Naming the Twins

"Honey," said Melanie weakly

"Yeah?" said Jake looking exhausted.

"When are you bringing Jamie to see the twins?" she asked.

Melanie had given birth to two healthy baby girls earlier that evening.

"First thing tomorrow morning," promised Jake.

"Good. He'll love them won't he?" said Melanie. Even though she was exhausted she knew he wouldn't be able to sleep.

"Of course he will, he has two baby sisters," said Jake.

"That are still called, Baby Perry 1 and 2," said Melanie.

"Honey, shouldn't you get some sleep, you must be exhausted. We can decide on their names in the morning"

"I am exhausted but I can't sleep," said Mel, "Come on I want to name them"

"Alright, alright," said Jake knowing he couldn't deny Melanie anything a few hours after she had given birth to their children, "What were the girl names we liked?"

"Rachel, Rebecca, Beau, Paige, Claire and Holly"

"Okay then," said Jake looking into the little cribs by Melanie's bed.

"Beau is still my favourite, isn't it so cute for a little girl?" gushed Melanie.

"Yeah we can name our daughter after my Uncle Bo the alcoholic that killed Cousin Jean with a shovel," said Jake sarcastically.

"Fine," said Melanie unhappily she really loved that name, "What do you think we should name them?"


"No," moaned Melanie, "They're not Claire, that's a dull, drab name, they are far too pretty for that name"

"Rachel and Rebecca then," said Jake.

"Two R's that is way too cliché," insisted Melanie.

"That leaves us with Holly and Paige"

"She is definitely a Paige," said Melanie fondly stroking the cheek of one of the babies.

"Yeah she is," said Jake, "So Holly then?"

"No, she isn't a Holly"


"No look at her Jake," said Melanie.

"Rebecca seems like such a big name for such a little girl," said Jake gently picking up the unnamed baby.

"Yeah, what do you think?"

"She's make a cute Becca, you know short for Rebecca," said Jake.



"Well looks like it's Paige and Becca Perry," said Melanie happily.

"Yeah," said Jake kissing the top of Mel's head, "Thank you"

"No problem," said Melanie

"I'm in a room with the three prettiest girls in the world," said Jake as he gently lay Becca in her crib.

"And you wouldn't be at all biased would you?"

"I can't help that I have a stunning wife and three gorgeous kids"

"Wow three kids"

"I know," said Jake, "how grown up are we?"

"It's scary I don't feel like a mother of three"

"You'll get used to it, you're a fantastic mother"