Title: Impending improbabilities.

Author: Silver Queen

Summary: Drabbles of what might happen. Harry and Draco.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling and not to me.

Authors notes: This was written for an LJ friend of mine. Cheers to Gwen.

Draco stood to the side. The fight was over – they had lost. He had known it when the Dark Lord had fallen at Potter's hand, known it was over when his father, free from Azkaban for only a few days, had been hit with a Death Curse from a Death Eater firing wildly. He had known it would end this way.

"Malfoy." It was Potter. The scar on his head – famous Potter's famous scar – was bleeding freely and the stream of blood was smeared across his forehead. The wand in his hand was steady though.

"Potter," Draco replied, almost shocked at how bitter he sounded. "Come to gloat?"

The other boy shook his head minutely. "I wish it didn't have to be this way."

The blond thought he knew what Potter was referring to. The pair of red-haired twins that sprawled on the ground, the mudblood Granger that had been the first hit; that was what Potter was sorry about.

Potter's eyes' are green, he thought suddenly, very green and sad. His wand dropped slowly from nerveless fingers as he watched Zabini fall behind the Gryffindor, taken down by a auror. He saw his father's body on the ground and he saw many more black robes that represented the fallen Death Eaters.

"Yeah," he answered as the red stunning spell hit.