I liked the way the first chapter ended, just like in the beginning of the mini-series! . I put a pinch more into the detail of these sex scenes. The first was just Lime, now we get to load up on LEMONS evil grin Enjoy!

Unforetold Passion

Chapter 2

It was around two in the afternoon when Woodrow decided to break another horse. "By God, Woodrow, you're gonna break your back." Woodrow ignored Augustus's sneaky antics. "I ain't workin' today, Augustus, I told you that. Now, let em alone, or I AM gonna break my back." Augustus nodded silently. Pete then came up beside him, dusty and bloody. "He's breakin' another horse?" Augustus answered sarcastically, "Now don't jinx him or he'll break his back." Woodrow threw a threatening glance backward and continued on toward the horse with his sattle. "That sure is a perdy quarter horse though," Pete said, wiping his beard. "That ain't the only perdy horse he's broken in today," Jake said, also walking up and joining the little group. Augustus began laughing, "Ah, you're just jealous that Woodrow has her tied around his bean and not yours. Hope sure likes ya." Jake scoffed, pulling off his gloves, "Hope ain't nothin' like Miss Maggie." Augustus nodded, chuckling at Woodrow cautiously tying the sattle on him. "You better not messed this up for ol' Woodrow. Hope wouldn't give him the time a' day and if it wasn't for me, Maggie wouldn't either." Jake looked at him, "What do'ya mean thanks to you?" Woodrow had gotten onto the quarter, but he didn't buck him… he didn't move at all. Woodrow looked at the boys with a sour face. He spurred him and yet he still move. "Well, at the time, I was the one gettin' all the pokes from Maggie. You see, Maggie ain't stupid, she knows who's a good customer when she sees 'em. And when I finally got Woodrow in there, she was all over him. And you know what Woodrow looks like, he ain't to fancy with the ladies." Jake watched the Captain return over to them, "What'cha talkin' 'bout me for?" Augustus was the first one to stick up, "You never talk about you, Woodrow, so we thought we'd give you a hand." Woodrow set his sattle up on the fence and hopped over. "Whoever needs your help to talk about them sure needs help themselves." He took a look to the bridge as someone was crossing. It was Deets and Maggie.

"Maggie, darlin'!" Augustus said after she had dismounted from her mare. "Whose horse is that?" Maggie grinned softly, "I bought her from Patty. Thirty dollars. I think it was a good buy," she said while stroking her neck. "Did'cha name her?" Maggie's eyes fell into balance with Woodrow's, "I thought about Hellbitch." Augustus chuckled loudly. "Hellbitch?" Jake asked surprised, "Why that ain't hardly a name for a lady's horse." Woodrow spoke up, "Well Jake ain't one for it either." Maggie giggled. Deets then explained, "I found her about halfway from Lonesome Dove." They all looked at her for an explanation. She just smiled, "I ain't leavin', I was just riding to San Antonio to pick lemons for my cousins. They're comin' down to visit me in a few days." She noticed the horse post and tugged Hellbitch to the post and tied her up. "I brought some whiskey and barbecue sauce like you wanted, Gus." Augustus rubbed his hands together, "Good, now the food with taste like barbecue instead of nothin' at all." Maggie followed Augustus, but Jake pulled her aside, "Can I talk to you before we eat?" Maggie's eyebrows furrowed while he pulled her to the barn, which wasn't finished still. He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her. "Jake!" He covered her mouth, "Shh… Just a little one, just a few kisses." Maggie opened her mouth, but Jake interrupted by slipping his tongue in. In the house, Augustus was digging in to his food. Woodrow walked in and paused. "Where's Maggie? Did she leave already?" Augustus motioned to a chair, "Eat before you go and get yourself another poke. Her and Jake are talkin' near the barn." Woodrow stared at Augustus dully, "Talkin…" He turned on his heel while grabbing a shotgun off the wall and made his way to the shed. "St—" Maggie tried to object, but Jake had her hard against the wall, tugging on her dress. Tears spilled from her eyes until she spotted Woodrow, quietly loading his gun right behind Jake. She looked back at Jake, then at Woodrow. Woodrow rose the gun and carefully fit it in the back of Jake's head. Jake was frozen in place and Maggie slipped from under his arms and went to Woodrow. He motioned with his head for her to go in the house. She looked back at Jake, then made her way across the grounds to the porch. "Gus, I think Woo—" Then, a gunshot was heard. Augustus dropped his food and licked his fingers fast enough to jump out of his seat and rush out the door with Maggie on his heels. Jack was on the ground, crawling to get away, but Woodrow set a foot on his back and held the shotgun to his head. "Woodrow," Maggie screamed desperately. He looked up from Jake and catch eyes with her. Her heart was beating fast and she knew her eyes were full with shock and despair. Woodrow took his foot off Jake and flipped him over. He whispered something no indistinct, not even Augustus heard. Jake scrambled to his feet while Woodrow walked towards them and stormed off across the bridge. "I hate rude behavior in a man," he explained, walking back into the house, "I won't tolerate it." Maggie watched him sit at the table, and dig into his food. She looked at Gus, who seemed to have the same idea she did. "I think I'll make my way to San Anton now. You boys have a nice lunch." Maggie hurried out the door and untied Hellbitch. Deets and Pete came up to her. "Are goin' now, Miss Maggie?" Deets asked politely. "Yes, I should be back by tomorrow if I break in this horse real good." Pete mumbled something, "Maybe Deets or me can join you. I don't want ol' Jake gettin' his way with you when no one's around." Maggie smiled, "You were always the sweet one, Pete." She touched his cheek and mounted Hellbitch. "You boys, go tell Xavier that you wanna drink on me and he'll sure give it to ya." She winked and turned Hellbitch, spurring her across the bridge. Woodrow was watching from the house doorway. "You think she'll be all right?" Augustus laughed, "By God, she took your shotgun, I supposed she'd be all right." Woodrow snapped around and looked to the wall. His favorite gun wasn't posted. "Why that—" Augustus burst out laughing. Woodrow scowled at him and went with Deets and Pete to the shed.

