Hello! This is the first Fanfiction of Woodrow and Maggie I made. It's at the beginning of Maggie and Woodrow's meeting; 15 years before they left for Montana in the first series. I hope you enjoy the story and please comment! Thanks…

Unforetold Passion

Chapter 1

"Woodrow! Woodrow, where in God's name have you been?" Woodrow F. Call approached Augustus McCrae on a beautiful new buckskin stallion he had just broke in about two hours ahead. "Why are you so set on knowin', Augustus?" He dismounted and took a hold of the horse's reins. "Because while you were busy 'shoppin' ' in town, I had to get up and help these ladies out with this shed." Woodrow was in his own world by now. Augustus's words were slipping right through his head. "Woodrow?" Woodrow snapped back into the reality of the farm. Augustus was standing with his hands in balls against his sides. "Where's your head lately, Call?" Woodrow couldn't help but slightly smile. "No where yours hasn't been, Gus." Augustus laughed stiffly, following Woodrow to the horse post. Since the shed hadn't been finished yet, all they had for their horses to either stand around in the breaking circle or on the horse post. "I bet money that you were at the Dry Bean," Augustus said with a hearty laugh. "Again, Augustus, no place you haven't been." Woodrow swiftly walked to the shed where some familiar faces were working. "Jake… Jake!" Woodrow continually called, in search for his partner. Jake Spoon popped his head around a corner and whistled to Woodrow for his attention. Woodrow changed direction to go to him. "Say, Jake, you don't plan on going to town tonight do you?" Jake froze and nervously began wiping his hands with a worn out kerchief. "I thought I might go down and play a card game or two with Maggie and Hope." Woodrow forced a smile onto his face, "Well, I think I'll join you then." Jake tried to convert him otherwise, "Oh, you don't have to do that…" Woodrow opened his mouth, but Augustus's calls for him interrupted. His face was frozen in a covered up cold gaze. Jake smiled, but Woodrow just turned and walked to Augustus.

Everyone sat around the dining table, eating silently. As usual, Bolivar's food was awful. Woodrow could hardly open his mouth after his first bite. He took a drink of his coffee and criticized the food. "Well, you've done it again, Bolivar. You've made the worst dinner through-out Texas… I'm sure the pigs will like it." He got up and threw his plate onto the sand then grabbed his shotgun. After he stepped out the door, his path was the normal one, to the river. Augustus shook his head with a scoffing laugh, turning back to his plate and played with his goop. Jake continued on eating while Pete had to bring up something to talk about. "I heard there's a new bunch of Indians headin' toward here. Are we gonna go find them?" Augustus cracked another joke, "Of course, Pete. Be sure to watch the pigs while we're gone. We don't want any of those filthy Injuns to take one home with 'em. And just to show their appreciation, they might take your scalp with 'em too!" Pete gulped nervously and slowly slid down in his seat. Jake finished gulping down the hard-earned meal and headed for the door as well. "Hey! Where you think you're goin' so late, Jake?" Jake turned back to face Augustus. "I just thought I'd run into town and pick up a tub of whiskey." Augustus nodded doubtingly, "Lying doesn't help the situation, Jake… You know Woodrow likes that new whore, Maggie. I like her too; she's a sweetheart. But," Augustus pointed a finger at Jake and Jake almost jumped out of his skin, "you know how Woodrow gets when something is taken away from him, he gets competitive. And I'm sure he'll win against you, Jake, you're as jumpy as a pig in the dark." Jake almost stepped up to object, but found himself turning and beginning a walk into town. He hastily passed the bridge and almost ran up to the door of the Dry Bean. When he entered, there were three people sitting around in random places. Hope was playing cards with Xavier and the pianist was playing the piano in the corner. Jake looked around for a moment, then went for the stairs. As he was about to ascend the second set, Xavier stopped him. "She doesn't want to be bothered," he said slowly. His English wasn't too good and neither was his Texas slang. Jake looked at him like he was stupid while leaning over the cranky railing. "She'll feel a lot better when I come around, old man. Why don't you bring up a bottle of brandy in about… oh… say… and hour." He laughed an obnoxious laugh while he continued his climb. Hope scoffed at his cockiness. "He's gonna get himself shot if he ain't careful," she said, putting two cards on the table and throwing in a dime. Xavier looked slowly up the staircase while a creak of the upstairs door has heard.

When Jake walked in, Maggie was standing at the window, a familiar blanket around her shoulders. She turned when he entered. "Jake, what are you doing here?" Jake smiled slyly, "Old Woodrow ain't here, so I thought I'd get in on the action while I can." Maggie nearly gagged, but instead frowned upon him. "I don't feel well enough for that tonight, Jake. Just… Go on back to Gus', before you do somethin' you're gonna regret." He spread his arms out as if someone had a gun to his back and approached. "It's not like I'm gonna hurt ya, none. I swear…" he trailed off. Maggie moved away from the window to the bed nearby. "Go, or I'll tell Woodrow." Jake paused, tilting his head innocently. "Woodrow? What's he gonna do? Shoot me?"

