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I Dare You

The ball was in full swing when they finally arrived. Hermione took a deep breath one last time as the doors opened announcing their arrival. The room stood still. They were the picture of Gryffindor. If there were to ever be a king and queen again it would have been them. They radiated elegance and a timeless grace. Her beauty magnified by the sweeping dress and royal jewels, him looking every bit the perfect gentleman. Walking towards the table where Ron had saved them seats.

"I began to think you found something better to do" he teased.

"No, I just had to get Mi to accept my gift."

Lavender gasped before he could answer, "Oh Merlin! Where in Circe did you get that?" All the girls edged closer to get a look at Hermione's necklace.

"It was Harry's mum's."

"Is it real?"

"Are those rubies or garnets?"

"You still want to claim you aren't shagging him?"

"GINNY! I can't believe you just said that…I told you no, I'm not shagging Harry. I want to wait until I'm married."

"I can't see why he would give you that if you weren't shagging him or he was proposing." With this the crowd of friends spread out as a good dance number played. Hermione stared at Ginny. "Has he…proposed?"

"Ginny you would be the first to know if he did but…"
"Excuse me Gin Gin but Mi will you dance with me?" Harry leaned into ask. "It's been awhile since we've had the chance."

Hermione nodded as Ginny joked, "Just watch how heated it gets, I think everyone is hoping to see a show like you did at the club!" They laughed as they took the dance floor.

"So did you know that Blaise's band was playing tonight?"

"Yes, they're good aren't they?"

"Incredible – who knew?"

"Just wait…you haven't seen anything yet!" she smiled like the devil.

"What do you know?"

"Only what I have helped with." She leaned into his shoulder as the song slowed. "I miss dancing with you."

"Remember fourth year? I was hopeless, Pavarti had to lead. I guess that changed. Never thought I would love dancing, or that Ron would be good at it." He said pointing to Ron gracefully guiding Lavender around the floor. "Did you know she was his date?"

"Never said anything to me? Did Ginny come by herself?"

"I think so." He grinned mischievously as the song changed tempo. "Can you dance, I mean really dance in that?"

Wickedly she answered, "You think I would risk not dancing with you? Prove that you do belong on the dance floor after our friends decided to tell everyone about the club?" He stood in shock as she walked over to the table. To everyone's astonishment the brocade skirt on Hermione's dress came off to reveal the cream satin hanging straight to her curves. The males were quick to notice the two very high slits cut into each side of the dress allowing room for her to move. "Good enough?"

Harry could only nod as he grabbed her hips pulling them close to his as the beat started to pump. In perfect sync their hips grinded and twisted and rolled against one another. Turning in each other arms or separating long enough to show off a move or two. Soon they were lost in the rhythm, many stopping to notice the change in the two former best friends.

"Who knew she had this body?"

"Who knew she knew how to move it like that?"

"Anyone else want to shag Granger as much as I do right now?"

"I'd rather shag him thanks."

The comments continued throughout the night by all except their friends, especially when Hermione stepped back and on cue with a drum beat dropped all the way down and instantly came up rolling her body forwards and then turning to place her back to Harry's chest. Lavender barely controlled her laughter when she noticed a few Slytherin males "growing" with affection for Hermione's dancing and good looks.

"Lavender you are so bad."

"I can't help it Ginny…look at them. All dopey eyed and trying to hide their arousals. You have to admit, they're hot together."

"This has nothing on their performance at the club Lav…" Lavender looked at her with concern.

"What is it Ginny?"

"That was the night Dean told me he loved me."

Half way thru the ball Hermione walked over to Ginny. "I think you should come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"Closer to the stage."


"Because…I think you should be closer for this."

The band paused after the last note played. Blaise stepped forward, "Please bare with me on this next song. I recently discovered an amazing song writer here at Hogwarts who has helped me with this next piece. I hope you enjoy it."

Harry leaned into whisper into Hermione's ear, "Is this why you have been sneaking off for hours each week?" She nodded while gesturing for him to keep quiet. She glanced at Ron and then to Ginny as the song began.

