For The Sake of Forever

A fanfic from the slightly disturbed mind of the Californian who hates California.

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Chapter 12: Forever

Kenny, I think I have a way to solve both our problems.


I'll release you from your work...

You will?

Yes, but you'll be dead.

How is that solving my problem?

I'll also help with Stan.


I'll bring Kyle back.

You will?


But... but won't that ruin your plan?

Plan? Not really.

Then why did you kill Kyle in the first place?

Well, he would've grown up to find the cure to the common cold, but I suppose I can live with that.

So, you were having me kill people who would go on to do good things for the world?


...So you'll bring back Kyle?


But, then I'll die?


But... then Stan will just be depressed over me... It won't make any difference.

Not if I erase both of your memories of each other.


I'll erase both of your memories. He'll forget about you, and you'll forget about him.


Think about it. You won't have any memories of each other. It would be as if you never met. How could you mourn over and miss someone you have no memory of?

I... I don't want to forget Stan...

But he'll be happy.

I don't want to forget him though! How could you expect me to just--

You won't even miss him. He won't miss you. You'll both be happy. Especially him.

I... I guess so, but--

If you want to continue working for me, fine. I have plenty of assignments left for you. Plenty. But I suggest you take this new offer. You'll be waking up now, Kenny. If you agree to this new deal, you have an hour after you wake up to stab yourself with the dagger. Just like you did with everyone else. One hour to decide. That's it.

When I woke up, I found myself lying in my bed, with a damp towel sitting on my forehead. I had a terrible and massive headache and I groaned painfully.

"You okay?" I turned and saw Stan sitting at my bedside. He frowned, "You're Mom called me. She wanted to know if I saw any signs of you being sick at school. Your whole family thinks that you're dying from it."

I blinked at him and sat up in bed, "They were praying and I--"

"Yeah, you're Mom said you passed out while they were praying... I kinda figured it out."

"They really think I'm dying?"

Stan nodded, "Your mom just left your side to call Father Maxi to come for a blessing... I tried to talk her out of it, but I could only say so much without sounding weird..."

"Crap..." I muttered. I suddenly remembered my conversation with Satan. I looked at Stan, "Stan... I... I talked with Satan..."


"Yeah... he, uh... he said he'll bring Kyle back to life..."

Stan's eyes suddenly lit up and a big grin swept his face, but it soon disappeared when he didn't see me smile, "What's wrong?"

I took Stan's hands, "In order for Kyle to come back, I'll have to die."

He blinked at me for a long time, looking shocked and somewhat confused.

"For Kyle to come back, I have to kill myself with the devil's dagger..."

Stan slowly shook his head and his eyes began to water, "You... you can't..."

"But Stan," I scooted closer to him, "He'll erase our memories of each other too... so that it doesn't hurt..."

"No!" Stan shouted, "I don't want to forget!" A tear escaped his eye, "I... I love you..."

"I love you too, Stan. God, I love you," I felt myself on the verge of tears, "That's why I think we should agree to do this."

"What? No!"

"Stan, I can't do this forever. I can't keep killing people. How many friends of ours am I going to have to murder? And I know you loved Kyle. I know you miss him more than anything else--"

"You can't die! You can't leave me!" he cried.

"Stan, you won't remember me... You'll have your best friend back and you won't even know that I'm missing."

Stan stared at me for a long time, tears sliding down his face, "I don't want you to die..." He threw his arms around me and squeezed me tightly.

I pressed my lips against his and kept them there for a long time, feeling his tears slip down to my mouth. I pulled away and looked at him lovingly, petting his hair and cupping his face, "I'm going to do this, Stan. I don't want to, but... it's for the best."

He sniffed loudly and bit his lip, staring at me for several moments. He took my right hand and looked at it. He turned it over and I noticed the cross shaped scar I now had for life. Stan let go of my hand and stood up. He walked over to my dresser.

"What're you doing?" I questioned.

"I want to try something," he said. He opened up the top drawer to the dresser and pulled out my cross, forcing me to shut my eyes tightly.

I heard his footsteps stop in front of me. He took my left hand and I felt burning. The burning traveled along my palm for quite some time, before I felt Stan quickly press his own hand against mine. I felt my burning palm scorch his own.

