The One

Prologue: Leaving

In the background the sound of flights landing and taking off rang through her ears. She awaited the woman in dark blue ahead of her to call her section. Once hearing, "Now boarding first class..." She got up and grabbed onto her carry on suitcase. Handing the ticket over to the woman she offered a smile. She wasn't in the best of moods and yet still tried to not take it out on everyone else.

She sat down in her seat and glared out the window. The stewardess asked, "Drink, ma'am?" She shook her head and waved her off. Next thing she knew they ordered, "All passengers please buckle your seat belts, the plane will be taking off in approximately ten minutes." She did so then once again looked out the window.

Taking one last look at the place she was leaving, Stanford was a thing of the past. The future, however, wasn't St. Louis or even West Newbury, but TNA's payperview location of California. Of course it was only to visit Jeff backstage. She was now on maternity leave with the WWE and four months pregnant with Randy's child.

She hadn't spoken to Randy in hours, while she just talked to John as least a half an hour ago. No she hadn't chosen John or Randy, yet. Right now all she wanted to think about was John, but at the same time she didn't want to leave Randy. She was still 'with' him to some point. They called one another boyfriend and girlfriend, but still whenever she was with him she thought of John.

This was unhealthy, as Jeff put it. Jeff would be the one to set her straight. To help her make the right decision. Whatever that meant. The right decision was either be with the father of your child or the man you love. Soon she'd arrive and soon she'd know what to do with this whole situation. John was aware of her relationship with Randy and they didn't do anything, but kiss.

Randy was very much unaware of the 'relationship' between John and Amy. He never excepted a thing, while Dawn had noticed and questioned it many times. However, now wasn't the time to think about what Randy doesn't know. The only thing she wanted to do was relax and sleep...

To Be Continued...

This is no longer a sequel, though it was before.. Now it's on it's own.. Sorry for the short start, but it's a prologue.. It's meant to be short.