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It's up to fate

By natsumi no tsunami

Chapter 7




"Owwwww" Miroku moaned as his head plonked onto the kitchen table in his home.

"You know you deserved it" Inuyasha said from a couple of paces away from him with a large bowl of chicken flavored ramen.

"Inuyasha, you're here to help me, not to tell me negative thing like 'You deserved the harsh beating you received from you wife'" Miroku reminded Inyasha "And that reminds me, why exactly are you here for Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha suddenly paused in mid action of slurping his noodles with a surprised expression.

"Ahhh. I see, kicked out by the misses eh, at least be grateful that it wasn't as painful as my ordeal." Miroku said with a rather smug grin at first only to fade when he remembered what had occurred just yesterday.

Earlier that day, Sango said that she wanted try a new game that she thought up. When he arrived at the dojo that was built separate from their house, she told him all about it.

"It's called guess what I'm thinking about. If you answer wrong, you get a beating." Sango stated to Miroku.

Miroku shuddered at a thought.

'Her smile made her look like the devil.'



In the Houshi's dojo, a loud smack echoed throughout the room followed by a thunder like bang. Miroku laid on the timber floor of the dojo with burning red marks all over his arm, face and legs. His wife, Sango, stood over him like a high tower that was blocking a plant from its sunshine.

"Honey, you seem to be really getting rid of you pent energy today" Miroku smiled at Sango from his position, thinking in his mind what he had done wrong to deserve this pushiment.

Sango's face became shadowed as she bends her head down more to stare at him, the only feature visible are her eyes which were giving off a rather vicious and evil read gleam. Miroku sweatdropped at seeing her expression.

'Wow, she even has a flaming backdrop! I wonder how she does that. ' Miroku's smile became twitchy as it always does when he realizes that the situation was going to cause a lot of pain, literally.

"Honey, calm down. Is it about something Haku said? I swear I did not teach the boy those rude words, I think he might have picked it around Inuyasha." Miroku tried to strike a conversation while trying to crawl away unnoticed from under Sango's crazed gaze.

"No, it's not that. Then it must be about the little one Chihiro" Miroku said to his wife as he thought in his head. 'Wait a minute, the little one never does anything wrong. Damn, it must of being something I did. What have I exactly done that could of made Sango so mad'

While concentrating on his train of thoughts, Miroku didn't see Sango raising her fist and aiming for his head.


Hugging his head in pain, Miroku lifted gaze to his wife just in time to avoid another fist that was aimed for the sore spot upon his head. He had just come to a conclusion when Sango's fist made contact a few seconds ago.

"Is it about me?" Miroku cried loudly so that his wife could hear him.

Sango hesitated in her advance forward. Miroku, taking that was a good response tried to think of more.

"It happened today?" he cried once again, as his eye's closed in case that he got a wrong answer.

When Sango made no move that she would advance, Miroku's mind went into overdrive.

'The only thing that I've done today is. One, teach Haku another rude word to insult that old lady next door who has a terrible attitude. Nah, she couldn't of thought I taught Haku that since kids these days always know these words. Two, Told Sesshoumaru what Kagome's address was. Nah, Sesshoumaru not the type to stalk a woman. Three, Raiding Sango's underwear draw. Aha, it has to be this one…but she couldn't have found out so quickly could she.' Miroku gave a suspicious glance towards Sango as he tried to recall the time that she called.

'The time she called was around ten in the morning. I taught Haku the rude word after I raided Sango's draw. That was in the afternoon so that leaves…' Miroku's expression widened.

"Yeah, Kaede called and informed me about their new neighbor. Oh, and I forget to tell you. If you're lucky and get the answer right, you get your lights knocked" with that, Sango raised her fist for the final grand blow.

"Shit" was the only word that Miroku managed to get out before it was lights out for him.

End of Flashback


Miroku shuddered as he finished thinking about what had occurred earlier.

"Hey that reminds me Miroku, where is Sango and the kids?" Inuyasha had just realized that the manor was much more peaceful than usual.

"Ah. I'm not sure. I'll have a look if she left me something." Miroku stood up from his seat while he answered Inuyasha.

Miroku started walking towards the stainless steel fridge that stood around 2 meters from the meal table in the kitchen for any post it messages that Sango usually left for him. He noticed a flashing light on the display of the answering and pressed a button which started playing the messages.

"You have one message." the answering machine voiced into the spacious kitchen.


"Miroku, YOU IDIOT. You slept for too long." Sango's voice yelled from the message.

Miroku and Inuyasha froze from the actions and stared at the answering machine.

"You're in big trouble when I get home mister. Right now, I'm going to Kagome's place in New York to see how she's dealing with Sesshoumaru since you told him your address. I'm also taking the kids with me since I don't believe that you could look after them properly. That's it. And oh, the cook is on holiday so you'll just have to order takeout or eat your own poisonous cooking."


"End of message"

Silence ruled the kitchen for a few minutes after the message before Inuyasha suddenly spoke up.

"So what are you going to do?" he eyed Miroku annoyed expression.

"Well, I think it's time that we go on vacation." Miroku suddenly smiled "I'm sure that Kagome will be grateful for the support."

With that said Miroku walked upstairs, into his room, opened his cupboardand took out a suitcase.


"Eh? Sesshoumaru's married? How come I've never heard about that?" Sango asked Kagome with loud voice.

The two female were currently alone in the living room of the Higruashi's house. The three children were currently in the garden playing hide and seek, and just earlier, Kaede had dragged Ginta to go grocery shopping with her for Kagome's three guests.

"You didn't know about it?" Kagome's features marred at this response from Sango.

"Better call Kikyo and ask her about it." Sango suggested to Kagome with thoughtful look.

"Right, good idea. If there's anyone who knows all the gossip, it would be Kikyo." Kagome nodded in agreement to Sango's statement.

"Also, Kaede mentioned something about an annual family event before she left. She also told me that apparently Sesshoumaru is going as well." Sango looked at Kagome.

"Yeah well…ummm….Kouta spilled the beans when Sesshoumaru and I went to pick him up." Kagome sighed. "And I was kind of looking forward to taking pictures of Kouta at the event.

Sango smiled an evil smile as an idea popped into her head.

"Kagome, don't worry. Once you know what I have in mind, you'll definitely be looking for to the event." Sango stared at Kagome's face. "I'm sure of it."


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