The One

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Chapter Thirteen: Rights And Wrongs...

A soft sigh escaped his lips as he drew circles on her stomach.. A smile touched his lips as he thought about what just happened.. He finally made love to her.. And he could easily say that it was amazing. Part of him did wonder, however, exactly how long would this last? She had a tendency for leaving.. He had a tendency for wanting to tear the other man apart for being the one she went home to. However, he decided to not let it phase him. Why waste time thinking about what could happen? Why not enjoy this? Why worry about anything, but right here, right now? Well, for the main reason that he wasn't the type to overlook the future.. He liked being prepared. He liked knowing things ahead of time.. But there was no warnings. Except for her history of leaving him. That was enough of a warning right there. However he decided that right now was truly the best time to take advantage of this.. Despite the fact that he felt a guilty about sleeping with her.. He wasn't exactly sure what her motives were.. Maybe she was just desperate for sex? Or maybe she really did want him.. Whatever the reason he was pretty sure that he was loving the feeling of having his arms around her clothing less form.


After leaving Randy's she wasn't exactly sure where alone was in all honesty. She couldn't go to Stanford being that it was a little too far away if she wanted to come back to see James.. She certainly couldn't go to Dawn or Trish.. Jeff was in North Carolina.. That only left one person that she could even consider going to. The redhead hesitated, but before she herself knew what she was doing she was face to face with a hotel room door. With a heavy sigh she lifted her hand, her knuckles tapping on the wood. After a few moments the door flung open and the diva was yanked into their arms.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry.."

Her arms banned around his form, "No, I should be sorry.. I.. I really am sorry, John."

"No.. I should have controlled my temper.." John replied as he pulled away. "Not that I don't love seein' ya, but.. Why are you here?"

"Randy and I sort of got into a fight... I told him I needed time apart.. Time alone--" Amy began.

John raised an eyebrow, "You came here to ask me to leave or somethin'?"

"No.. John," Amy shook her head, trying her best not to laugh at his expression. "I.. I know 'alone' isn't with you, but.. I really wanted to see you. I've been thinking about you.. I'm really sorry that I hurt you, and I know that it was wrong of me to mess with your mind like that--"

"Naw, Ames, I ain't mad.. I was jus' upset that you were leavin' me for Randy again.." John paused a moment. "Are you stayin' wit' me then?"

She smiled at that, "Yeah, I think I'm going to.. Randy is...Well I don't really care what Randy plans on doing, actually. I'm a little sick of him, in all honesty."

"So, you come here.. To get sick of me?" John smirked. "Sounds like a plan.. Who's next?"

"Shut up." Amy slapped his arm.

"Now who's violent?"

"You still are violent." Amy replied, sticking her tongue out.

"I can think of...ten different ways to put that at better use." John stated with a grin.

"None of which will be used tonight, or any night." Amy teased.

John shook his head, watching the diva plop down on the bed. Smirking as she began to remove her shoes and socks.. The dark haired man sat down next to her. Waiting a moment as he thought, before long the West Newbury native's mouth opened again.

"You're a tease, you know that?"

Amy snorted, "Apparently."

"I like that." John winked, the redhead rolling her eyes at him. "You sure it's.. wise.. to be here? I mean, if Randy found out you--"

The diva pressed her fingers to his lips, "Don't say the R word."

With that said her fingers left his mouth, going back to working on her shoe laces. John coughed, clearing his throat before he spoke up.

"You're startin' to sound like me.. An' don't you ever touch your shoes and then touch my lips ever again." John warned.

"Like you care about what's sanitary and what's not." Amy retorted.


The two had opted to ordering a movie. John figured it was the best, if not only, way to keep him occupied enough to keep his hands off of her. Though he wasn't sure a movie would even keep him occupied that long as he had let her pick out a movie.. After awhile he had to admit he would have rather have spent time with Randy than watch this movie. John had to admit, he wasn't sure why the diva was even interested in this.. He wasn't even aware of the title of the film, the only thing that he was aware of was that it was in black and white and it was boring. Then he drew a conclusion that the diva just wanted to torture him, though it was 'farfetched' he still would prefer to think that than she really did like this junk. To think that if they were to get married she'd watch these sort of movies all the time.. And that scared him.

