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Conclusion of Titans Time Warp:

What happened after?


Well it was settled, Star and Robin were going to be married and neither of them could be any happier. Beast Boy ended up proposing to Raven after the "flag pole" incident (in the last chapter) where Beast Boy used Raven's bra as a flag on a flag pole…


Beast Boy stood facing a flag pole with a black lacy bra on it flapping in the wind, "I pledge allegiance to the flag…" said Beast Boy with his hand over his heart.

"Beast Boy," growled a voice form behind him, a voice he could recognize as the owner of the particular article of clothing.

"Hey Rae," said Beast Boy unfazed.

"You. Are. So. Dead." she said angrily.

"Fancy seeing you here," said Beast Boy nonchalantly turning to face her.

There she stood, a towel wrapped securely around her soaking wet.

"You know," he said, "It's kind of cold up here, you should put some clothes on."

"Give me my bra NOW!"

"What?" asked Beast Boy in mocked confusion, "Oh you mean this?" he said pointing towards his substitute 'flag'.

"Beast Boy…" she hissed, "Give it to me or I'll make sure you live to regret it."

"What was that pumpkin?" asked Beast Boy in a cocky manner pretending not to hear her.

"That's it Beast Boy. You must really pain."

She went to go punch him in the gut but instead he caught her around the waist and pulled her into a kiss.

"Yeah well sometimes I just can't help myself." he said quietly after the broke away.

"Beast Boy."

"Yeah Rae?"

"Shut Up," she said pulling him into a kiss.

She was a little 'distracted' so she didn't notice the changeling slipping something on her finger.

"Hey Rae…"

"What?" asked Raven with a small smile on her face.

"Will you marry me?"

"Wha…What?" she asked putting her hands to her face. The light's, on the roof, light bulb blew up. But she felt something cold and smooth on her ring finger on her left hand. She gazed down at a beautiful diamond ring.

She looked at Beast Boy who had his same goofy yet positively charming smile on his face, "On one condition."

Beast Boy's face faltered for a second showing how nervous he had been behind his cocky grin.

"You'll give me back my bra," she said whispering in his ear.

Beast Boy smiled, "Oh well I dunno Rae I might wanna keep it."

She smiled and pulled him into a kiss.


A camera went off, Rae and Beast Boy turned to find Cy with a camera, "Hehe sorry," he said sheepishly, "Couldn't resist. Sorry to interrupt Mr. and MRS. Logan."

Flash back end.

Well Beast Boy and Raven were set to be married, so I bet there is one more pair of titans you're wondering about…


A week after Raven and Beast Boy, and Star and Robin were engadged. Bee was pretty sure, no almost definite that Cyborg was going to ask her the same day, but after a week she was starting to worry. She knew she was going to be his wife in the future. So why not ask her now? Well a week was definitely too long. She was going to take matters into her won hands.

In the bathroom…

"You so beautiful," said Cyborg practicing in the bathroom mirror, "And I love you so much, your everything I want…"

Outside the door Bee was looking for Cyborg when she heard his voice I the bathroom and barged through the door.

"BEE!" said Cyborg startled.

"Sparky, who are you talking to?"


"You were telling yourself how much you loved you?" asked Bee raising an eyebrow.

"Um...no, it's not like that."


"Listen Bee do you wanna go out to the living room or something?"

Bee crossed her arms, "NO. I'm fine here."

Cy looked around the bathroom, "Um ok, here's good."

"Sparky I need to be straight with ya."

"Um see Bee there's something I need to ask you."

"Well GOOD." said Bee raising her voice, "Because there's something I need to ask YOU."

"Will you marry me?" they asked at the same time.

Bee blushed and smiled.

Cy got down on one knee and held out a ring, one that looked as if he made it himself, "Will you marry me?"

Bee smiled, "Of course I will, Sparky."

Flashback end.

So there you have it all the titans are about to get married. They all set they date for spring. They decided to have all there weddings on the same day, In the same wedding…


"Oh Raven isn't this simply marvelous?" giggled Starfire twirling around in a white wedding dress. It was a glittery strapless dress. Her hair was down up in spiral curls at the top of her head with a crown on top her head; after all, she was a princess.