The sun was setting and Woodrow could feel his fingers tap impatiently on his knee. Augustus just sat back and watched the sun start to settle. Pete and Deets were packing everything up for the day. As Deets approached, he saw Woodrow's uneasiness. "Don't worry, Cap'm, I'm sure Miss Maggie will be back tonight." Woodrow nodded of indirectly. Just then, as if by destiny, Jake stumbled back to the cabin. Woodrow watched him with a dangerous face. On his arms were Hope and Maggie. Maggie was the first to speak after Pete and Deets had taken Jake off their shoulders, "He was waitin' outside for me. Said you told him it was okay if he came back." Hope brushed her high-dollar dress off, "He practically raped her." Maggie stared Woodrow down… hard. He sighed and scratched his beard, "Well I told him nothin' of the sort, darlin'." Maggie scoffed and turned to begin back to the Dry Bean. Hope reassured Woodrow, "She's just mad that he threw her shotgun out the window. She didn't have any choice…" Hope frowned slightly, "Woodrow, if you do have feelings for Maggie—" Woodrow laughed while standing up, "You best be goin' back to the Saloon, Hope." She swallowed and curtsied, then slowly made her way across the bridge where Maggie was waiting. Augustus spoke up, "By God, Woodrow, you ain't never gonna let someone speak their mind… Always afraid that they're gonna say somethin' about you." Woodrow scoffed, "If your ears were plugged in, Augustus, she noted that she was talkin' to me." He started to the bridge too. " 'Ey! Where you goin' so late, Call." Woodrow ignored the phrase and continued on to the bar.

Maggie sat down at a table and covered her face. Hope sat beside her to comfort her. "It's all right, honey, you didn't do anythin'." Maggie let out a trembling sigh. Xavier and Lippy sat at the same table. Xavier had brought a bottle of whiskey with him and four glasses. He poured the first for Maggie, but he held her arm before she could scarf it down. "He will never make you happy," he told her, "you will never be happy with him." Maggie's lip trembled after Xavier lifted his hand. She drank the glass with two hands and set her head on Xavier's shoulder. Hope took her hand as she had made her own cup and drank it. Lippy tried to help himself, but Xavier poured himself a glass first. Lippy watched in a stupor as Xavier gave the bottle to him and waited for him to fill his glass. They took the drink together and smiled. Hope, while spotting someone from the window, said, "I'll go get them lemons, Maggie, you go on up to bed, all right." Maggie gladly accepted the task and stood to go up the stairs. Hope watched her anxiously then rushed out the door. Woodrow was standing, watching the sky turn black. He looked at her as she appeared. Her eyes were strangely angry. "Woodrow Call, what the hell are you doin'?" He tilted his head coolly. "Where's darlin'?" Hope sighed and set her hands on her hips. "Why should I tell you? You gonna break her heart again?" Woodrow's mouth dropped slightly. He fingered his hat nervously. "You care so much about her to nearly kill your own partner, but yet you can't will yourself to say Maggie… to call her Maggie. It's always, darlin' this, honey that… You're crippling her, Woodrow." He looked at her almost furiously. He ground his teeth to keep his words behind them, "Just tell me where she is, Hope." Hope gestured to the door, "She's upstairs… I told her to go to bed, but she's probably readin' up again." Woodrow went past her and into the Saloon. She stood there for a moment, hating herself for wanting him to take her and slowly caress her breasts. Her heart pounded so hard, she found herself gasping for air and Lippy opening the door. "You all right, Hope?" Hope turned to him and rushed into the bar.

