VOICES!" shouted Bee.

"Oh…well those are the Storms."

"The what?"

Suddenly a group of men in shiny blue tuxes appeared.

"The Storms." repeated Kyle motioning towards the group.

"He's Kyle Thunder…" they all sang.

"They were a gift from Myles." he said.

"She's Myles Lightning…" they sang.

"Bit annoying really." he said shaking his head of blonde hair.

"Why didn't you tell people you had psycho crazy shiny men following you! It would have stopped people from getting confused." cried Bee.

"Oh…I thought they just loved looking up. I can tell them to be quiet if you'd like."

And with that Kyle and the Storms walked off.

Bee looked around expecting that musical echo but none came, "Thank you." said Bee throwing her hands up in the air.

She went to go find Cyborg and the others and arrived in a spare room on set were the three guys were working.

She looked over her boyfriend's shoulder, "Did ya find anything Sparky?"

"Not yet Bee, But I'm coming close, "Said Cyborg bent over a glass filled with water."

"Sheesh Sparky is this any time to be worried about dehydration?"

Cyborg laughed, "No Bee this is a sample of the electrocuted water. I'm trying to figure out what caused the water to become electric."

"Oh…" said Bee raising an eyebrow, "Um…that's cool."

Suddenly a laptop he borrowed from he pageant managers began to beep, "This should tell me what happened." he said clicking on something and type quickly, "Well that doesn't make any sense."

"Whadda mean? What did it say?"

"It says it was hit by an electric current such as a lightning bolt."

Bee rolled her eyes dramatically and hit her boy upside the head.

"What was that for?" he asked incredulously.

"For being such a butt head."

"Did you just call me a butt head? The last time I've been called a butt head was like the third grade."

Bee ignored him, "Isn't there a contestant called Thundra?"

Cy looked at her blankly.

"Who can control lightning…?"

"Oh…." said Cy, "Yeah…this must be like how Beast Boy feels every day…"

"HEY! I heard that," said Beast Boy walking in, "And I figured out who did it."

"No you didn't." said Robin walking in, "Because your brain capacity is that of a peanut. Besides I already know who it is."

"Oh really?" asked Beast Boy, "Then WHO is it?"

"It's Batgirl."

"Dude no way its Blackfire."

"Actually guys," said Cyborg, "its Thundra."

Robin groaned, "Guys the bomb is shaped like a bat. Those are the bombs Barbra uses; she used to fight crime with Batman and me."

"Barbra huh?" asked Beast Boy grinning slyly.

Robin realized his mistake, "It was a LONG time ago Beast Boy."

Beast Boy snickered, "I'm gonna tell Star you said that."

"Guys it's Thundra because her powers electrocuted the water, besides she was off stage 'taking care of Galaxia' who she probably hurt so she could get off and hurt Rae…" Beast Boy gave him a dirty look, "…ven and Starfire."

"Dude no one calls Raven 'Rae' but me you got that?" asked Beast Boy protectively.

"Yeah sheesh…protective much."

"Any way you're both wrong it was Blackfire I remember the red flash from Blackfire's star bolts, any way she exited the side of the stage that the flash was fired from."

The boys began to argue insistently insisting that their theory was better.

Bee whistled getting the boys attention, "Did it ever occur to you it was all three of them?"

The boys paused to ponder this.

"Ugh boys," muttered Bee walking out of the room.

Cy sighed (haha get it CY SIGHED! hahaha…yeah ok I'm a dork), "I'm gonna marry that girl one day."

"Wait so it was all three of them?" asked Beast Boy.

"Yeah but what could possibly could be their motives?" asked Robin.

"Who care's but we better go and warn the girls."

Suddenly an applause was heard in the distance.

"Crap the show's already started," said Cy.

"Sweet, does that mean we can crash the show?" asked Beast Boy.

"We have to," said Robin, "No one is laying a finger on my Star."