Welcome to the planet

Welcome to existence

Everyone's here, everyone's here

Everybody's watching you now

Everybody waits for you now

What happens next?

What happens next?

Blaise began to walk down the steps of the stage. His eyes never leaving his point of destination since the music began. His look was determined, enduring, and very sexy; even Hermione had to give him that. As the course began Ginny realized who he was approaching and nearly panicked. Hermione simply touched her elbow in support.

I dare you to move, I dare you to move

I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor

I dare you to move, I dare you to move

Like today never happened

Today never happened before

As he questioned her and seeing her reply was fear the beat changed to a dramatic rhythm, every note mimicking his emotions.

Welcome to the fallout

Welcome to resistance

The tension is here, the tension is here

He took her hand in his while captivating her eyes.

Between who you are and who you could be

Between how it is and how it should be

Ron gently placed a hand on Seamus chest. He may not trust the Slytherin but even he could see it. There was something in his eyes, something in his expression, and more importantly something in Ginny's.

I dare you to move, I dare you to move

I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor

I dare you to move, I dare you to move

Like today never happened

Today never happened before

He began to walk backwards, slowly guiding her with him as the students watched in amazement. Slowly coaxing her to follow him to the stage but never leaving her gaze. Slowly he smirked like he was trying to make his point.

Maybe redemption has stories to tell

Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell

Where can you run to escape from yourself?

Slowly he dropped her hand as if testing her, seeing if she would run or if he had finally gotten her to listen.

Where you gonna go?

Where you gonna go?

Bringing his left arm out to his side and then into his chest covering his heart. He finally dropped her gaze and closed his eyes. He had asked his question and made his point.

Salvation is here

With one last glance he looked at her face; a challenge in his eyes. This was it, if he had learned nothing else about Ginny it was her nature to fight, to rise to the challenge and he was here, laying his cards out to her in front of half of Hogwarts. Taking one final breath, he belted the chorus one last time as he slowly began to walk backwards away from her.

I dare you to move, I dare you to move

I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor

I dare you to move, I dare you to move

Like today never happened

Today never happened

Today never happened

Today never happened


As the song ended Blaise set down his microphone never breaking eye contact. His heart was racing as the drummer stepped forward to announce a small break. With abated breath the crowd, and Blaise, waited. His eyes closed in despair as she turned and ran out of the Great Hall, her foot steps echoing. It was only then that the noise level rose to an all time high. Slytherins were shocked at this display, Gryffindors were angry that he had placed her in the position. Seamus was angry about it on account of Dean, only four were silent. Ron hung his head at Ginny's misery and confusion, Hermione constantly looking between Blaise and the door in worry and Harry who watched Hermione and Ron.

"Go take care of Blaise; Ron and I will take care of Gin" Harry whispered quietly as she slowly stepped away dropping his hand.

Blaise barely remembered the rest of the night though Hermione stayed by his side for most of it. Many asked about the song and who wrote it. He replied that Hermione had, answering allowed some of the attention to be removed from him. His voice was distant and preoccupied; his eyes never leaving the door in hopes of her return. As the ball ended Harry pulled Hermione aside, "Let's go somewhere, anywhere…I just want to finish this night with you and no more distractions."

He led her out the big oak doors into the cool night air.

"The song was incredible."

"Thanks, I just wish it had done what he wanted it too. Do you ever wonder what would have happened if I hadn't of kissed you back?"

"No, I'm too busy being happy you did. Why? Do you regret it?"

"No, I just wonder what would've happened if you hadn't of kissed me. I wonder if we would still be together. I don't think I would have the courage to confront you like Blaise just did."

"It's good thing then because I don't know how long I would have been stupid and not noticed. There was just something about you that day that made it all fall together. The way I felt when I woke up and saw your face in the hospital, the way you reacted to the news Remus had about being my guardian, the way I saw you. I remember noticing for the first time you scent…vanilla. It was when you hugged me in the hospital. But that day…in your room…you were so excited and doing that little bounce you get when you know something and can't wait to tell…I just knew. I had to kiss you no matter what." He brushed a curl from the corner of her eye.

