"Master and Slave"

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Summary: Sasuke owns Naruto as a slave. Even through the pain can the two overcome it all, or will it all end in suffering?

Warnings: Torture, N/C, Slavery. And of course, YAOI!


Chapter: 4

Interesting Conversations


Sasuke walked through the hallway of his house until he reached the door to his room. With an angry thrust he threw it open and slammed it shut behind him.

'My life is shit…,' he thought.

He had only been out with Sakura for an hour and they had gotten into a heated argument. Sakura was talking about how she knew about him having a slave and that she was fine with it for now. He was, "after all, a teenaged boy with needs", as she put it. Then came her silly demands about how the slave would have to go after she was married to him and how she would be the only thing he could pay any attention to.

Of course, Sasuke told her off, talking about how no one told him what to do and if he wanted to keep a slave for any reason then it wasn't any of her business and she could go to hell.

Now, he was regretting that massive mistake. He knew that if Sakura told her parents, and she probably would, then they would call his parents and tell them what happened. To say that that would not end well would be an understatement.

'God, my life is shitty…'

Sasuke sat on his bed and sighed in annoyance. He envied his brother. He never had to suffer in situations like this, even though Sasuke couldn't figure out why. Sasuke was feeling a lot of tension at the moment. Maybe his slave could fix that…

Sasuke got up and walked to his door. He opened it, but he froze in his tracks. His brother, Itachi, stood there, gazing down at him with penetrating eyes.

"We need to talk, Sasuke," his brother said and walked in the room, closing te door beind himself.


'You want him…' said a voice in Naruto's head.

'Shut up,' the boy said back, closing his eyes tightly to try and block the voice out, to no avail.

'Why? You know I am correct in my assumption. You want the Uchiha boy too fuck you.'


Naruto snapped his eyes open, no longer seeing himself in his tiny cell, but standing in front of a large cage with a paper seal on it. The atmosphere was darkish-red, and the echo of dripping water could be heard in the distance.

Suddenly, red eyes glowed behind the cage and the face of a giant fox appeared.

"Naruto…" the fox said in a booming voice.

"Bastard fox…," Naruto retorted back.

The Kyuubi chuckled lightly. "Always amusing. You insult me, yet I do not see you refusing to use my plan to get you out of this… situation, which you got yourself into, with all of your intelligence and wisdom," the demon finished in a sardonic manner. "Nor did you complain when I healed you after being whipped."

Naruto hated his demon, but he had no choice but to listen to him. "So that was you who put that damn plan to seduce Sasuke into my head!" Naruto shouted indigently, but he did not deny his interest in the idea.

"That should be axiomatic. But yes, it was I," responded Kyuubi. "And if you want to escape this place then I suggest you listen to me."

Naruto balled his hand into a fist. "Yeah, and why are you se eager to help me? Since when have you ever cared?!"

The demon chuckled once more. "Dear boy, you always matter to me. Your wellbeing is my greatest concern!" he said, sounding offended by Naruto's comment. "After all, I can't have my current vessel be a slave to another mortal."

"If that's the case then why don't you give me some of your fucking power so I can break out, instead of some plan to degrade myself?" the blond asked.

"Because," Kyuubi said, "this way is far more entertaining. Manipulating mortals always is."

"Bastard…" Naruto repeated before relenting. "Fine. What do I have to do?"


Sasuke sat back down on his bed. "Alright, Itachi, what did you want?"

Itachi stood over his younger brother, albeit at a comfortable distance. "I have just spoken with our parents," he said, noting a surprised look in Sasuke's eyes.

"And, what did the want?" Sasuke asked.

"They believe that it is time for you to become more involved with the family business. Therefore, I have been entrusted with telling you exactly what our business is."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Tell me, Sasuke, do you believe in the supernatural?"

Now Sasuke just stared at his older brother with a confused expression. Then he simply said, "No."

"Neither did I, when I was first told. However, little brother, there are things in this world that are…inhuman. It has been the Uchiha clan, and many others, who have dealt with such things for generations, clandestinely, of course," Itachi finished explaining.

Sasuke looked incredulous. "And how am I suppose to believe all of this," he asked, thinking this could be some sort of joke, and at the same time knowing hat his brother never jokes.

"Allow me to continue. The Uchiha clan captures any supernatural entity that they can find and strips it of its mystical energies. We then sell it to the highest bidder on the black market. Do you know how much one would pay for these types of energy, Sasuke? No, I suppose you do not."

Sasuke was trying not to believe all of this, but something was telling him that it was all true. "And why did our parents chose to tell me this now?" he inquired.