"Um yeah," said Raven with a nervous tone in her voice. Her hair was a bit longer because of the long duration time between her engagement and wedding so now it brushed her shoulders. Her hair was left down but she wore a white rose on the left side of her hair were it almost looked like it was behind her ear but it was clipped in her hair (Gawd I hope you know what I'm talking about). She wore a backless white dress that was pure white and went past her ankles. She also wore a diamond necklace Beast Boy had bought for her.

"You are not nervous are you friend?" asked Starfire.

A vase was surrounded in a black aura and blew up.

"I guess that answers you question, Star." said Bumblebee. She had on a very 'Bumblebee' dress. It was short, tight, white, dress. Her hair was back in a bun and had pearls in her hair. She wore white high heeled shoes.

"Oh friend Bumblebee you look positively…um… What is that word the boys use to describe the girls on 'Watching the Bay'?" asked Star, "You look um…um…"

Raven coughed drowning out Star's voice, "You look nice Bee."

"Yeah I know it's gonna drive him wild."

"But friend Bumblebee, I thought you said last night at the party of bachelorettes that is what the 'moon of honey' night is for."

Raven's face went red and a light bulb shattered.

Bee laughed, "Wow Rae you should really have seen your face."

Raven looked mortified.

"Gonna try out some of them outfits Star and I bought for ya?"

Two chairs blew up.

"Yes remind me friend why we were not supposed to wear them to the wedding?"

Bee smiled, "I think Raven can take this question."

Raven's eyes widened. She was nervous and to top that off embarrassed and now she had to explain this, "Well um…it's because…um…"

At the isle…

The boys stood at the top of the isle waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The wedding was at Jump City Park which looked simply magical. There were roses everywhere along with a few butterflies.

"Stupid butterflies," said Cyborg trying to swat them away from him.

"Yo Cy leave them alone!" said Beast Boy.

"Shut up salad head."


"Grass stain."


"Rusty?" asked Robin.

"I couldn't think of anything. I'm nervous ok leave me alone."

"I'm not." said Cy putting his arms behind his head. He was wearing a black tux, all of them are wearing black tuxes.

"I am," said Robin quietly.

"Aww come one Boy Blunder your about to marry the girl of your dreams." said Cyborg.

"I know. That's why I'm so nervous."

Suddenly the bridal march started up.

"Well ya'll better shake off your nerves cause here they come." said Cy grinning.

The girls walked down the isle

The ceremony was beautiful.

"You may now kiss the brides." said the priest.

Robin wrapped his arms around Star's waist, "Ready?" he asked.

"Ready." she said smiling.

With that he kissed her, never feeling happier.

Bee reached up and grabbed Cyborg's bowtie pulling him down to meet her lips. A little less romantic, but I think they the point.

Now Beast Boy and Raven's lips had met the second the priest finished, and they didn't stop kissing since…

"Ahem, excuse me," the priest said waving a hand to try and get their attention.

"Ya gotta be joshing me," said Bee, "Raven was the one all embarrassed."

"Shoot girl she ain't embarrassed anymore," said Cyborg.

"They just keep going and going…like the energizer bunny." said Robin dumbstruck.

"Husband Robin what is this 'bunny of energy' you speak of?" asked Star.

Eventually Raven and Beast Boy stopped so the rest of the titans took this time to cut the cakes. The cakes were shaped like titan's tower. Raven and Beast Boy cut theirs with an Azerathian knife, Star and Robin cut theirs with a bird-a-rang, and Cy and Bee cut theirs with Cy's sonic cannon…big mistake.

Cy and Bee's cake flew everywhere splattering all of the titans also a few people who had attended the wedding.

The white icing was all over all of the titans.

Robin smiled at Starfire and licked icing off her nose. Star took a finger to Robin's cheek and tasted the icing, "Delicious, possibly even more tasteful than more home made glorg."

Beast Boy laughed and kissed Raven, "Well I told you that you looked great in white Rae,"he said kissing her.

"Oh great…" said Cy.

"…Here we go again," said Bee rolling her eyes and smiling.

Flashback end.

So all the titans were married and they continued to live their lives in Titans tower. After all once a titan, always a titan.


Well there's not much to say in the future except that Raven finally had her child: Hawk Logan…ahem oh excuse me Hawk Flamingo Logan. Yes that's right Beast Boy finally got Flamingo in somewhere in his daughter's name.

A year later Bee had her second child Victoria. and Star had her third child Rich on the same day.

And the rest they say…is history.


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