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It's up to fate

By Natsumi no tsunami

Chapter 1




Don't you ever wonder why people hate love so much? It's because this is the only that stops you from controlling your life, something that is dangled in front of you yet you can't reach it. Love is something that brings happiness but in return also gives a dose of anguish. As mighty you try to stop it you find no matter what you find your selves sucked into it again and again and again. Well, this is my battle with love.


"Ms. Higurashi, Mr. Houshi is waiting on line one," Kagura's voice echoed from the phone.

"Thanks, Kagura, I'll take it later" replied Kagome as she looked up from her document.

"Kagome, I'm begging you. Even though he's the president, he's killing me with his perverted question." Kagura's desperate voice shouted over the phone.

Rubbing one side of her temple with one hand, she used the other to reach for the single button that would connect her to Miroku Houshi, current president of Kaze Records, husband of Sango Houshi, father of 2 and dear friend. Slightly pausing before pressing the button, she prepared her self to Miroku's endless argument of asking her to come back to Kaze Records main branch in Japan. Taking a big breath and sighing she hit the connect button.

"Kagura, what is the size of most women's breasts? What kind of lingerie do women like? Do you think those frilly ones can make good presents? " a male voice sounded happily over the phone.

"Miroku, if my new assistant quits because of harassment, I'll make sure that you won't ever have pleasant evenings with Sango ever again." Kagome threatened while opening one of the draws of the desk.

"Oh Kagome dear. I'm sorry, was what I was doing called harassment? Oh I never knew that. Do you think I should stop asking my executives those questions during meetings?" Miroku asked with a cheerful voice.

"Miroku, what was my threat last time you called?" asked Kagome as she smiled a sarcastic smile to an invisible person in front of her. She reached down to pull a pristine white, jasmine scented envelope with the words "Photos" written on top from the draw.

"Ummm…..I think it was that you would send something to Sango that would make me the most miserable person alive," said Miroku as he rubbed his chin trying to think back to the last time they spoke.

"Now would you like to tell Sango about it?" questioned Kagome as she pulled a stack photos out of the envelope. Going through the photo she picked one out of the stack and looked thoughtfully at it.

"You wouldn't do that to me Kagome, you're way too nice. Plus I don't think you have anything that could make Sango angry," said Miroku as he waved away her threat.

"Are you sure?" asked Kagome as she looked down at the photo. It showed Miroku trying to steal a pair of lacy underwear from a draw. "Have you forgotten about the last time I came back to Japan to celebrate Haku's 7th birthday. Correct me if I'm wrong but you stole Sango's faverourite pair of underwear, you know the silky white one. When I called her last week she said that if she caught the culprit of this theft she'll show them what pain really means."

"Kagome, you don't have any proof that I stole, Sango only has your word." Miroku laughed nervously.

"Acutally, I do have evidence. Right in my hands. You see luckily I managed to capture you taking underwear on camera" Kagome replied smugly. "I'm sure that Sango will appreiciate to know what happened to her faverourite underwear."

"Okay. Okay. I give in. I won't harass your assistant anymore, alright? Happy now?" Miroku said dejectedly.

"Of course. Now tell me what you want, I know that you didn't call just to harras my assistant." said Kagome.

"Kagome, I'm calling you to inform you that rumor has it that Sesshoumaru is leaving for New York tonight," said Miroku gravely. "Sango and I don't want you getting hurt so we're telling you to be more careful. Apparently he's going to base his operations from New York and leave Inuyasha to head the main branch in Japan. Sango wants you to come back as soon as possible."

"Miroku, I can't. Kouta is just started school last year. I don't want him to leave his friends, also it'll be hard for him to adjust into the Japanese education system. I promise I'll be careful though around here," Kagome said tired.

"Alright. I'll inform Sango of your decision then, but be very careful you hear." said Miroku.

"I will. Bye Miroku, tell Sango that I wish her and the kids well," bidding Miroku goodbye, Kagome sighed and closed her eyes thinking the situation through.

'How am I going to deal with this. Gods, I should've stayed in Japan the last time I went back with Kouta that way we wouldn't have this problem but no I thought it was too awkward that to know that I could bump into Sesshoumaru. If I get really desperate then I'll….flee the country….hopefully. But then I would feel selfish for making Kouta to leave his friends. Well it looks like it can't be helped I'll just have to suck it up and be careful'



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