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Burning Desire

"Distances and Arousal"

Oh god that dream was wonderful. It was the usual one that I had after almost every performance. I would be there, probably at his house, and we'd be fucking all over the place. This time, I had him in the shower. Thinking about the way he screamed out my name as he quaked into an orgasm made my arousal start to awake all over again as I wiped the sweat from my brow. Now I definitely need to clean myself up.

That guy was always on my mind. Whether it was writing lyrics for the band or just making an omelet, my mind would drift off to him and I'd have to work it off in the bathroom before I came in my pants. One time I was making rice and I almost burned the house down. I now know that burned rice smells like shit. Normally someone who would get me so hot and bothered would be dripping in sex appeal and had so many partners that they could populate a small island nicely. But this one was different.

It all began at the café where my band and I usually perform. We were playing the audience's favorite song, 'Raven's Scar,' and everyone was singing and swaying to the music as we jammed out. I had to say that I was impressed to see how everyone enjoyed it so much. The song was actually kind of dark, about a cold-hearted bitch that went home to see her husband shot to death and covered in black feathers. Basically, it was a revenge song for my ex-girlfriend Tifa but more on that later.

But as I went to the chorus, it hit me. The most beautiful and enchanting blue eyes I had ever seen were staring right at me! I remembered fumbling with the words and Leon giving me dirty looks as he couldn't sing back up with my mistakes. I ended up getting a serious reprimand for it. The bastard was always just too resentful that I will finish college in a few months while he had dropped out two years ago for his now ex-boyfriend. But back to the story.

The song had gone smoothly after that and we then thanked the audience and went offstage with me still shaken up about what had just occurred. Tidus slapped me on the back and asked me what the hell had happened and I just made the excuse that I had choked and my mouth was getting too dry. I know, I'm bad at excuses.

"What the fuck do you mean 'you choked'? You just drank down two bottles of water before we got on!" I remember him yelling as he smacked me upside the head. I rolled my eyes and stalked off.

"Well fuck you Tidus. I already have to deal with your shit enough as it is," I said. I don't know where that came from but at that time, it made total sense to me. His whole Yuna problem wasn't any of my business to discuss and I knew I needed to apologize after. Right then, I was too pissed to care.

We continued to see him during each and every one of our performances, or rather, I did. The last time I had seen him was two days ago. He was leaning against the bar at the local club Shotzz, where the summer concert was being held. Watching us play our latest song, he did not know that I made it for him, each word carefully written to show my desire to simply take him where he always stood and fuck him senseless, right there for all to see.

You look at me like some broken doll

Some wounded soul I'd like to fuck

And feel you cry as I tear you apart

I'd eat you baby from the inside

His eyes would always be so intense when I sang the words, in my dreams and even in reality. Each look he gave me turned me on even more, making me breathe heavily into the microphone as I continued my song. Sure I was openly lusting over someone that no one truly was able to see but I didn't really care. As long as he saw it, I got what I wanted.

Oh God don't you move

You're that tingle right down here

I seductively slithered a hand down, tracing the mike stand towards the area that was now pressed against my arousal, making the girls scream and swoon. The little bitches probably wished that they were my hand at that particular moment.

One glance from you

Turns saints into rapists

I saw him wince as I moaned out that last line. But I kept on singing, knowing it's true. Whenever I look at him my skin crawls and my body sweats. Hell, I'm sweating now as I slowly rock my hips against the violated mike stand thinking it's him. Currently it felt like heaven.

Oh baby don't move

Don't stop I'm there

Filling you from the inside

I'm gonna disappear

There was a short instrumental by Tidus and I ran my fingers through my long silver hair, grinning lustfully to the crowd, watching the bimbos swoon and cry out my name as if I was their savior.

Oh God don't you move

You're that tingle right down here

One glance from you

Turns saints into rapists


And I'll fuck you like you want me to

I see your lust deep in your eyes

The one that makes me want seize you

And take you like the animal I know you are

Repeating those last four lines until it was nothing but barely intelligible screams, I pulled out the mike and continued to yell as the music hit its climax and then died away, giving the cue for the roaring scream of fangirls.