"I'm glad you did. For me it was when you looked at me when I let it slip that I had used magic. But I think it's always been the way you look at me…your eyes, they always tell me what I need to know." She spoke softly as they stared into the others face.

"I love you Mi."

"I know…I love you too."

"Come on, I want to end this night perfectly." Before she could ask Harry's Firebolt flew into his awaiting hand. "Mi Lady?"

"Good sir." She sat sideways due to her dress as she entwined her fingers behind his back placing a kiss on his neck.

"Keep that up and the night won't end the way I want it to."

"And what ending is that?"

"The perfect one."

Slowly he steered the Firebolt around Hogwarts. They stared at the stars taking turns to point out different constellations. Harry took a moment after finding Sirius.

"Mi, do you still see the same dream about your life?"

"I still see you there if that is what you mean. Is something wrong?"

Shaking his head no, "I just…Hermione you are everything to me…and…did you really understand what I meant when I asked you to take my mum's necklace?"

Hermione drew a deep breath. Is he about to do what I think he is? Do I want him too? "I thought I did…if you want it back I'll understand." She said cautiously.

"NO! I…there's…I'm messing this all up! There's a lot of this jewelry and Moony told me it has been passed down for generations and well…I want to be able to pass it to you. If you want it?"

"What are you asking me Harry?"

"If I were to…you know…would you say yes?"

Her heart was racing, her breathing becoming heavy. "Are you…asking? I told you my answer would be yes whenever you asked…"

"What if it I asked now? We still have a year of school; we're young according to muggles. What would your parents say? We didn't grow up like the Weasleys where you are expected to marry soon after graduating. Which one is right? Should we be thinking about all of this or waiting. What are we going to do after Hogwarts…if I'm even still here," he added quietly.

"I think we should do what feels right for us. What do you want Harry?"

"I want you!"

"Then I'm yours…I go to sleep at night wondering if I am ever going to get to get married and have a family. I think that every time we face Voldemort will be the last, one way or the other. I'm scared you won't be there, where ever there is. What I want is to graduate Hogwarts and become an auror or chemist…maybe an unspeakable but I'm not really sure what they do since well…they're unspeakable. But what I want most is you…what we talked about that night in your room. I want the chance to be with you, really be with you. I want to take away all the pain left from your childhood, make you forget. I want to make your dreams come true. I want you to want me…"

"I do…I want all of that and I want a family of my own. I want to be the kind of parent mine never got the chance to be. I want it with you Mi…all of it. Tradition, family, holidays and children. I want to see more of my mum's jewelry on you and to live in my parent's house. I want to live Mi…what if I never get that chance?"

"Please stop…I can't…" tears fell as she thought of what he was thinking. He tried to wipe her tears but they kept coming, so he held her tight and gently lowered the broom to the ground as he softly begged her to stop crying.

"Shhh, I hate seeing you cry, please stop. I didn't mean to…"

Lifting her head slightly she asked in a whisper, "Are you asking me Harry…are you asking me too marry you?"

"Would it be horrible if I did?"

"No…as long as you ask because you want to be married to me and not because you think you won't live."

"What if I did for both reasons?"

"Then I would have to reconsider my answer, I only want you to ask me for one reason, you love me. So are you asking?"

"What about our ages?"

"Everyone said it this summer so I will say it now, when did we ever get to be just kids? Age isn't important to me Harry, maturity is and you have proven that time and time again. I love you. Now, are you asking me to marry you?"

"No, not right now…not on a night like this because I want everything to be perfect when I do." Hermione hugged him without saying a word. "Mi, are you upset that I didn't?"

"I'm not sure…I thought…I don't what I thought." Tilting her chin he kissed her sweetly and caringly.

"I will that is one promise I can keep. I will ask you Hermione, but only when the time is right. If you ever doubt that, then look at this necklace." He fingered her neck softly, "Would I give something of my mum's to anyone?" shaking her head no she brought his lips to hers deciding to make the rest of the night incredible.

"Mate, are you even listening?"

"Huh…I'm sorry what?"

"Have you gone barmy? I was telling you about the newest broom." Ron followed Harry's stare. Chuckling he waved his hand in front of Harry's face, "What's so fascinating?" Ron knew but still wanted to take the micky out of him.

