Roald reached Dom with his sword unsheathed and swung at him. Dom was shocked, but quickly recovered. He dropped Kel and the locket and attacked.

"Dom, if you love Kel so much, why can't you let her be happy?" Roald spoke trying to distract Dom.

"Kel is happy being free, as a Queen she couldn't do anything without it being criticized by an advisor or her people!" Dom studied Roald's footing and attacked his left side. The cut wasn't deep enough to hurt Roald, but it did ruined his clothing.

"Kel chose to become the queen, and being a knight is no different! I could order her to the Scanran border and you to the Copper Isles. You would never be together." Roald hit Dom's hand with the side of his sword. Dom dropped his sword and tripped over a chair.

Roald pressed his sword to Dom's neck; "I'm not going to kill you, but I'm going to make you pay."

Dom then kicked his feet, making Roald fall, and ran away. "Some other time, Prince!"

Roald got up to go after him when he saw Kel; she is so peaceful…when asleep. Roald picked up her locket and tied it around her neck. Cradling Kel in his arms, he went to the stables and picked the biggest horse. Then he rode back to the palace with Kel.

Kel opened her eyes as they reached the palace gates, she looked at Roald and smiled, then went back to sleep. Roald was smiling as he entered the healers' rooms. "Roald! Do your parents know you're back? Where have you…" Duke Baird stopped as he saw Kel in Roald's arms.

"Duke Baird, can you cure memory loss?"

A few days later... Kel was lying in the infirmary recovering from her memory loss. The magic had made her sleep for a couple of days, but she remembered everything. "Mithros!" was the first thing Kel said.

"Mithros indeed!" Roald was beside her bed. Kel hugged him as he kissed her all over. "I was worried you wouldn't remember anything!" He said looking into her eyes. Kel smiled, "I wish I had forgotten." Roald was going to reply when Kel kissed him. They broke apart when a crowd started cheering.

"Well, when is the wedding?" Alanna shouted.

"Tomorrow," Roald and Kel kissed again.


"Tobe, I don't want you to think I am acting girly, but how do I look?" Kel asked as she was ready to head to the wedding.

"Very good, Milady." She kissed his forehead and headed down the hallway as Tobe followed.

After the wedding Roald asked the question that was burning up inside him, "Kel what is in the locket?"

"You really want to know?" Kel was teasing him.

"Yes, I really want to know."

"You'll have to catch me then!" Kel shouted as she ran down the hall. Roald chased after her and reached a courtyard but he didn't see Kel. "Where are you?"

"Right here." Kel tackled him, when she was on top of him she opened the locket, "As a page I never thought about things other girls did at my age, but I did like to look good before I kicked Joren around, so he knew it was a girl beating him up!" Inside the locket was a mirror.

"Kel, you have some very interesting…er…ideas…" Was all Roald could say before he broke out laughter. Kel smacked him, and he swept her up in a kiss.

The End