The boys ran through the halls…

"…so with much pleasure we would like to announce our lop for candidates…" said Starfire in front of the large audience.

"STOP!" shouted Robin's voice as he, Beast Boy, and Cyborg ran onto the stage.

"Robin?" asked Star curiously.

"Three of these candidates are guilty of crimes."

There were gasps from the audience.

"Blackfire, Thundra, and Batgirl are to be arrested for the attempted murders of Raven and Starfire."

The three heroines exchanged worried glances.

"And we have proof," shouted Beast Boy.

"FINE!" shouted Batgirl, "I admit it I did try and blow your dear little Starfire to pieces, but I did it for you Robin, "She said turning to face Robin, "Why can't it be like it once was? Why can't you be with me?"

"I love Starfire Babs," said Robin walking up to Star, "and I always will."

There were many "Awwws" from the audience.

"Ugh ENOUGH!" shouted Blackfire, "I have not acted just because of some little crush."

Batgirl scowled.

"Neither of these girls deserves the crown. I DO. And I would have taken care of them both if it wasn't for that one's," said Blackfire pointing to Raven, "boyfriend."

"HEY!" shouted Raven and Beast Boy in unison.

"Ugh he shouldn't even be her boyfriend, he should be mine!" shouted Thundra.

Raven raised an eyebrow, "That's why you attacked me? Because of Beast Boy?"


Raven began to give a small laugh, "Seriously? You wanted Beast Boy? Why?"

Beast Boy pouted, "Ok, feeling VERY insulted here."

"Because he loves everything I do. Vegetables, green, animals…"

Raven rolled her eyes, "And based on that you're meant for each other?"

"I'm better for him than you, you tramp!"

Pixley stood there dumbstruck, "Um am I like missing something?"

"ENOUGH!" shouted Blackfire, "Let's settle this the old fashioned way."

"I am in agreement," said Starfire, her eyes glowing with righteous fury. No one was going to get her Robin.

And then the fight sprang into action.

"WOAH! CATFIGHT!" shouted some guy from the audience.

Star charged up her starbolts and began firing at Batgirl, "Robin does not want you!"

"He'd rather have me than some alien freak!" shouted Batgirl tossing a bat-a-rang.

"HEY!" shouted Starfire and Blackfire in unison. Suddenly they both looked at each other and began firing starbolts together at Batgirl until she was down.

Raven was busy fighting Thundra who proved to be the more powerful out of Blackfire, Batgirl, and herself.

"Give it up. The changeling is mine." shouted Thundra shooting lightning bolts down upon Raven.

"You don't even know him!" shouted Raven who out of anger threw Thundra to the floor.

"I had a dream like this once…" said Beast Boy. The guys looked at him. "Except it involved bikinis and pudding."

The director of the pageant was fretting like crazy, "No not my beautiful set! They're destroying it!"

Thundra ran up to Beast Boy and threw her arms around him, "You love me more than that gothic freak, don't you Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy recoiled trying to push Thundra away.

Raven eyes widened and glowed white with fury, "He. Is. Not. Your. Boyfriend!" she shouted conjuring a huge amount of black aura and defeating Thundra, Blackfire, and not to mention the stage.

The dust cleared and Robin opened to find Beast Boy beginning to stir, the enemy contestants knocked out and Raven and Star covered in dirt and dust from the battle.

"STAR!" he screamed running up towards her.

"Robin!" she shouted throwing her arms around him.

"Oh Star you know I'd never fall for Batgirl…"

"I know Robin."

"And I love you so much…and I and you…and…aw what the heck?" he said. And throwing caution to the wind he kissed her In front of live television.

Beast Boy opened his eyes to see make up people and wardrobe running up to Raven trying to clean her up. He rolled his eyes, "YO! Yo guys get the heck away from her!" he said pushing through the crowd of people trying to clean up Raven.

He walked up to her and put his arms around her waist and kissed her, "She's beautiful just the way she is."


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