Hope was right, after Woodrow had climbed the stairs, he could see a light flickering from under the doorway. He carefully approached the door and set his ear against it. Maggie was softly humming and from Woodrow's experience, this meant she was either dressing or undressing, but Woodrow used his common sense. He took a hold of the door handle and slowly opened her door. He caught her just about to take her under slip off. She almost laughed she was so surprised by his entrance. She had no effort to cover herself. Smiling, she asked, "What are you doin' here, Woodrow? I thought you was angry with me." Woodrow scanned her posture with his eyes, "How did you come up with that idea, honey?" Maggie hardly heard what he had said. She walked over to his and wrapped her arms around his neck, bending her legs between his. "I dunno," she said innocently, twisting her fingers in his hair, "I guess my body just wanted me to think that." Woodrow nodded as if he understood and threw his hat to the floor beside them and set his arms in the crevice of her back. She stood on her tiptoes and lightly kissed him. He bent slightly down enough to get his arms under her butt and lift her off the ground. "Whoa!" she cried through laughter. Woodrow quickly threw her onto the bed and climbed aboard. He spread her legs apart and pushed her dress slip up. She took hold of his shoulders and pulled him up out of his staring contest with her crotch. "Tonight's special," she whispered tenderly while Woodrow set his head upon her breasts and slid his hands from her knees to around her buttox and squeezed. Maggie moaned surprisingly loud and held Woodrow's head to her chest. Woodrow quickly struggled with his pants and nearly ripped them off his legs. He got higher on her until he felt his crotch touch with hers. Maggie's face with flushed with a near relief. Woodrow took hold of the bed's headboard bars and began to fiercely hump her. Maggie moaned louder and louder with each of his motions. It was unlike her, totally. She was usually quiet throughout her pokes and often the only sound she let slip was a light moan or giggle. Woodrow was struck unprepared with her climaxing orgasms. Down below the creaking mattress, Xavier gripped his head as Hope sat behind him and gently massaged his shoulders. Lippy played a loud silhouette to clear the gasping cries from Maggie. Xavier sighed sadly to himself and grabbed both of Hope's hands and pulled her against his back, loving her for her large breasts. "If I loose her, Hope, I feel like I'll loose you too." Hope laughed and kissed his neck a few times. "Aw, that's so sweet, Xavier. But you know Woodrow's never going to fall in love with her. To him, she's just a whore… Nothing more." Hope could feel her own heart drop with each word she said. She knew she was right because she knew Woodrow F. Call. The best damn ranger… Better than Augustus and Jake. He was unique and virtuous. To him, women, especially whores, were tools or relaxation methods. They weren't meant to have guns and they sure as hell weren't made for him to fall in love with. But his and Maggie's relationship was unlike any anyone had ever seen. They bonded… fit like shoes on one another. They held eachother up, comforted, and loved, though they were blind to it. Maggie had just opened her eyes a few weeks ago after a long lecture from Hope. Not only did she realize how much she loved Woodrow, she knew that he would never love her in return.

They were at it all night. Dawn was rising when they both ended up falling asleep in eachother. Hope turned the bar table into a bed with Xavier and Lippy slept under the comfort of his piano. Woodrow was the first to wake up. From the looks of the sun, he didn't wake up long after he fell asleep. He carefully got up from Maggie and pulled a blanket over her naked doll-like body. He got dress and reached for his hat as he was just about to leave, but he stopped. He looked back at Maggie and slid his hands into a pocket and pulled out thirty dollars. He walked over to her bedside table and set the money there. His hand somehow without his permission found her soft forehead and slid into her hair. She was fast asleep; deader than a rock. He slightly smiled and left the room. As he descended the stairs, Xavier woke up. He sat up a bit dozily and watched the ranger make his way out the door. Hope woke up not much later and got up off of Xavier with a big stretch and yawn. "That was a terrible night!" she exclaimed through another yawn. Maggie awoke at the sound of a horse neighing. She snapped up and looked around to find Woodrow nowhere. She looked out the window, first wrapping her blanket about her, to see whose horse was upset. It was Deets'. He was telling Woodrow something and he wasn't taking it so well. Woodrow gestured for Deets to get off his horse. Deets, the good man he is, did so and watched the Captain ride off. Maggie quickly found a dress from the drawer and put it on. She pinned her hair up sloppily and rushed downstairs. Deets was talking with Xavier about the problem before he spotted her. He greeted her with a wild grin, "Good mornin', Miss Maggie." Maggie smiled back and walked over to them. "What was all that commotion about?" Deets became suddenly quiet. He looked down at his shoes, but realizing the bad manners, met Maggie's eyes. "Some Kyowas came 'cross the boarder last night and Mr. Gus went after 'em. I tried to stop him, but he was already in Mexico by then." Maggie giggled to hide her worries, "I'm not surprised. Ol' Gus running off for more adventure. Nothin' happens here around here in Lonesome Dove." Hope laughed as she swallowed her breakfast, "I wouldn't be sayin' that if I were you."

There you go, I picked a good adventure for Maggie to go on to prove her love and how she would die in the end. Terribly sad, I hate nasty endings, but at least I know where to take off and end. You see, in the series, they never showed Maggie or told what she died from so, I'm just improvising. I suppose she either died from a STD (and I'm not joking) or she was shot or just old. But I doubt that because if you notice that whenever Gus or Woodrow remove their hats, they have streaks of dark brown down the middle of their scalp, so they're not that old in the series anyway. I'm not going to write from another week or so (it's July 24 today). No one's really commented so, I guess you don't mind!