Author Notes/Disclaimer: This is my first fanfic, and it wouldn't have been written at all without inspiration gleaned from an interview with Robert Jordan. One Jamie F. asked RJ which character he'd want to sit and have tea with, and RJ replied, "I wouldn't really care to have tea with any of them. ... I've put these people through some fairly rough paces. If one of them showed up and wanted to have tea with me, I think I'd sneak out the back door and leave town for a while. No joking there; oh, no, not at all."

Attack of the plotbunny. Couldn't resist.

I took the liberty of giving the characters free will for my own (and their) nefarious purposes, but I promise to give them back unchanged when I'm done. Please don't sue. I obviously don't own said characters, I'm definitely not Robert Jordan and I have absolutely no enmity toward him.

"So, Creator. We meet at last." Moiraine Damodred raised an eyebrow as she sipped from a cup of steaming tea.

"So it would seem." The Creator agreed with a slight air of trepidation. The portly, bearded man fiddled nervously with his teacup, before placing it on the table with a decisive clunk. "You might as well cut to the chase."

"Oh, but after six long books, I think a little more delay hardly matters." Moiraine replied venomously, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "It is not as if the fate of the world depends upon us, after all."

As soon as the diminutive Aes Sedai began talking, the Creator began to seriously contemplate fighting his way out of the room. The 'Finn couldn't possibly be as tough as I portrayed them... Then, looking again at Moiraine, he revised his thoughts. They'd be tougher, I suspect.

Moiraine continued what was rapidly turning into a harangue. "I sacrificed myself for my cause- but that does not bother me. I am a Blue- I give my all to causes. And surely, my cause was worth the sacrifice."

The Creator nodded, hoping to appease her, while surreptitiously scooting his chair backwards inch by inch.

"But then, I find myself alive, and in the company of none other than Lanfear. Would YOU like to be imprisoned in the Tower of Ghenjei with one of the most infuriating woman in the world?" she shot at him. "YOU know what she's like. YOU wrote her. The Aelfinn and the Eelfinn prevented her from physically attacking me, but I could still hear her gloating." Her lip curled, and she quoted mockingly: "'The Great Lord will release me. The Great Lord will torture you for a million Ages.' On and on, in the same vein." She stood suddenly, hands on her hips. "I tell you, it was enough to make me wonder if there even was a Creator. The worst part, though, came after I convinced the Eelfinn to grant me an interview with you. All I got was six books' worth of being put on hold, with only a 'The Creator cannot speak with you right now, but he wants you to know that your return is being foreshadowed. Thank you for calling.' Hardly considerate. Hardly considerate!"

"Well..." the Creator said weakly, "...I was busy, you know... I thought you'd like to know your part wasn't over..."

"Oh, indeed?" Moiraine stalked around the table, towards him. "I was reconciled with my death- until I was given the hope that I might escape from here! Those reassurances may have been an unintentional cruelty, but they were cruelty nonetheless. And adding insult to injury, Lanfear the Forsaken was resurrected before you even so much as deigned to speak to me!"

The unfortunate Creator put up his hands in an attempt to deflect her anger. "But I did write New Spring for you-"

"Yes, how gratifying, but couldn't you have used that time to FREE ME INSTEAD?" she shouted in a flagrant breach of Aes Sedai serenity. Realizing that, she stopped her advance and took a deep breath before continuing in an even tone. "However, all this waiting has finally borne fruit. I had to pull every string I had to arrange these interviews, but I suspect it will be well worth all my investment."

The Creator blanched "These interviews?" he quavered. "You didn't possibly mean that in the plural sense, did you?"

"I mean exactly what I said." Then, Moiraine smiled and gestured to the small wooden table bearing the teapot and cups. "You may as well sit down again while you wait for the next major character to arrive."

The Creator realized that somehow he was trembling with his back pressed up against the cold stone wall. He spotted his abandoned chair lying halfway between him and Moiraine. I knew I shouldn't have let my wife talk me into this. 'Just go talk to her. You'll be fine- you're her Creator, after all.' Light! He buried his head in his hands. I should have left town while I had the chance.

I've got a general idea of which characters I want to end this with, but if you have any suggestions as to who you want to see next, let me know and I'll do my best to accomodate you! This is my first attempt at a multi-chapter fic, as well as my first attempt at a WoT fic, so concrit is also incredibly welcome.