"N-nothing…just watching." He was watching Hermione talk to Ginny but it was the way she was sucking on a strawberry while she did it; her lips softly sucking on the fruit and then her tongue darting out to lick up any remaining juice; her fingers rotating tentatively around the fruit to get a better grip. One lucky strawberry. He vaguely heard Ron laughing as tiny beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He wasn't aware of anything around him but her mouth and the way it worked on that strawberry until Ron grabbed out of Hermione's hand.

"What was that for?" Ginny and Hermione gasped.

"You're killing the poor boy, have mercy!"

"What are you one about?" Harry was growing redder the more questions Ginny asked. Hermione watched his face willing him to look at her. When he did she locked her gaze with his. Smiling wickedly knowing that he was remembering last night, slowly he smiled at her. "Um guys, I think Hermione and I are going to start packing…you know busy day tomorrow with leaving and all, try not to kill each other." Taking her hand they both left the Great hall quickly leaving two confused Weasleys behind.

The moment they were up the stairs Hermione found herself slammed up against the wall with his lips on her neck. "Did you enjoy that? Torturing me the way you were sucking on that strawberry?" He gently nipped her skin, his breath causing chill to rise up on her skin, her legs turning to rubber. "Do you know how much I wanted to be a fruit just now?"

"I c-could do that…change you into a fruit I mean." Her voice was growing shaky as his fingers danced up and down around her belly ring, giving it the occasional tug when he sucked on the spot below her ear. "We need to get out of the hall Harry…someone could see."

"After last night I don't care," he replied before claiming her mouth as his own playground. The temperature was rising quickly as her hands began to rub him thru his jeans. Parting her legs with his knee he moved his hands slowly to her breast. Their kisses growing hungrier, breathing more labored; hair messier from the other running their fingers thru it or grabbing in desperation. He didn't know when but he soon realized Hermione moving up and down on his thigh seeking as much friction as possible. "Dorm…now!" she didn't even answer as he bent down to grab their bags as she sprinted up the stairs unaware of the curious glances and a few snickers from peers.

Thankfully the common room was empty; upon crossing the portrait Harry lifted Hermione up supporting her under her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her back hit the wall roughly half way up the boy's staircase as he began to attack her, ravishing every inch of skin from ear to breasts. Both were moaning. "Five steps…door..." Was all Hermione could say to urge him to move fearing he would stop the wonderful sensation.

Kicking the door closed he dropped her to her feet to remove her shirt. Neither could get clothes off fast enough. Skin to skin, that's what he wanted. Last night had been amazing and he wanted more, no he needed more. He needed her. Desperately. New things were happening as their magic's collided in waves of desire. Streaks of fire sped around the room like out of control rockets. A similar effect happened last night halting their urge to give in. This morning they went unnoticed thanks to a strawberry. Finally hitting her knees against the edge of the bed Harry pushed her on it and dropped to his knees quickly ridding her of her remaining garments, imitating her actions with the strawberry. "Harry…need you. Now." He replied by shaking his head no never missing a stroke. Her shouts became more as he added a finger in addition to his swirling tongue, pumping it in and out, draping an arm across her hips to keep from getting hurt as she rode his mouth. As they fell towards their urges instead of stopping like they should a blue flame sprang up along the farthest wall. She was pulling him in between her thighs and stroking him while playing with his balls. Sweat rubbing between their bodies as he tried to hold out long enough to make their first time perfect. He wanted her, needed her with his very soul. He craved her skin, her taste. "I need you Mi, I need to be in you, need to show you…how much I love you. Please…"

"Yes Harry, yes!"

"Are you sure" he asked while searching her eyes. "I thought…"

"I don't want to wait Harry…It maybe how much I love you or our powers drawing us in faster than normal or I could just need you…I don't want to wait, not anymore. I know you'll ask me, and it will be perfect but this…I want this! I want this now." She said panting. "Please Harry, claim me as yours…"

He did just that by smashing his lips onto hers; his hand slipping between them as she waved her hand performing simple silencing, locking and protection charms. I can't breathe. What if I screw up? Can I screw up? I can't remember what all Remus told me…the book, need to remember the book. She could hurt,I have to go slow…I don't want to go slow. I can't believe this is happening, she's going to let me have sex with her. No more waiting…

"HARRY! HARRY ARE YOU IN HERE? YOU HAVE TO COME WITH ME NOW!" Hermione and Harry both went limp as the door banged open vanishing all flames as Neville's voice rang out in panic.