"Arigato gozaimasu!" I said with a devilish grin as they girls jumped and cheered. I always enjoy using a little bit of my native Japanese here and there. I don't know why but saying a few good words like 'So desu ne?' gets women to take their clothes off and beg to be fucked. I never complained though, I got what I wanted from it all and a lot easier at that too.

Exiting the stage I could hear the announcer for the summer concert say our band name, Judas, and that our CD will be on sale at the café. I really needed to get off so I walked out to the side of the building to try to find the first reasonably hot slut with nice legs. My thought on it all was that women could be ugly and loose as hell but if they had long shapely legs, I'd be cumming every time.

Well, my crowd was waiting and I entered with another of my sexy smirks, mentally thanking my mother for being as sexy as I was. "Oh my God! It's Riku-sama!" yelled some rather nerdy girl with her mouse-brown hair tied up in some awkward ponytails streaked with pepto puke or bubblegum and small circular shades resting on her nose like some kind of bifocals and shit. And her clothes, god damn! Hello, this is a concert for Judas not for some kind of gay ass j-rock fake elegant shit. That kind of visual kei died a decade ago; hate to break it to ya!

Moving her out of my way, I walked past the annoying as hell otaku and greeted the unaware red-head behind her. That was another one of my major turn-ons. Red heads just had that kind of thing about them that made them seem so enchanting, so sexy, and so lusty, even if they were as innocent as a nun. Add the green eyes she had and the long shapely legs that peeked out of the schoolgirl type black skirt that she was wearing and she was heaven sent.

"So, are you a fan?" I asked, resting a hand on the small of her back to get her attention. She turned around and grinned, batting her ever long eyelashes at me.

"So what if I am?"

The pick-up line never failed me and hopefully never will. Placing my lips lightly at her earlobe, I whispered, "Hey, do you wanna go someplace more private?" Thankfully, she took the 'subtle' hint and led me out of the crowd to the outside of the club.

I have to say, fucking in an alleyway is God's gift to man. It ranks up there with being able to piss standing up. Honest to Christ, and I know I shouldn't be saying their names when talking about these things but it was… euphoric. Being the man I am, I enjoy almost everything standing up. We were right there, me fucking her into the brick wall behind the club and ignoring the shocked faces of people who were hurrying down the sidewalk and away from the alley opening.

"Oh Riku you're so good!" I remember her saying again and again. I just grinned and pleasured her until he stiffened into her orgasm and collapsed against me, straining one of her sexy long legs to keep her balance.

Sadly enough, Tidus casually leaned out of the back door to the club and called me back in. Damn bastard, and I was ready for another round with her.

Giving a frustrated groan, I pulled myself out of her, fixed myself up and helped her back into the club, I am a little bit of a gentleman after all.

Back inside, Tidus led me to the side of the stage where the rest of the band was, sipping on some alcohol or eating on the shrimp they 'graciously' provided us. The shit wasn't even deveined and I just can't get over that after watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Just so you know, I don't like that show, it's a piece of shit made for fags to grope men that are normally off-limits. The only reason why I was stuck in that damn torture was because my then girlfriend was a total yaoi freak. She even was trying to pay Leon one-hundred dollars to get him to make out with me. Sick ass bitch.

Back to my little story ne? Well, they were to introduce the next band and supposedly, if rumors were somewhat true, they were our rivals for the slots in the Noir Music Festival. There were very few spots left and, in order to hit big, we needed one of those spots. Noir is a scouter's wet dream and an indie band's as well for that matter. And what they all would wake up with was millions of dollars and t-shirts at Hot Topic with their greedy little faces on them. But I liked the t-shirt idea so I was in. Funny ne?

"And next is Diva le Manx with their latest song, 'Marx is a sex god'!" said the rather hot announcer. He was way too pale for my liking and did look like Kiss with his overly dramatic streaks of eyeliner going down his cheeks but he had a pretty good body. A damn good one at that, nice and thin, his hips nicely detailed by the leather pants he was wearing. A big plus was his wavy jet black hair that rested like Leon's but more… attractively. And, his cold gray eyes were pretty nice too. If he was cleaned up and took off that ridiculously horrible thing called a fishnet shirt and he could be a very fuckable guy.

