Summary: I never believed in soul mates, I mean, it's all fairy tale stuff, right? The stories your parents read you to help you sleep, it's not real. At least, that's what I thought, until she entered my life. I never really realised at first, but she's mine.

A/N & Disclaimer: All right, so this is my first WW story, and I probably haven't done a particularly good job at keeping the characters the same but I've tried, and you can't fault me that. This would be a good place to say that if these were my characters they would definitely be portrayed well, but they're not, so they can't be mine. Also, one last thing, as I live in the UK (which makes it really weird writing 'mom' instead of 'mum') and I haven't seen season 6 yet, but I know a little about it from the stuff I've read so this is kind of like my take on why Donna leaves. It's like an un-filmed story that they decided against using to go for the one they filmed. My twisted mind came up with the idea and it won't leave me alone so I had to get it written.

Feedback: Feel free to tell me what you think, good or bad.

Josh's Office, West Wing, White House

"Donna!" Josh's voice shouted out to her through the semi-open door.

She sighed. Why did he always do that? He should know by now, whenever he shouted she was just outside, like she could sense she was needed. She took a quick gulp of coffee before entering her boss's office.

"What?" She asked him shortly.

"Sit down," his face was unreadable but his eyes had that teasing spark they often did.

She grudgingly sat down, she was sure she could guess what was coming, it was always the same. He would tease her about something, she would get annoyed, he'd say something, she'd storm off and by the end of the day they'd be back together; Josh and Donna, a team once again.

"How was your date last night?"

Donna had been taking another mouthful of coffee and began choking at his question. 'Or not,' she thought with some surprise.

"It was good," she lied to him; she couldn't take another day-after evaluation of her bad taste in men off him.

Josh knew she was lying, he wasn't stupid. She was the person he knew and could read the best, which was odd when you factored in that she was one of the most emotionally closed-off people he knew. Even still he didn't push it, he didn't really want the conversation again either, although it was fun just to see her cute pale face frown in annoyance. He smiled at the thought.

"Good," Josh said. "In that case can you get me the file for that meeting I have later?"

"Sure," she said standing up, even more surprised by his behaviour.

He'd kept quiet, he knew she was lying and he still hadn't said anything, Donna couldn't help but be surprised. This was Josh after all. The same Josh who was quite happy to point out any faults if she was miserable, just so she could get the disappointment all over at once, and yet here he was keeping quiet. How could she not be surprised?

She grabbed his file off her desk and brought it back. "Here," she said, placing it neatly on his desk.

He smiled his thanks; she sat back in the chair, now it was Josh's turn to say,


"I just wanted to say, you were right," she said it with a heartfelt smile, grateful for him being in such a un-Josh-like mood.

"I often am," Josh said with nearly a straight face, making Donna give a short burst of laughter. "What about this time?"

"You said I was wasting my time with him. You were right. And I know I wasn't very nice to you when you said it, but I appreciate you looking out for me. You're like my big brother." She gave him a hug before leaving the room.

- - - - - - - -

'Brother…Brother…I'm like her brother?' The thought kept replaying in his mind. 'I just can't believe that after all this time that's still all she sees me as. We've been working together for six years now and she still only sees me as a brother!'

When Josh first saw her he thought she was weird, he'd be the first person to admit that, but she grew on him and vice versa. She was more than just an assistant to him, and she was more than a sister, too. They both knew every little habit each of them had, they helped each other, and they looked out for each other. He wasn't sure if he could have got through some of things he'd faced if she wasn't there with me. They were more like best friends; they connected in ways that made him shiver when he thought about it. Even Sam didn't know him as well as Donna did and it annoyed him to think that still she only thought of him as a brother. Not a friend, or a best friend, but a brother!

'I suppose it's better than her just seeing me as a boss but still…Hold on, why am I even bothering about this? What time is it? Oh, God, it's 7.30, I've been thinking about this for four hours and I have a date in one hour.'

"Donna!" He shouted for the second time that day.

She came in with a bright smile on her face this time.

"Oh Josh, good. I was beginning to think you'd died or something, you've been quiet so long." There was humour in her voice that matched that beautiful smile of hers.

"Ha," he answered dryly and sarcastically. "As much as I would love to sit here and make some fun out of you, I have to go. Do I have anything else scheduled?"

"That meeting, the one you made me get the folder for you for…You have looked at it, right?" She was looking at him with one of her famous scolding looks, like she's annoyed and about to roll her eyes but doesn't want to make it too obvious just how frustrated with him she is.

"Uh…no," he answered sheepishly, shrinking under her hard glare.

He began to panic. There was no doubt in his mind that he was about to face Donna's wrath, again, and then he'd wind up being late and he'd have to deal with Kim too. There had to be a way out of this. Then her eyes brightened and sparkled and a grin spread over her face.

"Relax Josh, I moved it to midday tomorrow. I wouldn't have done if Kim hadn't phoned to remind you about your date tonight." She raised her eyebrows at him. "Who's Kim?"

Relief was washing over him so quickly that Josh wasn't sure what to say at first. "She's a uh…She's an assistant at Stanley's office. Leo made me go see him again and I met her there."