"Is it almost over?" John asked, sounding as if he wanted to see the TV burst into flames.

The diva smirked, "You were the one that suggested a movie."

"Not a boring movie."

"Well, fine then.. If I ask you a question about the movie and you get it right we'll turn it off." Amy replied.

"Fine.. Hit me with your best shot." John smirked.

"Okay.." Amy thought a moment. "What is the main character's name? Easy enough, right?"

"Hell yeah it is.. I'm startin' to wonder if you jus' don't like the movie yourself.. The main character's name is Cowboy Bob Orton." John insisted.

Amy laughed, "It's Cowboy Jim, but.. Close enough."

"Wow, I didn't even know this was 'bout cowboys.." John muttered.

Amy grabbed the remote, ignoring him as she sat up and pointed it at the television.. The TV flashed white and then went dark, the redhead leaning back before she glared at John, raising an eyebrow at him.

"So what do we do now?"

John pretended to think before he held up a finger and said, "Ah!" Before he decided to share his wonderful idea.

"I say we make out." John declared.

Rather than slapping him or yelling at him for being a pervert the diva simply leaned forward, lightly pressing her lips against his. The diva pulled away before John could even react, however she only smiled.

"I should probably lose my temper more often, huh?" John questioned with a sly smirk. "An' I think we should have lots of dirty sex now."

To his surprise, again, she leaned forward and kissed him.. Only this time he was quicker to react and she allowed it to deepen as she hadn't pulled away, if not she leaned forward even more than she had before..

End Flashback

Hazel eyes locked on the wall as there was nothing better before her than John's hand, however she wasn't too keen to the idea of pulling the sheets off herself.. Therefore she simply opted to staring at the wall for now. The silence had grown deeper as both seemed to be deep in thought. It didn't last long as the diva turned to face him, a smile on her face as she looked at him.

"I love you, Amy." John whispered.

Amy wet her lips, "I love you more."

"Not possible, babe.. Not possible." Came John's simply response with a soft chuckle. "You gonna leave--?"

"Do you want me to?"


"Then I'm not going to leave." She smiled at him.

Her arms came to wrap around his upper body, the two falling silent for a moment.

"You think we made a mistake?" John asked quietly.

Amy didn't answer, acting as if she hadn't heard him as he went on..

"I mean.. I am datin' Torrie.. But we were only datin' to get you jealous--"


John smiled, "Yeah.. Her idea."

"Wow, that's..weird."

"Yeah, well.. I.. I don't wanna sound weird or anythin', but.. What about Randy? I mean, I know y'all are engaged.. An' I know you aren't jus' gonna leave him 'cause we had sex..."

Amy sighed, "I know.. I don't know what is going to happen."

"As much as it pains me to say this, but.. I'm startin' think this was the wrong thin' to do..." John mumbled, Amy blinked. "Don't get me wrong.. It felt right, jus' it was wrong of us to do that.. Even if I wouldn't give a damn if Randy was dead or alive at the moment.. Not that I love her, but I don't really feel great 'bout hurtin' Torrie an' all.."

Amy nodded, "Though I do care about Randy's well being.. And I do care about Torrie as well, you know that.. I just... It felt wrong, but at the same time it felt right--"

"I know, babe, it felt right.. It still does, jus'... I don't like hurtin' women."

"I know, we'll figure this out though.." Amy muttered. "John?"


"Sorry if I ever confused you or played with your thoughts.. Didn't mean to."

"It's okay, babe, I still love you."


"When are you going to tell her about what happened between you and Trish?" Dave questioned.

Randy shrugged, "Whenever, I guess.. I don't want to tell her after she comes back, at least not yet."

"Hunter said he'd call around to see if anyone knows where she is.." Dave mentioned.

"Thanks, man, I know it's not right to do this, but… I've never been one to give a damn." Randy smirked. "Can't wait until that bitch tells John to take a hike… Another job well done it will be."

"You still playing innocent?" Dave shook his head.

"Hey, if it gets me laid - I'd do anything."

To Be Continued..

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