Authors Note: This idea just kinda snuck up on me, and I had to write it. I drew a connection of my own between the colors of his eyes... and decided to share. This fic is, however, unbetaed, so I apologize for any mistakes I might have made. Enjoy!

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Purple eyes. No one has purple eyes, especially not a native bred-and-born Japanese man.

But I do. Purple eyes and bloodred hair.

My eyes weren't always this amethyst shade. When I was born as Shinta, a poor farmer's son in Japan, they were blue— in fact, such a clear, stormy blue that they drew comments and stares from the other villagers. I've always been subject to rumors and gossip, no matter where I was. In those short years with my true parents, people gushed over my big, blue eyes and shocking red hair.

After my parents died, those who took me in saw me only as a potential worker or source of money. They spoke of my short stature and delicate features, measuring me by how much money they could make, whether through hard labor or the profits they would gain from selling me into slavery.

With the slavers, my 'ethereal beauty' and 'rare features' brought joy… prospects of high payments. Only Hiko, my savior, shishou, and mentor didn't seem to care about my looks, other than to poke fun about my height.

During the hellish period of the Bakumatsu, rumors of my bloodred hair and fiery amber eyes struck fear into the hearts of enemies and allies alike.

Now, in the peaceful Meiji era, my features still bring unwelcome gossip. People speak of my long, still bloodred hair and somewhat distant violet eyes. They giggle over my short and effeminate appearance. Most of the fear is gone from the conspirational whispers, though, for which I am grateful.

Some say that one's eyes are the windows to their soul. I'm no exception, though my windows have changed their shape. They've changed with me, changing colors as one changes clothes. Different colors for each time I grew and changed, different colors to suit my different lives.

First life, and blue eyes, for when I was innocent and naïve, young in my delusions that everything would be all right, and everyone had a happy ending.

Second, amber, for when I was truly the demon, Hitokiri Battousai. Battle was my life, and each moment lived was a battle in itself.

And now purple, for when the demon left my soul, and left my battle-hardened mind to grieve and atone for the lives I took and families I destroyed.

It's true that my eyes were once that stormy blue, but no longer. Life has taken the color of my eyes and tainted it, stained it with the evidence of crimes past commited.

For what is purple, but a bloodstained blue?