Full Summary and Pairings: Starfire had been brought back to Tamaran ten years ago. She'd lost contact with her friends and the beautiful planet she used to call home. Now that her sister has been defeated and Starfire is twenty-seven she is free to go back to Earth. What will she find when she gets there? Are her friends still friends? Or are they even alive? RobinxStarfire, maybe some BBxRaven.

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The tall, redheaded alien touched ground and stared up at the colossal "T"-shaped building in front of her. She hadn't laid eyes on this place in ten years, and it looks like it'd been that long since the place had undergone any external maintenance whatsoever. Numerous windows were either broken or missing, and one whole side of the horizontal line on the "T" had disappeared, making it look something like an upside-down "L".

The emerald-eyed alien typed in an access code in a keypad by the front door. The door slid aside as the girl remembered her friends' last words to her…


She sat on the edge of the roof with her small backpack beside her. She was looking out over the waves of the ocean, admiring the beautiful planet before her. She would never see it again, most likely. She took in a quick breath as realization swept over her.

She may never see Robin again.

The alien felt like crying, and at that moment a shadow fell over her and a black-haired teen sat down beside her. For a moment there was silence, a comfortable silence, before Robin spoke.

"I… Star, I've been meaning to… uh… tell you this… and… difficult, it's difficult, you see… I really don't know how to… y' know, put this… ah… eh… oh, never mind, Starfire, I'm really going to miss you, though. I really am," the boy repeated, as if he couldn't say it enough. "Keep in contact, you hear? I want to know how my..." here he paused, as if it pained him to call her his best friend, "best… friend… is doing." He sighed, and they stood, and the two hugged as a pale girl in a leotard; a half man, half robot; and a green, scrawny teen appeared on the roof.

"Dude… ette… I'm like… soooo gonna miss you! Yo, like, think of us every day, don't forget about the Titans, cuz we ain't never gonna forget about you," Beast Boy said.

"Yeah, girl, you better not forget about us. And take care of yourself, we don't want anyone beatin' up on our girl," Cyborg added.

"Though she could just call us if she needed help," Raven finished.

"But she won't need help, Starfire can take care of herself," Robin reassured the alien, turning to her. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but shut it again. "Goodbye, Star. I… I..." he sighed. "'Bye."

And she had lifted off, and left her friends behind.

Little did she know that when she was not even visible anymore and Beast Boy and Cyborg had left to try to beat each other at video games, though their heart wasn't in it, and Raven was walking across the roof to the stairs to go meditate, leaving Robin alone on the roof, the empath had turned around and said, "I've always known you were afraid to admit your feelings, Robin, but that was one of the stupidest things you've ever done. Now she may never know."

"I… I… I have no clue what you're talking about," the Boy Wonder had lied, knowing that his friend was right. He would come to regret it.

End Flashback…

The alien entered the living room and looked around. The carpet was soggy from leaks, and there were broken dishes and glasses and books and such scattered around the room. The windows were missing; save one with so many cracks in it it looked like a spider's web. She sighed. Her friends were probably long gone. The tower wasn't even infested with robots as it had been when she had traveled to the future. It was empty.

She took a step forward, stepping into an invisible laser, and thirty miles away in a lab filled with computers, one half-man half-robot, and a green man shoving tofu down his throat, an alarm buzzed loudly.

"Holy shit," the robot-man said.

"What is it, Cy?" the green human asked his partner.

"Someone's in the tower," he replied, and started typing madly on a keyboard in front of him.


Starfire sat down on the couch. She didn't know what else to do, so she just sat down and cried. How would she find her friends? How would she find her Robin? She cried harder just at the thought of him. He could be dead by now. Her shoulders racked with sobs.

She couldn't stop. It took her fifteen minutes for her to recover, and then she still couldn't fly. She decided to get something to eat. Maybe she'd feel better.

The alien turned to lock the front door, and when she turned back around she banged her head on a chest of metal. She was knocked to the ground, and then she looked up at Cyborg.

"Hey, girl."

Starfire watched the trees speed by past the window of the C-Car, Cyborg's latest "baby". He was talking nonstop about how he and Beast Boy had been, and what adventures they had.

"…and then I invented this new piece of micro-technology. It's amazin', really, what this stuff can do! I mean, all my new tech… I'm doin'—"

"And what of Raven?" (a/n: Wow, that's the first time she's talked!)


"What of friend Raven? What has become of her?"

"Oh. Well, she quit second, after Robin." The name sent shivers down the alien's spine. "And I think she's working in some magic show somewhere. She hates it, but everyone's doin' what they can nowadays to make money. Oh, here we are, home sweet home!" Cyborg said happily as the C-Car pulled into a short driveway. At the end was a small white house. Beast Boy was waving eight arms-- no, tentacles, rather—around wildly in the air. Cyborg had called him the minute he'd found out Starfire was back. The two got out of the car as it came to a stop and for once Starfire could feel her ability of flight slowly coming back—but it wasn't there yet.

"STAR!" The excited changeling yelled, jumping up and down, enveloping the alien in a huge bear hug. Literally.

"OhmyGodyou'rebackandthat'ssoawesomecuzyouhaventbeenaroundheresincelikeeverandwe'vemissedyouandRobinwillwanttoknowwhereyouarebutwedontcallhimbutRavensurewillandwestillcallherallthetimesothatshouldbeeasy!" Beast Boy said, all in one breath. He was blue when he finished.

"Um… yes, friend Beast Boy… I am feeling the happiness to be back as well."

"C'mon, Star, lemme show you 'round the place," Cyborg said, opening the door and giving her a grand tour.

When Starfire had seen everything she wanted to see (and then some… Beast Boy's room was unnecessary) the threesome plopped down onto the couch. Cyborg sighed.

"Friend Cyborg?"

"Yeah, Star?"

"May we go see friend Robin now?"

There was an unnerving pause.

"There's a few things you might want to know about Rob, Star."

"Such as what, friend Cyborg?"

"Firstly, we don't know where he lives." Starfire could have sworn her heart stopped beating in her chest. What could the second thing be? And then it hit her. Cyborg didn't even need to say it.

But he did. "Star? Robin's married."

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