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"BLACKSTORM!" yelled the dreadlocked teen as he finished the finale(fin nall lee) curse at the end of most of his battles. Sword, Projest 47 had finally taken down his worst enemy, and betraying brother, Blade, also known as Apocalypse 3.

Blade coughed blood from him black stained and bruised lips. The yellow eyes looked up at his solidly built brother. "Seems like just yesterday . . .splack .. . .huff. . . .when we used to kid around." Blade was clearly going for sympathy here, knowing that Sword was the only person that could lift the curse. Sword just stood there, his emotional barriers stronger than ever.

Blade felt the curse course through his black heart. Groaning only made if feel worse, so he settled for staring, pained, at Sword.

"HOW COULD YOU," Sword finally broke, after all, he's only a teen. Blade's expression snapped back to cold. Sword continued. "We were like this!" Sword clasped his hands to show how close they had been. "What changed?" he feel to the ground, partly to sob, and partly to cover, as he knew that unless he completely broke at the last second, his brother's insides would be all over him in five seconds.

Blade started to breathe heavily. "So . . huff. . . This is goodbye. . . ." he gave in and prepared to die.

Suddenly, Breaker, Mongo, Rayne, and Jill ran in.

"The S T O R M is here!" Jill yelled to her fiance. "WHAT THE. . . .?" Sword didn't have time to utter the last word (Lucky for the rating.).

The BLACK STORM is back again . . . . .

Different story . . .Different friend

Will the horror ever end?

B L A C K S T O R M: T E E N T I T A N S

T. J.: I'm back! Alright a little back ground, Teen Titans is a superhero show, so I dicided to drop Storm Surge in favor of BLACK STORM the actual group that I created, that had no connection to the last BLACK STORM. I'll also let you know more about BLACK STORM in each chapter. You're first key.

Key 1: B L A C K S T O R M originated from pure hatred

Spider monkey (SM): The group BLACKSTORM, the evil event B L A C K S T O R M, and the spell BLACKSTORM have no connection at all.

Chipy: Let me have Robin!

T. J.: Oh yeah, this fic is based more on Romance than the last one. There will be no inter-story relationships, so fans of the RobinSF and RobinRaven couples, I warned you, no flames. (Takes out boken and lights it on fire.) Thank you.

Fuzzy: On with the story!

T. J.: The entertainment room was left in shambles after the un . . .

The entertainment room was left in shambles after the unexpected and all together unexplained blast. Cyborg was the first to rise, having dealt with many unexplained blasts in his room while fixing body parts. His metallic body clicked as bent pieces rubbed together. He groaned. "I just fixed all of this." He moved his leg to find Beast Boy, and his head wasn't just beside his leg either. Cyborg jumped up, which proved to be very painful. Then he rubbed his 'stuff' to make sure that it was all there.

Beast Boy was moving through all of his various animal shapes, which he could only do consciously. There was no sign that he was awake. Cyborg looked around, scanning for everyone. There was Robin, just waking up, and rubbing his head. Raven, unconscious, on the couch, and Starfire, fitfully sleeping . . . .under a pile of rocks.

"Cyborg," Robin stood up all the way, quickly replacing his tarnished mask. To Cyborg's surprise, he could get no glimspe of Robin's face. "Do you have any idea what that blast was?" As he finished the question, Beast Boy began to morph into the bigger animals. His elephant form pressed Cyborg into what was left of the wall. "I can't believe this!" Cyborg yelled, kicking the decibles into high gear.

Beast Boy went back into his human form and woke up. "Whoa. . ." he rubbed his eye, standing up. All of the sudden, a black film appeared in a dome shape over the room. "Raven's up." Robin predicted as he faced the wall. "Sorry," Raven explained from her position on the couch. "Reflex."

Beast Boy looked around. "Where's Star?" he seemed groggy. Robin looked around, and Raven floated to an upward position. As if on cue, Starfire launched from under a rock and floated. As everyone noticed that their uniforms had been harmed in some way. Cyborg was barely able to move, Raven's leotar was charred white, Beast boy had lost his hole upper outfit, Robin's cape, gloves, and boots were completely incinerated, and Starefire . . . . .

The high pitch scream resonated throughout the whole continent

Batman sat in his cave, fixing on his Bat-mobile . . . . .The scream shook the Bat Cave.

"Robin is fairing quite nicely, don't you think?" Alfred stated, while still tightening the screw. Batman didn't miss a beat of his work.

Robin threw an extra cape at Starfire as the rest of the Titans all turned away. "That girl is a real surfboard." Beast Boy whispered so that Cyborg could hear. "Mmm hmm," He whispered agreed curtly.

Another cue, this time, a group of rocks moved.

A group of groans escaped. The rocks parted in order to reveal. . . . . dreadlocks. As the first form rose from the ashes, the Titans, except for Starfire, noticed that he was bloody and shirtless. His back faced them, and they saw two holes in his back, symetric, like something had torn out of them, from the inside. His muscular back revealed other pinholes, but the two primary ones drew attention.

He tried to stand up, and failed. He did manage to turn and show them his face before he fell. Robin flew out first, catching the boy before his face hit a sharp rock. Then he looked up. There, in front of his very eyes, four more figures rose from the depths.

Sword woke up on a couch, thinking quick, he sat up, and pulled a sword out of his back, literally. He seethed, looking around with his cold eyes. He saw Mongo, Breaker, Rayne, and Jill.

After looking around the room twice, he decided to stand up.

Sword noticed that as he stood up, he felt no painin his back or legs, like he was accoustomed to after waking up in a strange place. "No tourchure?" he said to himself, "I may grow to like this place!"

He snapped his finger to conjure up a light ball, a trick Breakerhad taught him.He found himself in a small, white walled room. It looked to be a room where a group would put guests until they healed. There were a few Dressers across the room from where he woke up. Instructions over it stated that the dressers had clothes for every size and to put some on since you're probably naked.

Sword began the journey across the room . . . .

Cyborg watched from the shadows as the dreadlocked teen walked toward the infinite drawers. He was ready to move, just like the Titans had planned. Carefuly destributing his weight to avoid the ussusal clank of his foot steps, he stalked the boy, and just when he was about to touch the drawers, grabbed him.

The boy didn't even grunt as he accepted his fate to be held in a vice-hold.

"Who are you?" Cyborg whispered harshly into his ear. When he didn't answer, Cyborg decided to figure out why he wasn't wiggling. The guy was . . . . .brandishing a sword! A sword that he seemingly pulled out of no where!

'WHOA!' Cyborg could barely contain himself, marveling at the sheer size of it and how he hadn't noticed it. He regained himself and squeezed tighter. But the boy wasn't giving up just yet.

"Herthueloun . . . Voctovm!"

As he chanted the unfamiliar words, Cyborg began to shake. Before he passed out, he noticed 2 things. First, the black aura that was a signature sign of Raven, second, light flooding the room and Robin's voice.

Titans . . .GO!"

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