An anniversary and a shock

Melanie Perry was in her office arguing with her employees in New York.

Melanie had recently got back together with her husband and love of her life Jake Perry after leaving a well known politian called Andrew at the alter.

Jake and Melanie were planning to buy an apartment in New York where Melanie's business was based, but she could do a lot of her work at home in Greenville, so they would live there most of the time, only visiting New York when it was necessary.

Melanie was on the phone arguing with her material suppliers, Jake had converted the attic into an office for her so she could work in peace. While Melanie was on the phone Jake had cleaned and tidied the house and prepared a romantic meal for her. Melanie finished her phone conversation and went down stairs hoping that she could moan to Jake about her suppliers and then they could have an early night. When she walked into the living room it was dark, at first she thought that maybe Jake had gone out and then she saw all the candles and the huge bouquet of lilies in the middle of the beautifully set table.

"Jake" she said completely shocked, "What have I done to deserve all this?"

"Well Mrs Perry I see it has slipped your mind but it has been 6 weeks since we rekindled our marriage"

"Oh my god of course it is" said Melanie as she went over and hugged Jake, "but you know you didn't have to do all this. Don't you remember what you did for our one month anniversary"

"Yeah but aren't I allowed to spoil my wife?" said Jake as he pulled a chair out for Melanie to sit on.

"Of course you can and you really don't have to stop" said Melanie as she sat down.

"I don't intend to" replied Jake

Jake and Melanie sat down to dinner and they talked. While Jake was telling her about his day, Melanie couldn't believe she had even considered marrying Andrew. Her and Jake were made for each other and she was so glad he had taken her back after her behavior towards him when she came back to get a divorce. As Melanie was telling him about her argument with her suppliers, Jake couldn't believe how lucky he was that Melanie had come back to him, when she could have had everything she had ever dreamed of with that Andrew guy.

After dinner Jake and Melanie watched a movie as they snuggled up together on the sofa.

"Well Mrs Perry" Melanie couldn't help but smile every time Jake called her that " I think it's time to go and do what we do best and can I just add that I love that we do it at least twice a day now"

Jake was obviously talking about sex and it was just then that Melanie realized that she and Jake had been having sex for 6 weeks uninterrupted.

"Uh no" gasped Melanie

"aww why?" asked Jake confused, "Oh is it the "special time"" he asked disappointed.

"No thats the problem" said Melanie who was now starting to panic

"Hey honey calm down" said Jake concerned

"I'm 3 weeks late" whispered Melanie

"What are you serious? You're pregnant. Thats great news." said Jake excitedly but when he saw that Melanie wasn't happy or excited he asked her "What's wrong. We're having a baby aren't you happy?"

"Jake what if it's Andrew's" said Melanie quietly not wanting to say the words out loud in case that made them true.

"Oh shit" said Jake "right before we start to panic we better find out if you are pregnant or not" he said trying to keep calm "I'll go and get a test from the pharmacy"

"But what if someone sees you and guesses it might not be yours" said Melanie clearly distressed

"Well we have to know" argued Jake "don't worry I'll be discreet" he said as he left the house

'Shit' thought Melanie as she tried to work out when her last period was, it had been a week before the disastrous wedding, and she had only slept with Andrew twice since her last period. But she and Jake had done it a LOT since they got back together, so it was probably Jake's. 'Twice' she thought 'it only took once'