"Neville, what is it?" he asked keeping his arms around Hermione as she fought to keep quiet.

"Harry? Is…oh never mind but I need you to come now." Trying to, Harry thought. "It's Ginny…" with this both Hermione and Harry peeked out of the curtains. "Oh…sorry, didn't know Hermione was with you, umm…"

"What is it Neville? What's wrong?"

"Ginny's missing."

Twelve hours. Twelve hours and no sign of Ginny. The group had gathered in the Antler room off the Great hall. The Weasleys arrived one by one begging for the latest update.

"No one saw her last night after the ball? How? How could that be? She had to go to sleep right?" Molly asked.

"Mrs. Weasley," Hermione approached cautiously from the back of the room, "Ginny - well Ginny doesn't always come back. I found out earlier this year that it's not uncommon for her to be gone all night. Her roommates only noticed when she didn't come down to breakfast."


"Now Molly…"


"She was with me." You could cut thru the tension in the air as Blaise Zabini stepped out of the shadows.


"It's not what it seems. We talk; we both were hurting after losing someone close to us in the battle of Hogsmeade."

"All night? What would you need to talk about all night?" Bill asked with fury in his voice.

"That's my sister!" Charlie raged.

"If you would let me explain."

"There's nothing to explain! You're a Slytherin!"

"He's in the DA and as of last year a member of the Order." Not a word was spoken, not even from the trio.

"How?" asked Harry. "You wouldn't even let us join until this summer."

"The Zabini's have many connections. It seems the future of Death Eaters recruited Blaise to infiltrate the DA. What they didn't know is we were already having him infiltrate them. Did you think I would really let them come here without knowing their intentions?" Dumbledore answered with a twinkle in his eye.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Hermione asked not sure who she was asking.

"I couldn't tell you. If it is any comfort Ginny knew. She figured it out when I was always gone at the same time that Headmaster was having a confidential meeting with certain Order members. She's in danger. I came here to tell you that she was taken. My cover was blown in Hogsmeade but that doesn't stop the Slytherin house from talking. I heard enough of the right people bragging about their accomplishments to carry out orders from Voldemort. He has wanted her since her first year."

"Oh Merlin…" Molly collapsed.

Thirty minutes later when Molly came to a plan of action was being discussed. He had spoken privately to the Weasley men reassuring them his intentions were honorable and was now telling everything he had learned about Voldemort and his Death Eaters. No one noticed Harry in the corner…his anger growing more prominent with each second.

"Harry? You have to talk to me."

"Not now Mi…"

"If this is about Professor Dumbledore…"

"Are you defending him?" Harry seethed.

"NO! How can you ask me that? I have never, EVER betrayed your feelings. How could you think that now?"

"He lied. He kept more secrets, played more games…now Ginny is paying for it."

"Harry, none of us knew. We'll find her." Placing her arms around his neck she slowly felt his anger ebbing away. "You couldn't have stopped this Harry. We didn't know she was a target. They need you Harry, the Weasleys have been your family since we were eleven, we both know they can't rescue her without you."

"So it comes to this? Is this the time Mi?" his face showed confusion and worry.

"I don't know."

It took three additional hours until a plan was devised and ready to carry out. The entire Order would head to Little Hangleton accompanied by aurors and Ministry workers. One chance; an all out battle for good with one plan, one diversion…Harry battling Voldermort.

As the group organized to leave Hermione was led out of the Hall by Harry.

"Don't look at me that way Harry…I can't take it. I know what you are thinking."

"Mi" he placed his hands on her neck, his thumbs brushing the tears away "I need…I need you to know that I love you. Merlin I love you…"

"NO! STOP IT! NO..." screaming as she pounded his chest with her fists.

