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The Greatest Summer of All Time, Chapter 16


By Starlite1

"Hurry up, you lot!" Jackie bellowed up the stairs, "You don't want to be late on the first day of school!"

Josie's head poked out of her bedroom, "Nearly ready! Just trying to cram in the last bit!"

Rose rolled her eyes as she came into the entryway, "You have sixty seconds, you lot! 59…58…57…"

Senka came sprinting out into the hall, drag along suitcase bouncing wildly behind him, "Ready, Rose."

She smiled, "Great, 30…29…Don't forget we have to pick up Anita, you two…26…"

"So we're down to countdowns, eh?" The Doctor asked, grinning at Senka's nod,


"We ready yet?" Lucy questioned as she came up from depositing her own bag in the TARDIS, ready for the next week of adventures.

"Can we really be late, even if we're in a time machine?" Adrian asked plaintively as he trudged down the stairs.

Jack laughed as his comment, joining the growing entourage in the hallway, "Shame we're not using the Time machine then, isn't it?"

"What d'you mean?" Josie demanded as she vaulted from the top of the stairs, landing in front of them.

Jack dangled his keys, "I didn't buy the car just to have it sit in the garage gathering dust. Anyway, It will do you good to arrive the same as everyone else."

Finally, their bags were pilled into the boot, and the numerous forgotten items retrieved. Once they were all secured, Jackie emerged from around the back of her prize-winning garden, Mordrid tucked securely under her arm

"So you're all off?" she said with a smile.

Josie nodded, "Looks that way. Thanks so much for taking care of Mordrid for me.

Jackie laughed, "I hardly think boarding school is a suitable place to have a man-eating plant, no matter how small he is. Anyway, we'll keep each other company whilst you lot are out exploring the galaxy."

Josie nodded, "And we'll make sure we email back at least once a week!"

Jackie smiled in satisfaction "I think I can live with that. Now you lot. You're to come home for weekends, no exceptions, unless you're caught in prison or some sort of natural disaster. Understand?" The four adults nodded sheepishly, "Good, and everyone's coming back here for Christmas."

Adrian grinned, "Miss Christmas in the Tyler household? You've got to be kidding me!"

Hugs were exchanged and soon they were all piled into the car. The engines started up, and they back out the driveway into the dappled shade of their street. Turning around a corner, they found Anita waiting, a grin plastered on her face despite the revulsive looks upon her parents' faces.

"Took your time," She commented, disregarding the horrified glares of her parents, "Was getting worried you'd abandoned me."

"Nah. Never happen." Josie said, smiling to her best friend, who quickly waved to her parents, and clambered into the back behind her.

As soon as her seatbelt was fasted, they started up once more, driving through the sunny streets of almost identical houses, shops and service stations, finally turning onto the freeway.

Josie opened the album, "The photos from this summer. I finally printed them out, and thought it might be nice to have a squiz at. After all, we've got four hours ahead of us."

Crowding around the book, with the three in the back poking over the back of her head, each page revealing another treasure. After a while, Lucy and Rose abandoned their crossword, smiling as they reminisced over the numerous scrapes they had ended up in the holidays.


"You absolutely certain you have everything?" Lucy asked them anxiously as they grabbed their bags from the back.

Senka nodded, "Can't think of anything we've forgotten."

Rose smiled, "That's always a good thing. Now, do you need any extra money? Food? Water? Socks? Underwear?"

Anita stifled a giggle as Josie replied, "Think we've got enough to last until the end of the week."

"Now, do you two have your TARDIS keys?" The Doctor asked the twins, smiling as they held up the chains that they had them on, "Now if you need us for any life or death situations, then they will draw the TARDIS here. Only in emergencies, understand?"

"Course. And yes, we do have our mobiles. And your numbers. And deodorant, toothbrushes, and anything else that springs to mind." Adrian finished, cutting off the elders before they could dissolve into a full tirade.

Jack nodded, "Don't worry. A few bits of string can get you by in the world."

Lucy shot him a mock glare, "But it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Now Senka, you are…"

He drew in a long-suffering sigh, "Tam Senka Harkness, reporting for duty!"

A great bell began to toll. The other students clustered with their parents began their apprehensive shuffling towards the Scotts' assembly hall.

"Right," The Doctor said cheerfully, "Now off you four go and have an adventure!"

Quickly they hugged them goodbye, before together the quartet headed off to join the streaming masses of students.

He turned to Rose, "They'll be all right, my dearest. Now let's go and have our own adventure."

"How about the fires of Boheme8986?" Jack suggested, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"Rings of fire around an entire stellar nursery! Over fifty billion miles across, with Huge amounts of magnetic activity, rather a bit like the Auroras on earth…"

"Sounds brilliant!" Rose said with a smile, "Better with two…"

"And fantastic with four!" The Doctor concluded, before he offered her his arm, "Shall we?"

And with that, they headed back to the car, and out into the universe once more.


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