"He might, if you give him a chance." Maggie picked at her long hazelnut brown hair nervously. "He doesn't like you comin' around." Jake laughed roughly, "Please, he never even calls you by name… Maggie," he added tensely. Maggie felt her bottom lip tremble at the thought. Jake took his advantage, "Oh, oh, oh, see? Don't cry, Maggie," he said, sitting beside her and pulling her into him. She recoiled like he had hit her. "Please, Jake… I want this," she tried to explain after she had risen and started toward the door, "I love him." Jake sat dumbly on the bed as she closed the door silently. She stood at the door for a moment, knowing she needed the money. She didn't hear a single creak come from the room and she descended the stairs softly. Xavier took her hand as she finished her walk, "I told you he would come. Next time, you won't be so lucky, he'll force it upon you." Maggie smiled as sweetly as she could. "Xavier, honey, I'll be fine with Jake. He won't hurt me, he knows how Woodrow feels about—" Suddenly, they was shouts of cursing and objects breaking. As perfect as the moment was, Maggie's savior entered through the door. "What the hell is goin' on," Woodrow said over the racket. Maggie became suddenly guilt-struck so hard she was speechless. Woodrow tried to stare it out of her, but he instead went upstairs to see what the racket was. He ripped open the door, his pistol aimed right at Jake. "Jake…" he said surprised, "what are you doin' here?" Jake threw a bottle in the corner and shook his head to get his mind strait. "I thought I'd get a poke outta Maggie, before you came along, but I guess I'm a little too late, huh, Woodrow?" Woodrow could feel the heat of anger burn through his face and knew Jake could see it in his eyes. "I don't want you around here, Jake. Not unless you're sober." Maggie, Hope, Lippy, and Xavier all listened to the light conversation. Maggie wanted to hear more from Woodrow, but he didn't bring her up… not at all.

Jake soon came stumbling down the stairs, Woodrow a' followin'. Maggie took his arm before he could glide past her. "Upstairs," she mouthed seriously. Woodrow took a look around and followed her back up the stairs and into the room. He closed the door and leaned against it, waiting for her reason. She sat on the bed, setting her hands in her lap. "Woodrow," she said softly to break the uncomfortable silence, "do you hate me?" Woodrow tilted his head while walking over to a nearby dresser to get a better look at her face, "What gave you that idea, darlin'?" Maggie pinched her lips tight to make her lips stop trembling. "Jake did… He said you don't care about me." Woodrow was silent and that made Maggie burst into tears. "You do, don't you? You do and you won't show it…" Her head fell sadly for he said nothing. She looked to him to find him looking strait back. "Lemme give you a poke, Woodrow," he looked away, sighing, "I won't charge you. Just…" she got up, walked over to him, and set her hands on his chest, "gimme a chance, Woodrow. Please…" Woodrow found himself stuck in a stare with her amber eyes. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist, fitting in perfectly between his legs. "I won't let you down." Woodrow grinned, setting his pistol on the dresser behind him and walked to the bed, Maggie still upon him. She felt the mattress hit the back on her knees and slowly sat down. Woodrow followed, easing her back on to the bed and climbing on top of her. She ran her fingers through his hair and situated herself. He peeled her dress off her shoulders and started there. First, he passionately kissed her lips, his tongue slipping firmly with hers, like a dance. Then, as if instinct, his hips began thrusting upon hers in a slow, circular motion. Maggie felt her head push back against the pillow firmly as Woodrow went south. Along her neck tenderly and down to above her breasts. Maggie wanted to scream for him to deepen, but became frightened through out her sexual feelings. Woodrow's hands moved down her arms to her waist and back up to her almost visual breasts. His back still at it, he began rolling the dress from her porcelain body. One of the best things about Maggie, to Woodrow, was that she never wore a girdle or corset. Her breasts were naturally perky, as her hips were thin and strong. Maggie began unbuttoning his skirt after he had got her dress below her hips. About halfway down her work, she slid her hands around to his back, pulling him against her. His face buried against her stomach, he continued to kiss lightly in every spot he could reach. His and her labored breathing was all she heard as she drifting into a zone of restlessness. "Woodrow," she began dreamily. Woodrow picked his face up from her crotch after throwing her dress to the floor. "Yes, darlin'?" Maggie licked her lips and closed her eyes. "Harder… Please."

Augustus nearly stepped on Jake after he entered outside. "Jake, dammit, what are you doin' on the dern porch?" Jake rose tiredly to a sitting position and yawned. "I reckon I was waiting up for Cap'm." Augustus smiled, "I'm sure you haven't found him if I reckon he didn't go to the river." Jake yawned again. "He kicked me outta the Dry Bean too." Augustus paused his ruthless thoughts. "And why would Woodrow do that, I wonder?" Jake smacked his mouth tiredly, " 'Cause I tried to get a poke outta Miss Maggie." Augustus clapped his hands, "Bravo, Jake, you got common sense." At that moment, Woodrow could be seen, walking up from town. "Well," Augustus called mischievously to him, "there's only one place you'll go on foot Woodrow." Woodrow nodded, brushing the kind concern off his mind. "Yes, Augustus, I supposed you'd think worst of me if you knew why."

"Oh, I already know why, Call," Augustus said, turning from him to go inside and eat breakfast, "and I don't hold it against ya." Woodrow nodded aimlessly after taking off his gun belt and setting it on a porch chair, following Augustus inside, "If you did, you'd be a damn hypocrite." Augustus laughed at Woodrow who sat on the other end of the table. Bolivar set biscuits, bacon, and sausage on the table. Woodrow started laughing sarcastically, "By God, this is probably the prettiest breakfast I ever saw… What kinda poison you put in it this time, Bolivar?" Bolivar looked up from his own plate with a scowl. "And another thing, Bolivar, that new bell we got'cha was for when we're workin' far away, not right beside it." Bolivar chewed what was in his mouth, "I can ring the bell if I want to. General Lee freed the slaves." Augustus looked to his plate with a chuckle. He instead probed at Woodrow, "So, what'cha beat up ol' Jake for?" Woodrow licked his teeth of the bacon slime, "Well, for one he ain't got no respect."

"It's 'cause he went for Maggie, wasn't it?"

"If that's the way you see it." Woodrow stared Augustus down with serious eyes. "You didn't have to go and kick him out of the Dry Bean, why if it weren't for Hope and Maggie, he'd be as grumpy as you, Woodrow." Woodrow didn't reply. Out of nowhere, Bolivar said, "I can ring the bell if I want to."

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