"Master and Slave"

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto - it belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Summary: Sasuke owns Naruto as a slave. Even through the pain can the two overcome it all, or will it all end in suffering?

Warnings: Torture, N/C, Slavery. And of course, YAOI!


Chapter 1:

Master Sasuke, Slave Naruto

Naruto, a slave, a slut, a whore. He belonged to Uchiah Sasuke - a gift from his brother. Such a rebellious boy, such great spirit. It had only been a week since he was purchased and he had foolishly tried to escape. Itachi, who had been the very one to buy Naruto for Sasuke, told him that he would leave any punishment to Sasuke, but if he tried it again then he would be under the impression that his younger brother did not do it properly and would take care of him. Sasuke was to teach his slave that he was nothing but property, and property did not have a will of ITS own.

Sasuke walked through the dimly lit corridor of the Uchiah Mansion, heading towards where his 'property' was being held. As he came to the doorway he turned to the two guards standing in front it.

"Leave," he ordered in one word. The guards didn't need to be told twice and left immediately.

The youngest Uchiah opened the door and walked in, closing it behind him. It was a dark room and a complete square. On the floor sat a teenage boy in an orange outfit and a metal collar around his neck connected to a chain embedded into the wall, ensuring that he could not run away. The boy was the slave Naruto.

"So," Sasuke spoke to his slave, who did not look up from the floor, "you think that it is okay for you to simply try and run away?"

Plant the seeds of hatred…

Naruto gave no answer. He would not allow these people to bring him down. He was too strong for that. He allowed a small smirk to slide on his lips.

"Hn, look at you, sitting down there and smirking as if you actually achieved anything." Sasuke bent down and placed his hand on Naruto's chin, raising his face at eye level to his own. "My Naruto."

Naruto flared. "I am not your fucking slave! YOU DON'T OWN ME!"

A crazed smile crept upon Sasuke's gorgeous face. "Oh, don't I? Look at where you are, with a chain around your neck! You were bought and given to me. I DO own you, you ARE mine. You're my little bitch, and we'll have so much fun together."

Naruto growled and slapped Sasuke's hand away, only to have it returned by a blow to the face - a backhand from Sasuke. The force of the hit knocked him to the floor and Sasuke chuckled.

Nurture them well…

Sasuke threw one leg over Naruto and straddled his waist.

"You should be grateful that we took you in, that we took you from the slave trade, that we got you away from the streets," Sasuke said.

"I was happier on the streets. Get off of me you bastard!" Naruto shouted.

Naruto received yet another sharp slap to the face. "Remember that I am the master and you are the slave. You do not give me orders, I give them to you. If I want to be on top of you – for any reason at all – then I'll do it." Sasuke rocked his hips a little, rubbing his crotch against Naruto's to make his point more clear. "Understand slave?"

In Naruto's eyes Sasuke could see the hatred, the rebellious look in his eyes. This really would be fun, teaching this 'dog' to obey every command that he gave him. Sasuke had always loved control, and now he had a lot more of it.

Sasuke had not made use of his slave yet, but he soon would. He wanted to wait for the right moment, when his excitement and pleasure would be at an all-high. Deciding that his slave had had enough for now he got up.

"Before I go I will give you one warning - do not try to escape again. You will not succeed, and my brother, the man who purchased you for me, will be the one to punish you next time. I promise you that if that happens it will be far worse than you will beg and grovel for forgiveness. And you will remember that you are me and submit to me. Remember that." With that said Sasuke opened the door, exited and closed it behind him, leaving Naruto alone in the dark.

Sasuke walked back down the corridor silently thinking about his brother. If his slave really did try to run away again then Itachi would punish him. He knew how cruel his brother could be, in fact, the word 'cruel' was an understatement. And if he really did inflict some type of torture on Naruto then the boy might become tame. That was something Sasuke wanted to do, tame the boy himself.

Lost in thought Sasuke did not realize his brother leaning against the wall in front of him until he spoke.

"How did things go?" Itachi asked.

Broken out of his chain of thought Sasuke looked up at his older brother. A second of silence was finally broken by his response, "Yes."

"Then I trust that 'it' will not attempt anything so stupid again, correct?"

"He will not do it again," Sasuke assured him.

Though Itachi's stoic mask did not come off something about his eyes said that he was not convinced. Nevertheless, he didn't challenge his younger brother's word. "Good, because I am sure that you would not enjoy the sight of me making your slave scream in horror and pain as I slowly torture him. But we cannot have him embarrass this family. How do you think it would look upon us if we allowed a slave to escape? Keep him in check and I will not have to intervene."

Saying no more, the two Uchiahs parted ways.

Give them blood and corruption…

In his 'cell' Naruto sat with his back against the wall thinking angrily about what had just happened.

'How dare that damn boy touch me! I swear I'll kill him, that bastard,' he thought. How dare they do this to him, buy him as if he were some animal. He was a human damn it. What right did they have to lock him up like this, what right did they have to hit him, what right did they have to use him like some slut!

He hadn't been used yet, but Naruto knew that that boy planned, and soon. He had to escape. Life on the streets may not have been glamorous, but at least his friends were out there.

That was it. He was going to get out of here even if it killed him. Let them try to stop him, no way would he let them use him.

Watch them grow into fruition…


Next Chapter: "Escape Attempt". Naruto attempts another escape, invoking Itachi's wrath.

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