Just something that popped into my head 03:00 for some nights ago... R&R.

I do not any manga or anime this could refer to... But I would like to have Krad. That little maniac is too cute.


I can feel you looking at me, thinking about me, even if I have my back towards you, standing by the window.

I can feel your eyes and I want to now what you thinking about.

I know I can easily look into your mind, but are not willing to risk this rare moment of hate-less emotions between us.

Yes, there is dislike in the air, but at least not that cold hate.

We have, for tonight at least, put down our weapons against each other to be able to take a breath of fresh air, before the war starts again.

What do you think of when you looking at me tonight?

What do you see?

I wish I could see myself, right now, through your eyes. But that's impossible for me to do. That would scatter this moment, and I have no intension to do that.

Dark's tamer, the Wing Master, got ill today. You took him to the nurse's room, and I let you do that in peace. The only thing I did, was questioning if Dark would be able to come to the museum as he had told us he would.

He did, and because you begged so nicely, I let him go.

It's snowing, beautiful pure white grains falling from the sky. It reminds me of… me!

Cold, beautiful and white, do you think of me that way to, My Everything?

Maybe I should scatter this moment.

I lower my head and feel how you getting stiff by the sudden movement.

You are getting your hopes up for having a friend, and I can't let you do that

I can't let myself hope that we will be able to compromise the same way Dark and the Wing Master does. No, we are both to cold for that, to self-centered…

Yes, I think I have to start our little war again. One moment of this… paradise is all that I can take for now.

So, I turn around, walk up to you, embrace you and whisper in your ear:

"Next time, I'll kill him.A wounded prey is no match for a Hunter. Next time we'll kill them."

The war is on again. But that's okay; I still have one thing to do before we can make peacewith each other, one dark thing to take careof first...

Yeah, I think it is quite good. But enough about me, what do you think?