The light went away and I looked down at my palm to find a heart scared on it, with S + K written inside the shape. Stan sat next to me on my bed and held his palm out next to mine, and I saw that he now had a similar mark.

He gave me a weak smile, "Maybe now we won't completely forget."

I smiled back at him. He started to cry again and I held him in my arms and cried with him.

After several minutes, I stood up, "Let's get out of here..."


"I only have an hour to decide... And I don't wanna burn alive from a blessing from the Father before that."

I took the devil's dagger from my dresser and Stan and I snuck out through my window. We went to Stark's Pond. When we got there, Stan embraced me quickly and pressed his quavering lips against mine. I held him by the waist as he held me by the face and our lips smacked tenderly against one another's. Our lips only parted for Stan to every so often whisper, "I love you," and for me to answer, "I love you too."

When I pulled away, I saw that Stan was crying. I took my sleeve and wiped his face, forcing myself to smile, "Please stop, Stan. It's going to be okay."

Stan smiled weakly at me and took my hands. We held hands for a long time, just gazing into each other's eyes. I couldn't imagine not remembering those blue eyes of his. I couldn't imagine forgetting someone as amazing as Stan. The thought of leaving him tore at my heart painfully. But I had to. How the hell else would we ever get out of this? This was our only chance. This was my only chance to ensure that Stan would go on to live a happy life. With me, his life would be nothing but misery. He would be an emotional wreck, having to put up with his murdering lover. I had to do this.

I reached into my back pocket and retrieved the devil's dagger. I looked down at it and took a deep breath. I looked up at Stan and tried my best to smile through the tears that now flooded my eyes. I placed the blade gently on my chest, over my heart and held it there for a while. I took another deep, shaky breath and smiled at Stan, "I love you."

Stan quickly grabbed my face and gave me one last passionate kiss. He rested his forehead on mine, "I will love you always and forever," he breathed pulling away.

I forced the blade into my chest and immediately felt my body freeze up. I kept my eyes on Stan. His beautiful blue eyes were the last thing I saw before everything went black.

I stared at the odd mark on my left hand. S + K. It was on my hand for as long as I remembered, though I didn't know what it was. When I stared at it for too long, I felt a pain in my chest... in my heart. My heart always seemed to feel like there was a piece of it missing.

"I'll be back in a bit," Damien kissed my cheek.

I looked up at him from where I sat on a rocky island surrounded by red hot lava, "'kay."

He smiled at me and disappeared. He had to work a lot more with his dad lately. I guess the devil was considering retirement soon.

Damien and I were together for as long as I can remember. He was really nice to me. He gave me everything and anything I wanted. Spoiled me rotten. I had no complaints. But that pain in my heart... I wondered if I really loved him. Why was there this pain? It hurt so much at times.

After a long time of just staring at this waterfall of lava and thinking about assorted things, mostly the mysterious scar on my left hand, I stood up and decided to go grab something to eat. I hopped across a stream of lava and began to start towards the only McDonald's in Hell. As I walked in the fiery place, people fell from above all around me. I was used to it.

I stopped in my tracks when somebody landed in front of me. It was a raven haired teenage boy who looked about my age. He quickly stood up and looked at me. His blue eyes were blood-shot like he had been crying before he died. I looked and saw that his wrists were slit. He committed suicide.

He blinked at me for a long time, "Is this..."

"Hell. Yeah. Welcome." I stared at him for a long time, "Why'd you do it?" I gestured at his wrists.

He looked down at his wounds, "I dunno..." he said softly, "It just... felt like a piece of my heart was missing... I just couldn't stand it anymore..."

I gently placed my hand over my heart, "I... I know what you mean..."

We stared at each other for a long time. What was it with this kid? He seemed so... familiar.

"Kenny!" Damien called from behind. He stood beside me and looked from the boy to me, "What're you doing?" he asked me.

"Nothing," I said, "I just met this guy here..."

Damien snapped his fingers and two servant demons appeared, taking the boy by the arms and dragging him away. Damien took my hand and started to lead me in the opposite direction.

I never saw that blue eyed, raven haired boy again. Maybe he was taken to Purgatory, where he could be able to repent his sins and get into Heaven. I hoped so. He seemed really nice.

But as Damien and I walked away, I could have sworn I heard this boy's voice in my head...

"I will love you always and forever."

The end.