Disclaimer- I own non of the Harry Potter characters...sadly if I did I'd probably do very disturbing things to and with them so...

Daddy's All Mine Now


Quietly I lay awake

Pondering what it'd be like to take

Her life away for my own sake

For he made love to me last night


Quietly I acquired the knife

To rid me of this pain and strife

Knowing that she was his wife

And I only his son


Quietly I opened the door

Knowing that forever more

We'd be rid of that fucking whore

I'm forced to call my mother


Quietly I walked to their room

Knowing he'd be back home soon

Hating just how much he'd swooned

Over her this morning


Quietly she lay at rest

The air rising in her chest

The oxygen that helped her best

Would soon be limited


Quietly I began to jab

Marking her with every stab

And quietly the blood did dab

Me with its particles


Quietly I dragged her to the threshold

Smiling that I'd been so cold

Knowing that daddy would soon scold

Me for what I'd done


I had won


Quietly with one last sigh

I watched my mother as she died

And confidently I did stride

Back to my own bedroom


Quietly I feel asleep

And of my crimes there was no peep

Though thoroughly the blood did seep

From under her bedroom door


And quietly while in my bed

Dreams of those hands danced in my head

Not on her but my body instead

For daddy's all mine now

AN: There's my third poem in the POV of Draco Malfoy. If you recognize the poem, yes I have posted it elsewhere also. If you look at the penname I'm that same author...Hope you liked!