"Yes, you need to hear this. I love you and if – if something h-happens…"

"Harry please…" her knees giving in as the tears flooded her face, her voice choked with sorrow.

Hanging on to her with everything he had Harry held her close, fighting his own tears. Stroking her hair he whispered in her ear. "Everything I have is y-y-yours. It's enough f-f-for your family and the Weasleys to never worry about a-anything again. D-d-obby and W-winky have promised to look after you if – if I…" her cries echoed thru the corridors grabbing the attention of everyone in the Antler room.

Ron was trying his hardest to control his own emotions, "I-I'll go."

What he saw he would never forget. Harry clutched Hermione; fighting to not break himself as he held her limp form; her cries ripping out your heart as she begged him not to go. Pleading that if he loved her he would not leave her. Ron found his own face wet from his grief and fears. Harry's eyes pleaded for him to take her.

"You come back to her Mate."

"We'll come back together – with Ginny." Ron nodded as he stared at his best friend. "Ron…I told Mi…"

"Don't! We have to save my sister and we will do it like we always have…together. You just promise me that you will finish him – once and for all."

"Try my best. Take care of you."

"Take care of you." With this Ron slipped his arm behind Hermione's knee and scooped her up.

"I love you Mi…you're my everything!" with this he kissed her forehead tenderly, taking a deep breath he walked away prepared to face his destiny.

Ginny huddled in a dark corner as Voldermort addressed her. "Why fear me, have we not met before? Did you not trust me to tell me your deepest secrets?"

"I loath you!"

"Ah, but I am intrigued by you. You have such radiance in a fight. Your power has grown beyond my dreams. I see you as an alliance, a kindred spirit."

"Leave me alone!"

"My fascination seems to not be returned. Disappointing to say the least. I am prepared to offer you a place in my inner circle, a place beside me for eternity. There is something about you that I find enduring despite what my followers tell me. Yes, you will stand beside me or I will break you."

"NEVER! You snake…"

"Tsk tsk, is that anyway to speak to your Master?"

"I will never follow you!"

"But you already have my dear. You followed me when you were young and trusting and you will follow me again or I will slit your throat." She cried as the door slammed shut.

"Hurry Harry…hurry and save me one- more- time."

Harry eyed Dumbledore as he entered the Antler room, soon followed by Ron.

With a look of worry Ron reassured him of her safety. "She's with Dobby mate." With a nod from Dumbledore they all apparated to the predetermined coordinate. What awaited them was a site like no other; an army of Death Eaters. Bill and Blaide nodded as they left to find Ginny as the biggest battle of all broke loose. With one final look at a glance at the top of the hill he raged into battle with wand and sword in hand. Slicing, hexing, and cursing his way towards Voldemort who stood watching on top of the hill. He dodged a curse by Bellatrix. His brow was sweating and bodies began to fall all around him as he made his way thru the crowd. Screams and shouts could be heard. Lights raged in the sky as good fought evil. Plunging his sword deep into the gut of another Death Eater Harry advanced closer to his goal, Dumbledore blocking the jets of green light aimed towards Harry. He glanced around seeing Neville and Ron in a heated battle between them and Bellatrix. With more strength than he had ever known he forged forward; as fast as the wind, as strong as any force of nature known. He was tired and the sky was darkening around him. He was closer, his scar was on fire and his thoughts of Hermione kept him going. He had scraps and cuts that soaked his clothes with blood. Several aurors had already fallen. Many losing sight of hope.

Hermione opened her eyes to peer into the face of Dobby. "He's left hasn't he?"

"Yes Mistress Hermione. Dobby will look after Master Harry Potter's heart."

"Dobby, do you want to keep Master Harry safe?"

"Oh yes Mistress Hermione, Dobby think Master Harry Potter is a great wizard and friend."

"Then I need you to do something for me, can you do that?" with this Dobby stepped closer to hear Hermione's instructions.

As the final rays of sunset and hope was failing the side of good a vision appeared on the battle field. Hermione, the DA, and most of the Hogwarts house elves. Harry turned pulling his sword out of another Death Eater and firing a Reducto curse at another. Hermione. He felt her presence. Taking one last glance he looked into her eyes across the battlefield. Gathering his power from the wind he sent his thoughts to her. "I love you."

