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If the gods allowed this destruction to take place, the countless lost souls would rise and devour them. . . . . .

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Chapter 4: Blade Returns

T.J.: Sword, to say the l-

Sword, to say the least was a little surprised that he had appeared in the room, with mostly dark colors, How he knew this, faceing only the door, he didn't know. . . .

It must have been the instinct.

Sword felt the slightest twitch in his stomach as he recognized the voice of the person behind him. Unusual , to say the least.

But that could be tackled later.

He stared at the door, determined not to turn around.

"I apologize for my intrusion." Sword let the apology slow, as to make sure it sounded honest. He decided that he would never use his random teleport in this demension.

Sword searched the door for a handle or way to open the door. He would simply just walk out, as he was sure Raven wanted him to.

But there was no handle.

"You can't get out that easy." Raven's voice had gotten closer, there was something in that voice. Sword was a little uncomfortable.

"Why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

Sword thought that courtesy required him to turn to face Raven now. It seemed like she wanted some answers.

As he turned, he saw some detailsof Raven's room. The bookcase full of ancient books, the dusty full sized mirror, the polished hand mirror, candles, a circular bed, drawn, black curtains, all these in either black or dark purple.

Then there was Raven, with her cloak off. For the first time the green hair one saw the purple hair, the red gem, and the opaque raven(the color)eyes. There was that twitch again.

Sword Looked straight into them, green met purple in a small battle of will. Then the conversaation began.

" Do you have any idea why I'm here?" Sword started off, making sure that the monotone stayed in place.

"I was gonna ask you that." Raven's stare wavered a little. Those eyes, they were peircing a litttle too deep. . .

"So, are their any suspects?" Raven continued the question game, masking the slight intimidation.

Sword levitated one of his dreads to scratch an itch. "Well, there is my brother, Blade. . . "

Raven's eyes widened a littled. "You mean that Drakk Vassal (Demon Vessel)?" She had read about Blade of the House Cavosal on the planet HTRAE, and thought that his scheme to become the vessel for evil was wrong. He was a sick man to willingly do that. She hadn't read that far into the chapter, but the things she had read stuck with her.

A book suddenly levitated from a shelf. Sword was surprised as it flipped to a page with a perfect picture of his older brother.

"You ponounced HTRAE wrong." Sword cocked an eyebrow as a slight smile graced his lips. Raven seemed not to care though, as she concentrated on reading the rest of the chapter.

Sword took the time to stretch his legs, he had been standing in that one spot for quite some time. When he went near the bed, Raven suddenly decided to come back to the world.

"So. . . this 'Blade' has decided to unleash Apocalypse on the world."her eyes closed in thought. "Is Apocalypse a bad eventin your world?"

Sword turned away from the draped window. "Apocalypse is a major demonic force, he isthe ultimate evil. Lucifer. . "

"Doesn't even compare?" Raven stared into the dreaded youths eyes, which shone in green surprise (T.J.: Hey. . .that rhymes!. . . .(SMACK!) okay. . . .) even though his face didn't even twitch. There was a very slight tingle in her cheeks as she continued. "Those are words used to describe my father." Then she looked down.

Sword felt for her. He was glad that he wasn't the child of a huge demonic force, and felt that his brother was a shame for choosing a fate such as that. Shortly after that, a thought his him.

"Raven?" He was just getting comfortable with her name.

Raven looked up. Sword's thought seemed to jump the gap between their heads. Then Sword, taking a great leap of faith, reached out for her hand. He pulled the bit of cloak that got caught off and loked at the gauntlet she was wearing. It was glowing.

Then the alarm came on.

Sword leaped across the room, melting throught the door as Raven began to open it.

And he was racing throught the hall. There was a blue blaze from around the corner as Robin was thrown into view, shortly after, Breaker landed side ways in his lap, quickly rolling off.

He didn't even stop, in fact, he started flying as he rounded the corner, barely missing the wall. The since of dread grew as he guessed at what was happening. He knew, he just didn't want to belive it. Rounding another corner, he passed by Cyborg and Mongo, who were shooting at a moving shadow (Mongo had his venom shots.) They missed.

Sowrd barely saw it, turning another corner. He dodged Beast Boy, who had been flung backwards, then saw Rayne crumple under the force of a huge stone panel. Sword's heart beat faster as he traveled at breakneck speed, crashing into a wall. He kcpt going though, as he had to catch that shadow. It was barely beating him.

Starfire came into view as Sword escaped the hallway. She was standin her ground pretty well, considering that it was dark. All the electricity had been blown out in this room. She fought to keep the force inside the room, but it was moving too fast. She was batted out ogf the way, making a hole to the outside of the tower, which the monster crawled through.

As sword landed in at the edge of the hole, the light shined down on the Shadow. It was the shape of a blue dragon.

Sword watched it go. . . . .

"Jill." he whispered

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