This story takes place almost 6 years after SNAFU. In this version TC was the father of Cory's baby. TC and Chris finalized their divorce. Chris went away and was never heard from again. T.C and Cory became proud parents of a baby girl named Davanee and also became husband and wife.

Oh well here it goes.



It was a hot, sunny day in Santa Monica, California. Chris had been sitting on a bench at the playground reading a book. She had been on that same page for almost an hour. She had sat there watching Cory and her daughter carefully over the top her sunglasses when a ball that they were playing with rolled towards her and came to a stop at the side of her feet.

"Hey can you pass the ball?" Cory yelled at her.

Chris pretended she hadn't heard.

"Hey excuse me! Can you throw me the ball?" she asked again.

Chris ignored her and so Cory came and got the ball herself. She had just started walking back when she stopped suddenly and spun around to face Chris.

"Chris?" Cory half whispered. She would recognize that hair in a room full of blondes. It was undeniably Chris'.

Chris slowly raised her head, removed her sun glasses and stood up.

"Cory?" She asked in her best stunned voice imitation.

Cory dropped the ball and she and Chris met in a bone crushing hug.

"I can't believe it's you! Where have you been all these years? How long have you been here?" Cory gushed when they pulled away.

"Oh I've been here and there. I just arrived in Santa Monica yesterday." Chris answered coolly.

"Mommy!" the little girl said as she came to stand beside Cory. "The ball!"

She had TC's same brown hair, his eyes and his smile. There was no doubt in Chris' mind that this was TC's daughter.

"I'm sorry baby," Cory said as she wiped her face of the tears that were streaming down.

"Why are you crying?" the girl asked

"I'm so happy to see Chris."

"Who's that?"

"We worked together some years ago." Cory informed her. "Chris this is my daughter Davanee. Davanee this is my friend Chris."

"Does she know Daddy too?" Davanee asked as she shook Chris' hand.

"Uh yeah. She knows TC too." Cory said as she looked at Chris nervously. "Davanee can you give Chris and I a moment alone?"

"Okay but hurry up. I wanna finish playing our game." She called over her shoulder as she skipped away.

"So I guess he was the father after all?" Chris asked as she sat back on the bench.

"Yeah." Cory said as she sat down next to her. "She's TC's daughter."

"He must be so proud. She's beautiful." Chris told her smiling.

"Yeah we are very proud. She's a great kid."

"So are you the Mrs. Lieutenant now?" Chris asked frankly.


"Oh you know what I mean. Are you guys married?"

"Yeah. We are. We've been for 3 years now."

"I'm happy for you. Are you guys happy?"

"Absolutely. He's a great husband and father. Davanee worships the ground……," she stopped suddenly, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to go on and on like that. It's just…."

"It's okay Cory. I'm happy for you. Really I am." She said reassuringly.

"You don't know how happy I am to hear that."

"Glad I can help."

"How long do you plan on staying here?" Cory asked eager to change the subject.

"2 days………2 weeks…………2 months. Honestly…….I have no idea," she replied sighing.

"Where are you staying?"

"At the Ocean Front Hotel on Park Street."

"No you're not. You've gotta come stay with me," Cory told her.

"I would love that but there's one small problem. It's not just you. My ex-husband and your daughter also live there."

"I'm sure TC wouldn't mind and Davanee will love having you around."

"Are you sure?" Chris inquired

"Positive." Cory reassured her.

"Okay then. I accept." Chris told her

"This is going to be so great Chris. Just like old times," Cory said as they hugged.

Like old times? Chris thought. Does Cory really know that she's now married to my ex –husband whom I still happen to care for, lives in the same house that we once shared, probably sleeps in the same bed we also once shared and is raising a daughter that should have been mine? Like old times? This was going to be anything but like old times!

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