"And I love you…go, we have this. Do what you need to do."

At hearing her voice his vigor was renewed. She watched amazed at his speed and the power Dumbledore was radiating as he helped Harry clear a path to his destiny. Immediately upon her nod the DA sprang into action. House elves raised their fingers and let forth their power creating a shield for the students of Hogwarts. Dobby looked for Ginny, never taking his sight off Hermione too long. He had made a promise he planed to keep; to keep her safe. As the DA renewed hope for the remaining aurors, Ministry workers, and the Order the Death Eaters numbers began to fall. As Harry reached the bottom of the hill he heard Voldemort laughter ring out. Seeing a movement in the shadows Dobby turned in time to throw up a shield blocking Bill from harm as Blaise cradled Ginny in his arms. Winky popped over to them, "I take you to Master Harry's." and with this they disappeared leaving only prayers for the remaining friends and family.

"So you throttled my plans again young Harry…or should I say Mage Harry?" Harry held his gaze. "It seems as though it always comes down to us. Why is that?"

"You tell me?"

"I think you know. I think you know the prophecy. Why don't you share it?"

"Haven't you heard it? Isn't that why you came after me in the beginning?"

"Some…has the old man still naught taught you manners? Do you remember the lesson in manners I gave you two years ago here in this very yard? I see by your face you do? What was the chap's name?"


"Ah, yes…he died so easily. That hurt didn't it?" Harry still stared as they walked around one another. "Answer me boy!"


"So, you do speak. Tell me…how much more will it hurt when I kill her? The mudblood?"




Jets of flight took the air between them. Harry dodged and rolled; arrows shooting out of his wand. Easily blocking the curse Voldemort taunted. "We both know that won't work. It seems you have also lost the element of surprise. I remember the sword. My Death Eaters have done well with them haven't they?" Harry looked at the scene below them, many bodies lay bleeding. The two continued to fire curse after curse as their swords rang out into the night. Harry shuddered as the blade sliced his arm leaving him exposed. "Crucio!" Harry's body jerked in pain; his scar ripping open. He thought of his parents, Sirius and his friends. Slowly he separated the pain in his body from his mind. He stood slowly, panting as he brought his sword across the back of Voldemort's thighs. Kicking out he added another blow to Voldedmort's chest. Spinning to plant his elbow in the direct line of his opponent's nose he was stopped as Voldemort blocked him. The two continued to fight. "You have improved greatly…the reward for killing you will be that much greater."

"Must you always talk Tom?"

"Sersortia." Harry moved quickly away from the angry reptile shooting out of his opponent's wand. Litening as Voldemort began to speak. "HASSSIENSSSTASSSA ISSSHLASSSMIC MOSSSTESSSIPORTSSS."

Harry diced quickly as Nagini joined with the conjured snake growing twice the normal size. Thankfully he knew how to answer. "Mysssicsskinss, sssssapsssitrsssss." The snake looked confused not knowing who was their master. As Voldemort's anger grew at the disobedience of Nagini, Harry used that time to switch wands. At the small movement Voldemort replied, "Expillarmus." They watched as Harry's wand flew into the enemy's hand. "I guess we won't have to worry about that testy golden cage like last time will we?"

Harry felt Ron and Hermione's presence grow closer as the wind picked up. The earth began to rattle as Harry built the energy up into his hands. "A'NEKH TEWET!" Everyone watched as mass of energy shot out of the wand heading straight for Voldemort.

"PROTEGO" cried Voldemort just as the curse hit the shield causing a deafening boom to reign over the night. His laughter hissing into the cool air. The curses continued to fly with neither side gaining or losing their edge. Harry was tiring fast and did not know how fortunate he was, every time Voldemort would place a strong shield around the two the house elves would bring them down with their magic forcing him to use more of his physical abilities. Rolling to late Harry was hit with another Crucio.

