Turn a blind eye…

To his madness…

Authors notes: I know, I know, I should be updating my other story, but I wanted to put this up before I forgot it, too. These chapters are all 100 word drabbles.

Disclaimer: I don't own DC, but I'm pretty sure I'm the first to do this exactly. I do though, have great admiration for the others who have written Jay survives stories. (coughDraco, Angels you need cough)


"Talk," Jason said, waving his machine gun vaguely in the direction of the crook.

The crook jumped and peered into the shadows wildly, hoping to see who was there. He had no luck because Jason wasn't wearing the reds and greens of the Robin costume anymore.

"I… I don't know anything! I swear!"

Jason shot a few bullets into the floor.

"It was Mario! He organized it! He sold the stuff, dope, to Chrezkov and Juni. That's all I know, okay? That's all I know!" The crook said frantically.

"Okay," said Jaybird and shot the man directly between the eyes.