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It was sometime in September in 2016 in titans tower…

"Hello Uncle Beast Boy!" said a happy looking Kora. Her green eyes danced as she smiled brightly swishing her long black hair. Her summery purple dress that went down to her knees swayed from side to side as she jumped up and down.

"Hey what's up Kora?"

"Nothing to report Uncle BB! How is Aunt Raven?"

"She's okay. She's in our room though because she got sick this morning. So right now she's lying down. So don't try and talk to her today ok?"

"Okey dokey!"

"Good girl." said BB patting her on the top of the head.

Suddenly Wingfire, Matt, and Phoenix walked in.

"Sup Uncle BB?" said Matt.

"Hey Daddy." said Phoenix.

"Hey!" said Wingfire putting up his hand for a high five.

The three kids sat down on the large sofa.

Wingfire had on khaki shorts with a red top that went well with his red spiky hair and his green eyes. Phoenix was wearing a black skirt with a purple tank top, and Matt was wearing a yellow shit with a black stripe around the middle with jean shorts.

Starfire and Robin were in the kitchen busily cooking some Tameranian mystery meat with Robin supervising.

Bee and Cyborg where out because of a distress call from one of the ports where Plasmas had broken out of prison.

"Star…what was that you just added?" asked Robin to his wife.

"Um…nothing." said Star giving an innocent smile….after all this time she still could perfect that smile.


"Yes…" she asked innocently.

"What was it?"

"…The secret ingredient to any Meatloaf of Serenity and Tranquility!"

"Which is?"

"Um…red hot chili peppers." she said this at the most unfortunate time.

Robin had just tasted the meat loaf and began to sweat heavily, "Water," he said hoarsely, "…need water!"

Star gave an, "Eep!" and ran to get her husband a glass of water.

"Thank you Star." he said his voice coming back to him.

Suddenly BB's now two year old daughter cam running in her short green hair flying…

"Daddy, daddy look what I found!"

It was an Azerathian crystal.

"Sparrow…" said Beast Boy.

"Yeah Dada…"

"Did this come from you mother's room?"


Suddenly the crystal shot out of her hand and landed on the floor of the kitchen.

A giant glowing blue portal erupted from it.

"Uh-oh." said Beast Boy.

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