It was then Hermione was able to reach him when she gasped. Thru her mind he saw Voldemort taking aim with Harry's wand at an unsuspecting person. Harry and Hermione both screamed as the green light hit Isabella directly in the head. A golden light surrounded her like a phoenix song forcing those near by to halt in battle. Every loved one could privately hear her words of encouragement and love.

"Harry you can do this. Follow your heart and it will lead you to your power. Trust in your self. Take care of him for me, his decision may not always be right but his heart guides him. He needs you more than you know. Take care of her as well, she was like a daughter to me. I see good things for the two of you, you will be the greatest love ever known. Cherish it. I will always be with you."

"My darling Hermione. Do not weep for me; I am finally free of my pain. You take care of your heart and he will give you everything he has. Your love is the power he needs. Live your dreams Hermione, this power was given to you for a reason. I will always be with you my child."

"Sweet Luna, you have come far. Continue to guide those that need help. Your laughter will carry you thru the dark times. Take care dear one."

"Neville, you have become so strong. Your parents are watching over you each and everyday. May you never forget that. Your loyalty is your strength, embrace it and enjoy your life. Good things will come to you."

"Ron, you made my days brighter. Continue to watch over them and love them. They are your family and need you more than you might think. The Golden Trio is unbreakable."

Miles away Blaise felt peace and calm wash over Ginny. "Keep safe my little one. You have danger in your future. Allow yourself to live, he will not fail you. Trust in him and peace will be restored to your troubled heart"

"Believe you deserve love my dear friend. Once again fate has brought you a family. She gives you her heart…treasure it. Harry needs you, he may not seem to but he puts his trust in you. Do not fail him now. Embrace this chance for true happiness, it is given freely. Good bye old friend."

"My dearest Alastor…do not shed tears for me, I am in no pain and my heart loves again freely. Thank you for your bravery, loyalty and devotion. I could not ask for a better protector. Do not fret, you did your job well and I will never forget your sacrifice. Keep him safe dear brother for you were my family when I had none."

"My dearest love…do not weep for me there are more important things left for you to do. Do what must be done, I will wait for us to take the next great adventure together. I will be in the rain and in the sun and in your eyes at everything you see and feel. My life may be taken but my soul lives in your heart. When it is time, we will be together at last. All my love."

Ron and Dobby held Hermione into their crouched position as she cried for her mentor and friend. Dumbledore was too busy fighting to see, but something told the young apprentices' that he too felt and heard it. Suddenly his anger raged into a power that was blinding to see. The earth shook and lightening streaked across the sky followed by booming thunder. Rain poured down soaking everything around them.

As the invisible force was lifted at the last of her words Harry channeling all his energy sprung up, his chest heaving.

"No more Tom…I will kill you." Harry said with determination. "With my bare hands if I have to."

"Speaking of hands…do you know what silver does to werewolves?" Harry panicked, taking his eyes off Voldemort to find Remus. He saw him in a battle to death with Peter Pettigrew as his silver hand wrapped around Remus's throat. Remus struggling to free himself as the poison slowly merged with his blood. Dobby flung Wormtail across the field freeing Remus with a snap of his fingers. Voldemort quickly grabbed Harry placing his sword against his throat. "Feelings only distract you. Join me…I'll even let you have the mudblood…after my other followers are finished with her. She is smart and so pretty for such filth."

Hermione stood transfixed on top of the hill. Harry's eyes found hers as he shook with fear. Slowly turning his blade in his hand.

"I love you Harry."

Hearing the voice of an angel Harry shoved the blade of Godric Gryffindor into the stomach of Voldemort, the last heir to Salazar Slytherin, screaming "EXPECTO PARTONUM!" A light filled the grounds of the Riddle mansion in Little Hangleton as Harry used the sword like a wand. Voldemort loosened his hold on Harry to grab at the sword as Harry twisted it further into him. Death Eaters grabbed their arms in agonizing pain and began apparating away. Harry dropped to his knees as he watched Dumbledore gather Isabella's broken body in his arms as Hermione and the Order gathered the lost and injured. "This isn't over Potter" he spat. "I will kill you and everything you love." quickly apparating away. Reflections in an emerald eye shown his nemesis vacated spot as he spoke; "Go ahead…I dare you."