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So now, let's start off with a little information that would help as we go along with the story! And for your own good as well if you ever get chickenpox. Heehee…


About Chickenpox:

Chickenpox, which occurs most often in the late winter and early spring, is very contagious - if exposed to an infected family member, about 80 to 90 of those in a household who haven't had chickenpox will get it.

Although it's more common in kids under the age of 15, anyone can get chickenpox. A person usually has only one episode of chickenpox in his or her lifetime.

Signs and Symptoms:

Chickenpox is a viral infection that causes a red, itchy rash on the skin. The rash usually appears first on the abdomen or back and face, and then spreads to almost everywhere else on the body.

The rash begins as multiple small, red bumps that look like pimples or insect bites. They develop into thin-walled blisters filled with clear fluid, which then becomes cloudy. The blister wall breaks, leaving open sores, which finally crust over to become dry, brown scabs.

Chickenpox blisters are about a quarter to half an inch wide, have a reddish base, and appear in bouts over 2 to 4 days.

Some children have a fever, abdominal pain, or a vague sick feeling a day or 2 before the rash appear. These symptoms may last for a few days, and fever stays in the range of 37.7 to 38.8 degrees Celsius, although it may occasionally be higher. Younger children often have milder symptoms and fewer blisters than older children or adults.


The contagious period for chickenpox begins about 2 days before the rash appears and lasts until all the blisters are crusted over. A child with chickenpox should be kept out of school until all of the blisters have dried, which is usually about 1 week.


Chickenpox usually lasts 7 to 10 days in children, but typically lasts longer in adults.

Home Treatment:

Most home treatment is aimed at relieving the annoying itch of chickenpox and the accompanying fever and discomfort. However, NEVER use aspirin to reduce pain or fever in children with chickenpox or certain other viral illnesses. Using aspirin in such cases has been associated with a serious disease, called Reye syndrome, which can lead to liver failure and even death.

Some measures you can take to help your child get through this itchy, uncomfortable time:

- Use wet compresses or give baths in cool or lukewarm water every 3 to 4 hours for the first few days.

- Oatmeal baths, available at the supermarket or pharmacy, can help to relieve itching. (Baths do not spread chickenpox.)

- Pat (don't rub) the body dry.

- Put calamine lotion on itchy areas (but don't use it on the face, especially near the eyes).

- Give your child foods that are cold, soft, and bland because chickenpox in the mouth may make drinking or eating difficult.

- Try to avoid feeding your child anything that's highly acidic or especially salty, like orange juice or pretzels. (Or ramen in Naruto's case, haha…)

- Ask your child's doctor or pharmacist about pain-relieving creams you can apply to sores in the genital area.

- Give your child acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) regularly to help relieve pain from mouth blisters.

- And although it's tempting, children should be discouraged from scratching.

- Trim your child's fingernails and keep them clean to help lessen the effects of scratching, including broken blisters and infection.


Naruto stood in front of the Hokage's table, eyes downcast as he shuffled his feet.

"How could you not tell anyone Naruto?" The yellow haired boy winced as Tsunade yelled at him.

Iruka, Shizune and her watched Naruto fidget before answering, "I really didn't know Tsunade no Baa-chan, I thought it was just a rash…"

Tsunade sighed heavily as she massaged her temples, considering the circumstances, she decided to let the nickname slide, "Even with the Kyuubi's powers, you could catch chickenpox. But the point is, don't you know it's highly contagious? Anyone who hasn't had it and came into contact with you might have caught it!"

Bright blue eyes widened, clouding over in terror as he registered the Hokage's words, "Anyone?"

The blonde Hokage nodded grimly, she hadn't meant to scare the boy but it was the truth. Turning to her assistant, she instructed Shizune to get the rest of Team 7 into her office. "Let's just hope your team has had chickenpox before."

Shizune bowed her respects to Tsunade and left the room, but not before smiling kindly at the terrified boy and ruffling his golden locks. "Daijoubu Naruto-kun, chickenpox won't kill you. You're a strong boy."

Naruto nodded dumbly, it felt as if the weight on his shoulders was lifted, but he still couldn't help but worry.

Tsunade sighed as the door clicked shut, "Iruka, have you had chickenpox before?"

The academy teacher frowned, rubbing his scarred nose in thought, "Yes, Hokage-sama." 'I think' He added mentally, a little unsure of himself.

The Godaime sighed in relief, "That's good. Now please tell me when you discovered he had chickenpox."

Iruka nodded and began his story. "After his training yesterday, we went out for lunch as usual at the Ichiraku. Before that, he had complained of a stomachache and that he was feeling warm. At first I thought that it was because he was hungry and he had just finished training. But the symptoms persisted even after lunch. I thought it was strange since Naruto never fell ill. Seeing this I took him back to my apartment where I put him to bed. I got a call though from the academy saying they wanted me back there." The raven haired man paused and cocked his head to one side as he tried to recall.

Tsunade sat back in her chair, clutching her arm rests willing herself not to drum her fingers as she tried to be patient with the still droning teacher. 'I can understand how Iruka's class never pays attention to him. He's so boring!' She thought wryly.

"When I returned home in the evening he was sitting at the table eating cup ramen as usual. Only thing was that he was scratching his face. It wasn't until the next morning did I realize he had chickenpox."

Leaning forward, brown eyes glared down at Naruto, "When and where did the spots appear Naruto?"

The younger blonde gulped, "On the front and back of my body in the afternoon…"

Iruka bowed, "Sumimasen Godaime-sama, I had no idea till I saw the spots on his face this morning. I had to tie him up to stop him from… NARUTO!" The scarred Chuunin yelled as he smacked the chickenpox victim over the head.

