Hullo! I had this idea for a while and I felt like writing it. Just so you know, this isn't yaoi or anything, just a fic between Ryou, Bakura and their microwave. No steamy passion, no kissing, no sex. If that's what you were expecting, then I'm sorry to disappoint you. If it isn't, then read on!

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Technology and Spirits Don't Mix

It was a beautiful afternoon in the city of Domino. Children ran outside to play; neighbors greeted each other from doorways; young teenagers lazily lounged on park benches, glad to finally be rid of their chaotic school lives now that summer had arrived. Who wasn't happy?



"Bakura, don't you dare lay a hand on that microwave," warned a highly British accented tone. Ryou Bakura, a young albino, was sipping a cup of tea while watching his darker half attempt to banish his microwave to the shadow realm.

"And what will happen if I do?" countered Bakura. Ryou sipped his tea before placing the fragile china on the table and turning towards his oh-so delightful roommate.

"You can kiss any hopes of ever being fed again goodbye!" And he returned to his warm cup of relaxing tea. Bakura gaped.

"But look what that Ra forsaken mechanism did to my lunch," cried the tomb robber furiously while waving two long pieces of what seemed to be charcoal in front of his his look-alike's face. Ryou choked on his drink as tried desperately to restrain from laughing at his twin's attempt to cook his hotdogs in the microwave.

Tried being the keyword…

Soon, he had forgotten all about his customary herbal tea and was sprawled on the ground, clutching his stomach in pain as tears of laughter streamed down his face. Bakura glared daggers at his light twin and resisted the temptation to banish him to the shadow realm.

Bakura pouted. It was the pharaoh's entire fault for wanting to separate the Yami's from their hosts. General knowledge such as reading and writing had been transmitted but cooking was a whole other story…

So, finally, after hours (although it had only been a grand total of four minutes and twenty-seven seconds) of mirthful laughter, Ryou Bakura managed to lift himself back into his seat, in hopes that he would be able to calmlydiscuss the matter at hand.

"Well, I did offer to cook them for you…" Bakura started to mumble under his breath. He hated being helpless. It irked the spirit to the utmost extent to admit the fact that, had his lighter side deniedthe request from Yuugi to shelter him, he would have been reduced to a petty street beggar. But he absolutely refused to have Ryou aid him with anything he thought he could handle himself. Help was a sign of weakness and Bakura the Tomb Robber was no weakling!

'Stupid pharaoh,' he thought. 'With his stupid ideas… Stupid Ryou… Stupid twenty first century… Stupid meecr- morcri- micer… STUPID THING!' It was with that notion in mind that he got up and jabbed a finger at a microwave button, popping open the door which forced the spirit to jump back in surprise. The evil device was taunting him!

"You may have won the battle," he grumbled, directing his words at both the microwave and his previous host. "But you have yet to win the war!" And with that, Bakura turned on his heel and angrily stomped out of the kitchen, slamming the door behind him. Ryou cast a furtive glance in the direction his Yami had taken.

"Bakura?" he called. The muffled sound of a snapped 'What!' could be heard from behind the elaborate oak door. Ryou took a deep breath before answering.

"That's the pantry."


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