Now you're probably thinking, 'Hey, you just called the Queer Eye guys fags but you are checking out the announcer! Pot calling the kettle black?' Well, I do think some guys are hot too, I'm bi after all, a staunch conservative's nightmare. Heh, I could fuck their wives and have their brother's cream their pants. Enough with politics, I don't vote. But I am bi but I lean more to the female side. Women just have more positions than men can do, plus they are more flexible. Tough but true.

When the band came up, Tidus laughed loudly, making Leon try to cover up his mouth as Axel smirked at the scene. Looking up, I held by my own laughs to a snicker when I saw what Tidus was so amused about.

"Here come the 'Fags in Black'," I sang to the hysterical blonde. Leon was tickled about it as well, he actually… chuckled! Holy shit, that meant that they look really ridiculous!

The man I guessed was the vocalist was a little toned down in comparison to everyone else. His obviously dyed black hair was messed up to look like Klaha or something like that from Malice Mizer. But at least Klaha had a bit of attractiveness to it. His eyes were mismatched with one ice blue contact and one red one, all outlined with enough eyeliner to stock up three Wal-Mart's nicely.

"Hey," he muttered, making me roll my eyes. Damn posers trying to be all hard and shit. The crowd cheered politely and I smirked, it was going to be interesting. He gestured to the first guitarist, looking like a deranged Manson clone. Wait, is that possible? Whatever. But the guy was black so it was pretty interesting, I gave him a few points on that. Heh, a few points.

"This is Coal the lead guitarist/" Then he lost those points all over again. But I guess it was better than his real name, something probably unfitting like LaJackson or Shane.

"Villmina is the keyboardist," he said, pointing to the girl that looked almost exactly like the weird otaku chick that bugged the hell out of me.

"Crime is on the drums." Okay, he looked just like if Mary Kate Olsen had a disfiguring accident when trying to make him a man. He was out.

"And the lovely man next to me is our bassist Kensuke with his brother the guitarist Hiroga." The crowd then squealed as the vocalist leaned over to plant a rough kiss on his lover's lips, who just happened to be fully Japanese. Little Jap bastard more like it!

"Cheap bastards using all the cards," muttered Leon as he scowled, folding his arms. Axel was busy crackling his knuckles, looking like to give a fight. He really had a big issue about posers in all ways of life. This was taking the cake.

"Seriously. They pulled the monochrome card, the girl card, and two of the Japanese cards. And they even are using the gay card. Why do chicks dig that shit?" grumbled an irked Tidus as he scratched his head puzzledly at the last question.

I shrugged and narrowed my eyes as the two fools stopped their disgusting tongue war. "Don't really know but these guys are sure to suck. No one flashes at the beginning unless their performance is a glass of piss on a hot day."

Unfortunately, it wasn't that way. They were pretty decent and the crowd kept screaming as the vocalist, Yan as he was called, kept grabbing his boyfriend's ass. This was like hearing Ode to Joy at my funeral. Tidus' shoulder's were slack as he watched with utter shock and disappointment. Leon kept glaring and Axel just went off to get more vodka.

You want to pull me into the light

Keep me inside in a cage

And chain me like the virgin you took that night ago

And kill me like the martyr that you want me to be

Looking casually to the side, looking for the red-headed asshole, I spotted a familiar head of brown hair. I closed my eyes, trying to figure out who it reminded me of and when I saw their dazzling cerulean eyes, I knew. It was him!

You watch us peons on your marble pedestal

But don't you know I want you most?

Let me hide cause your light burns my skin

And turns me

To what I see

In you

A violent and lovely memory

I don't know why I was frozen that night cause all I did was watch him as he mouthed the words with those full pink lips he has. His eyes were all lit up as he cheered the band on, making my stomach turn. I shouldn't have been surprised, he had to like other bands. He's not a loser.

The band finished and the guy cheered, it was sickening. I just picked up my drink and guzzled the rest of it down, slamming the cheap plastic cup down to the table and storming off. That day I had enough and all I could do was constantly dream about him again and whack off as I slowly forgave him.

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