Apparently, Naruto had managed to get out of his bonds and was already scratching his arms. As the older man grabbed hold of his hands, Tsunade got off her chair and stepped toward the pair. "Hold him still." She muttered as she stalked forward, an evil looking grin stretching across her face as she pulled out a roll of bandages.


Needless to say, Team 7 was annoyed when Naruto failed to show up for their usual morning training. Kakashi had arrived an hour ago but the boisterous youngster was still nowhere to be found. Sakura had asked if they should go look for him but their lazy sensei merely shook his head, leaning against the side of the bridge; nose buried in his all too familiar orange book as usual. Sasuke stood under a nearby tree, fingering one of his kunai in annoyance, stopping once in a while to scratch himself on the arm.

'Stupid dobe, I should be training and becoming stronger now instead of wasting my time here waiting for him.' He thought, eyes narrowing in annoyance as he spied his pink headed annoying teammate approaching him.

But before Sakura could ask him out on a date or before he could refuse, a puff of smoke startled the both of them as Shizune appeared on the bridge.

"Ah Shizune-san, not who we were expecting but what can we do for you?" Kakashi welcomed in his usual happy-go-lucky manner.

Shizune smiled, nodding slightly as she returned the greeting. "Kakashi-san, Tsunade-sama requests you and your team's presence in her office."

Kakashi smiled, closing his book and placing it back into his weapon's pouch. His eye curved in amusement, though he couldn't say the same thing about his thoughts. 'I wonder if this has anything to do with Naruto missing training. He never misses training.' "Is something wrong?"

Shizune's smile wavered slightly, "Well, let's just say it's got something to do with Naruto-kun."

The silver haired Jounin's visible eye widened slightly as he asked, his voice taking on a slightly worried tone, "Did something happen to him?"

Sasuke had even stopped playing with his kunai, though he still couldn't resist scratching his other arm this time. He listened carefully but discreetly, trying his best to act uninterested. He didn't want to admit it but even he was worried for the dobe. Even Sakura, whose attention rarely left Sasuke, realized something was amiss.

The three stared at Shizune waiting for her answer. Instead her face broke into a grin before she giggled. "Why don't you come with me and find out?" She chirped.

A sweat-drop rolled down the back of Kakashi's head, Sakura fell down anime style and even the ever stoic, and poker faced Sasuke had to twitch his eye at that cheery response; although they now knew that it was safe to assume that Konoha's loudest ninja was not dead or seriously injured.

Sasuke recovered first, seeing his only reaction was merely the twitching of his eye. He snorted and headed for the training grounds, muttering, "I can't be bothered about the dobe, I have better things to do than see him get in trouble."

But before he could take another step, he was jerked back by a tug of his collar. "Oh no, you're coming too. This time Naruto's trouble concerns each and every one of you."

And so, Sasuke reluctantly made his way to the Hokage tower, Shizune's hand still gripped around his collar, marching him forward. Sakura turned around, walking backwards as she spoke to the Hokage's assistant. "Shizune-san, what happened to Naruto that we all have to go and see Tsunade-sama?"

Kakashi turned as well, curious to know, "Yes, do tell."

The medic nin merely smiled again and replied, "You'll find out soon enough."


Tsunade sat at her table grinning like a Cheshire cat as she addressed Team 7, minus Naruto of course. "You must all be wondering why I've called you here."

Kakashi nodded, "Hai Hokage-sama, though Shizune-san has only informed us that this is regarding Naruto but the details have been left out. May I ask what exactly has happened to Naruto?"

The blonde woman's grin grew wider, causing a sense of impending doom to fall upon Team 7. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good.

"You can come in now." She called.

Shizune stifled a giggle as the door opened. Iruka stepped out, bowing awkwardly in respect to the Hokage as he dragged a familiar orange clad blonde boy by the back of his collar. Naruto shouted his protests as he tried to wriggle out of the older man's deathlike grip.

It wasn't until Naruto had been placed in front of his stunned teammates and sensei did they realize his hands were swaddled with bandages. But what caught them most off guard were the red spots marring his face and the visible parts of his arms and legs.

"YOU'VE GOT CHICKENPOX!" Sakura's shriek reverberated through the air, piercing the stunned silence.


"It's a good thing our last missions have only been gathering herbs in the forest, else you could have infected other people. And thank goodness I've had chickenpox when I was a baby!" Sakura huffed as she folded her arms in annoyance, glaring at the guilty boy.

"Gomen nasai Sakura-chan!" Naruto whined pitifully, looking up at the fuming girl with puppy dog eyes. "It wasn't my faaaaaault!"

Kakashi chuckled, "And you were complaining about how easy the mission was. Turns out that babysitting turned out to be more difficult than it really looked."

Sasuke snorted, "Only a dobe like you could catch something like chickenpox from a baby."

At that, Naruto jumped up, a little off balance from the displacement and growled at Sasuke. He stopped in mid growl and blinked. His anger faded away into puzzlement, only to be replaced with amusement and smugness. "Oh yeah? Then how is it you keep scratching your arm and what are those red spots doing on your oh-so-perfect face?"

Sakura turned to Sasuke only to shriek out loud again, much to the chagrin of the room's occupants. "SASUKE-KUN!"

All eyes in the turned to look at Sasuke and sure enough, he too was covered in spots.

It was the doctor's final verdict. Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke were infected with chickenpox.

"Look who's the dobe now Sasuke-teme?"


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