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'Hm," Kagome thought, as she took a quick look around the room. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just a regular-sized bedroom with a regular bed and regular colored walls. White. The room looked as it was used for: a spare room, devoid of any emotion or personality. Regardless or how much the room needed to be refurbished, she did need to begin cleaning it; her brand new job paying $500 a week depended on it.

"Well let's get started, shall we?"

Suddenly bustling with joie de vivre, better known as 'exuberance,' she swept to cleaning with vigor, determined to make the best of her new position. She hummed a song from her childhood while sweeping the floor, all the while smiling as though surrounded by flowers and butterflies (things she happened to like.) Also smiling, she swept her hair back into a flowing pony-tail and practically skipped to the connected bathroom for a bucket and sponge for the mopping.

Walking back into the room however, she felt as though someone had just been in there; a powerful presence that had been restricted for far too long. The bedcovers fluttered in a slight breeze. Grinning, she strolled over to the window to shut it, but her grin faded when she realized that the window was closed.

Not to be put out by a simple breeze, she shrugged, grabbed the bucket and sponge again, and began the task of scrubbing the wooden floors.

Inuyasha panted as quietly as he could behind the oak door. In merely half a second, he had hauled himself across the room and ducked behind the opening door before the new cleaning lady saw him.

But she didn't seem to be seeing anything.

Her otherwise beautiful face contorting into a grimace of distaste for the interior decorator, she critiqued the room in her thoughts. Unimpressed eyes scanned over his bedroom; the bed, white walls, and old hard-wood flooring, under which a particularly loose floorboard hid his most private treasures. The ones Sesshomaru hadn't found.

"Well let's get started, shall we?"

Inuyasha immediately tensed, confusing her self-motivation as an order for him to follow, before he once again relaxed against the bare wall behind the door. This could take awhile.

Suddenly however, his fuzzy ears pricked up at the sound of quiet humming. He had heard that song before. That same song… Barraging through his mind and finding no explanation for the phantom remembrance, he relaxed once more to the gentle humming of the entrancing woman before him.

She was smiling.

Actually, she was smiling a lot. Was this woman on Vicodin? Never before had Inuyasha seen someone who looked this beautiful with a smile one than her, and he had the most intense feeling to protect it; to never let the smile fade… She reminded him of Mother.

That thought sent the already feeble beginnings of a grin off his face. He never thought of Mother. It hurt too much… Sometimes he would feel guilty for pushing the memory of her out of his mind, but surely Mother would understand. It was just too painful to handle his "punishments" from his elder half-brother and the memory of his late Mother's death. But this new girl did look so much like his Mother Dearest. The flowing ebony locks, big, soulful eyes, and they both permeated an aura of warmth and compassion. Compassion his brother seems to be lacking.

He watched as in a relaxed trance as she swept her already silky locks into a cute and bouncy pony-tail, something Inu hadn't seen since he'd spied on the grade-schooler girls that rode the bus that stopped in front of his brother's home from the attic window. Watching them, he was able to, no matter how silly, imagine a time when all he cared about were bouncy balls, and when the next "X-Men" cartoon was going to be on. A time before leather belts and hot stoves to burn things like a small child's hands…

The young maid going into the bathroom for more supplies presented Inuyasha with his only chance of a safe escape. In the short time it took for the girl to walk into the bathroom and exit with a sponge and bucket, he had pushed off from the wall and willed himself extra speed to dash past before he was noticed. Then, seeing salvation in his musty bed, ducked under the used box spring and tucked himself out of sight under the bed.

She was never the wiser.

In fact, the only proof of his scenery change was the softly billowing bedspread he had upset when ducking under it, and a mysterious breeze. The girl however, seemed to notice this, at least subconsciously, as she shivered slightly, and went to the window to shut it, only to discover to her dismay that it was already closed.

Unfortunately for Inuyasha, the young maid didn't give up that easy, and began to scrub the floors once more with renewed vigor. Also too bad for Inu, the small, cramped space beneath the bed was littered with the vile villains by the name of dust bunnies, and with his curse of incredibly keen scent, every breath in took carried horrid poison into his nose.

Fireflies began to swim in and out of Inuyasha's vision. No, they were firefly negatives; small black dots in a sea of color, but either way, they began to take over everything he could see.

Somewhere to his left he heard an intake of breath, followed by an astonished, "What the-?"

Quickly forgetting the strange occurrence involving the closed window's mysterious breeze, Kag hopped to work, scrubbing the surprisingly little amount of dust off the hardwood floors in wide, sweeping strokes of the sponge. Cleaning for her neat-freak mother had taught her to rinse the sponge after every three strokes to ensure cleanliness, and to not miss anywhere. But her mother was not strict in the slightest. In fact, while most mothers would be appalled by the very thought of their daughters going to a rock concert, Mrs. Higurashi trusted her daughter enough to know right from wrong, and to always do what was right. That didn't mean she wasn't slightly worried though….

Getting closer to the bed, she spotted something that definitely shouldn't have been there if her new boss' story was true about this being a guest room. Reaching forward, tentatively, she touched the slight outline.

"What the-?"

The handprint was relatively small, only centimeters larger than her own, and judging by the way the smug from the applied heat pressure was quickly evaporating, very fresh.

"What are you doing, you daft girl?"

Spinning around quickly to see her assailant, Kag fell on her bottom, wetting her jeans on the slick floor. Standing tall and regal in the doorway stood Sesshomaru, an angry sneer on his flawless face. In two long strides he was before her, and before she could register what was going on, he was pulling her out of the room by her upper arm.

"It seems no matter how many times I try to act kind to you people, you and your ignorance seems to always muck things up." The usually suave baritone was hoarsened by his severity. Through the pain in her arm, and the hot tears that were beginning to well up in her eyes, she noticed that he was leading her towards a different room, this one in shades of red.

"This is the room I told you to clean. Do not go back to that last room."

In a room down the hall devoid of any color or special decorations, a young boy took one last look out into the hall where the most beautiful girl had just left, before ascending the wooden stairs into the darkness.

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