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Starfire almost leapt out from behind the piles of trash bags where the four ex-Titans were hiding. She probably would have if Raven stopped her. "Stop it, Starfire. If Kitten sees us she'll do whatever Robin is working so hard to prevent her from doing," Raven hissed.

"But Robin--!" Raven clamped a hand over the alien's mouth as Kitten turned to the pile of trash and the pile of shopping bags imploded. Soon there was a black-haired, handsome man wearing a mask and business suit in the middle of bags, clothes, hats, purses, and more. This distracted Kitten as Robin eyed the pile of trash with curiosity. From that distance he couldn't recognize Starfire's voice.

"ROBIN, YOU GOOD-FOR-NOTHING WEAKLING! I SHOULD PRESS THE BUTTON THIS INSTANT!" Kitten screamed, attracting the attention of everyone in a 500-yard radius. Which were four teens and an old man leaning on a mahogany cane.

Robin's mask grew wide and it resembled an eight on its side. "Please, no, Kitten… Kitten, dear… please…"

"That's what I thought. Now gather up my bags and drive me home. Now."

"Yes, Kitten. Of course."

The four teens watched as the pair walked away and disappeared. As soon as they were out of earshot, Starfire began her cursing-out of Kitten. "Glet morgaph blufe denboopler peelaploo glemborf bludempool GLUDEMPFERT!"

"We have to help him. We need to find out what this 'button' is that Kitten was talking about. And then we need to destroy it. Follow them," Raven said.

The four Titans followed the car, a pink Mustang, to a large mansion be the sea. Raven volunteered to go inside the mansion by way of teleportation and watch the couple. The rest would peek in any windows they could find.

Raven watched Kitten plop herself down on the couch and channel surf, eventually watching a roamnce-ysoap opera. It didn't take her too long to send Robin to work, fetching her chocolates and such. Raven was disgusted. Their great leader, Robin, Boy Wonder, doing a spoiled brat's dirty work. She wanted to get the chance to talk to him personally, find out what "the button" really was.

It wasn't long before she got the chance—Kitten made him take out the garbage, which required a hike down their thousand-foot long driveway.

The telekinetic watched the man sigh, pick up the bag that smelled something like truffles and wine, and trudge out the door… and trip over an oddly colored dog, a man made mostly of metal, and, of course, the Tamaranian.

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"Cyborg? Beast… STARFIRE!" The alien basically launched herself into Robin's arms.

"Oh, Robin! I am most overjoyed to see you! Though the Kitten seems to have done the washing of the brain on you. Or are you ill? Surely such a state would make the brainwashing easier to perform…"

By now Starfire was nearly cutting off Robin's air supply.

"Star…" he gasped, "I'm… really, really… hap-py… to… see… you but… I can't… bre-e-athe…"

She let him go immediately, blushing. Robin put his hands on his knees and drew in a few deep, deep breaths.

By now Robin noticed—and really noticed, not just glanced at—the other three people.

"Raven? Beastboy? Cyborg? What are youguys doing here?"

"We've come to save you from that demon," said Beastboy, pointing to the house as if it were a pile of vile bile (A/N: O.o I can't believe I just wrote that).

"Yeah, man… what's up with her?" Cyborg said, looking at the mansion with equal distaste. "What's up with you?"

Robin chuckled nervously, for whatever reason. "Uhm… she… she made me marry her…"

"We knew this, Friend Robin, but what did the Kitten do to make you do this 'holy matrimony' with her?"

"It's… it's a really, really long sto—"


Robin glanced at the house hurriedly. "Look, I really have to go. I'll talk to you guys later. If you come back at"—he glanced at his watch—"seven thirty sharp, we may be able to… ah… catch up a little. I have to… ah… go."

With that he disappeared back into the house, leaving the stinking pile of garbage outside.

"Perhaps it is just me, but that was odd, yes?"

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