"Hmm," Donna said, picking his backpack up for him as he stood up to put his coat on. "What's she like?"

"I don't know. This is our first date, the 'getting to know each other' night."

Donna nodded slowly, "Is she pretty?"

"Of course," Josh said with a smug smile.

They were leaving his office now and heading towards the front entrance.

"Prettier than me?" Donna asked, a sweet innocent look on her face.

Josh looked over at her and grinned. "Absolutely," he announced as he put his badge into the machine to leave the building.

Donna hit him playfully on the arm as she too put her card in and they left the White House.

"You want me to help you get ready?" Donna asked.

She was always at a loose end when they finished early. She was used to the late-night sessions in the office, if they ever did finish early she ended up going home and taking a stack of work with her but she forgot to bring any out with her tonight. Josh was well aware of this fact and took pity on his assistant.

"Sure, you can pick me out some clothes while I have a shower."

Josh saw her nod before she went oddly quiet and the two of them walked to his apartment.

- - - - - - - -

Josh's Apartment

Donna looked around his apartment and smiled, it still looked the same bombsite mess.

"You still haven't tidied," she remarked.

Josh shrugged, "I'm never here to, and when I am I can't be bothered so what's the point? Besides, I know where everything is."

She considered his words and nodded. "I guess…Go take a shower, I'll sort your clothes out."

"Yes, mom," Josh muttered as he went into his bathroom.

Donna entered his bedroom and headed straight for his wardrobe.

"You have no clean shirts," she said, to herself more than him since he was in the bathroom after all. "Why does that not surprise me?"

She looked around his room and could see no sign of any clean clothes so she went back into the main part of his apartment. She looked around.

'He really does need to tidy this mess up,' she thought with frustration until she spotted a small bag in the corner.


She headed over and the relief she felt was instantaneous when she realised it was clean and folded. She rummaged through until she found a shirt. Normally she would have ironed it for him but it had taken so long for her to even find a shirt in the first place she was scared to try and find an iron. She'd just ask him when he got out of the shower. She grabbed him a pair of trousers from the bag and headed back into his bedroom. She didn't hear the water stop running so didn't know he was out of the shower until she walked back into his room to find him stood there with a towel around his waist and water dripping from his hair and down his chest and stomach.

'Oh God,' not for the first time, Donna found herself wishing her skin wasn't so pale and sensitive as she felt the blush creeping up into her cheeks. Josh didn't seem to notice though as he grinned at her.

"You sorted my clothes?"

She held out the trousers to him. "Where's your iron? This needs doing."

He took the trousers from her outstretched hand. "In the kitchen. Second cupboard on the right."

"Oh…" Donna said, wondering why it would possibly be in there. "Alright, back in a minute."

She quickly fled from the room, feeling her discomfort fade as she got further from the bedroom. She went to the cupboard he'd said and plugged the iron in, taking deep calming breaths as she waited for it to heat up. She had to lay the shirt on the counter since there was no sign of an ironing board, which, knowing Josh was probably laying underneath his bed because nothing was ever where it should be in this flat. She gave it a quick once-over but was careful to take all the creases. Just as she was finishing, Josh came out of the bedroom. His trousers were on and his hair was damp and sticking up in funny positions but he was still topless. Donna fought the blush that tried to rise once more.

"Here's your shirt," she told him curtly, handing it to him as she passed on her way to his bathroom.

"Thanks," he said slowly, even his tone sounded like the frown his face was showing.

She was back out a minute later, glad to see his shirt was on.

"Come here," she said pulling him towards her.


"You can't go out looking like that," she commented with a small giggle.

She lowered his head and ran the comb she had just got from the bathroom through it. She lifted his head once more, cupping his face with her hands.

"Much better," she remarked with a smile, as she looked him up and down critically.

His baby blue shirt hung casually over his black trousers and his hair no longer had that just-got-out-of-bed look but rather had its normal Josh-like quality. She lowered her head to look him over again but stopped when she met his eyes. He was looking at her intently and he was so close she could feel his breath on her skin.

"Thank you," he said quietly.

And suddenly it was too much for Donna to handle. She quickly let go of his face and moved back, nearly to the other side of the room.

"No problem, now hurry up. You don't want to be late for your first date do you?"

If he noticed the abruptness in her tone or her sudden change in attitude he didn't let it show. Instead he nodded and grabbed his jacket to protect himself from the chilling breeze outside. He was headed to the door but stopped and turned back to look at Donna oddly.

"Are you going to stay here all night? Because people will talk." He was joking, she knew and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Actually, can I just hang around for a bit? I'll be gone before you get back," she promised him.

"No problem," Josh said giving her a smile before he opened the door.

"And Josh?" She called before he shut it. He turned to look at her before he was done. "Good luck." His smile turned to a grin before the door closed and Donna was left in his apartment alone.

She let out a deep breath. She hadn't exactly been holding it, but there seemed to be a lot of air inside her.

'Get a grip Donnatella,' she warned herself mentally. 'He's your boss.'

Giving an almost lovesick sigh, Donna sat on Josh's couch before deciding that, since she wasn't actually doing anything, she may as well make herself useful and began tidying Josh's apartment. She left at around midnight and felt a pang of jealousy that Josh still wasn't back.