Itachi's gaze intensified, making Sasuke uncomfortable. "Though there are many beings with mystic energy to be caught, there are nine demons which are paramount to them all. However, these demons were so dangerous that they were sealed away into human vessels. The curse forces the demons to be resealed in the closest relative of the current container when he or she dies. Many have sought out these humans, wanting the demonic power for themselves. However, it has been difficult to locate any of them, and many who did find even one have died from the fatal meeting."

Sasuke was getting impatient. "What does any of this have to do with me?!"

"Your slave, Naruto, is one of the nine human containers."

Sasuke froze. He could not believe his ears. How was any of this possible? It couldn't be true! His little slut, holding enormous power inside of him. No, not possible! "If what you say is true, then why doesn't he use the demon to escape this place?"

"I do not know. Nor do I know which demon he holds inside of him. After he was discovered our parents instructed me to capture him, and give him to you. Imagine discovering one of the legendary demons, the power one could achieve. The plan is to break the human's spirit to the point where he will be our willing slave. With the power of one of the nine demons we can crush all our enemies. That is where you come in, Sasuke. You will be the one to control the boy. If you can not, then I will take him from you and do it myself. You must not bring ignominy to our family name, Sasuke."

Sasuke was still having a hard time believing all of this. It was just so incredible! Apparently, Itachi could see this.

"If you need proof, then come to my room tomorrow. There you will see…" Itachi turned and walked out the door, making his overcoat flutter in an overdramatic and unnecessary manner as he exited the room.

About ten moments passed, and Sasuke was still staring down at his feet in disbelief. How was it even possible? Demons and the supernatural…nonsense, wasn't it? Enough. Sasuke got up and walked to here his intercom system as attached to the wall. He buzzed for the one of the guards on duty and waited for a reply.

"Yes, Uchiha sir?" came a voice from the system.

"Have someone bring me my slave," Sasuke ordered.

"Right away, sir."


"What do you have to do?" Kyuubi repeated. "Exactly what I have bee telling you. Seduce him, slowly. Make yourself so irresistible to him that you become in control. Make him addicted to the point where he will do anything to have you. Once you are in control, you can make him let you go."

"Okay," said the blond, "not seeing your logic."

"Silence, boy. I have been manipulating mortals eons before you were even born. Do not presume to understand me. Just follow my instruction and watch as my plans come into fruition."

Naruto scowled. "Fine but you don't have to be so damn grumpy about it!"

"Boy, I am a demon who has been sealed for generations. Excuse me if I am a little 'grumpy', as you so blatantly put it."

"Whatever. So how the hell do I seduce the bastard?"

The fox's grin widened. Suddenly, bubbling red energy seeped out of the bars and formed a fox head, which stared at Naruto for a moment. Then the energy twisted and changed, taking a human mold. When it was done it looked exactly like Naruto, only it had glowing red eyes.

"What the hell?!" Naruto shouted.

"Clam down, boy," said the red-eyed Naruto, but in the voice of the fox. This is a mere manifestation of myself, an avatar, if you will. My true form remains sealed safely behind those bars."

Naruto calmed down. "So what's with the whole clone thing?"

The demonic Naruto smiled, revealing sharp fangs. "I just thought it would be amusing. Apparently, I was right."

Kyuubi moved forward and grabbed Naruto by the arm. He spun the boy around and pulled Naruto's back tightly to his hard chest. It was then that Naruto noticed that his clothes had vanished at some point, leaving him completely exposed.

"What the—what are you doing?!" He shouted, struggling to release himself from the demon's grasp, but utterly failing to do so.

"Shh," the fox blew into his captive's ear, making him relax. "We're just going to have some fun."

"Perverted fox," said Naruto.

Kyuubi moved his hand down Naruto's cock, stroking it lightly, causing it to become semi-erected. Naruto moaned, not even bothering to try and get away, knowing that it would be useless.

"The next time that your 'master' calls you to his bed, try to pleasure him. And don't try to tell me you don't know how."

"Yeah, I know how. I've just never, well, seduced anyone before," Naruto moaned out, the slow, rhythmic strokes of Kyuubi's hand delivering almost overwhelming measures of pleasure.

"That is what I am here for, dearest Naruto," Kyuubi said sarcastically.

"So, what am I suppose to do?"

Kyuubi continued stroking, and opened his mouth. An unnaturally long tongue extended from his lips and licked Naruto's cheek, causing him to shiver. Satisfied, the demon kept talking. "Well, first things first, try to avoid letting him fuck you for now. Try to make him wait as long as possible. Find other ways to satisfy him for now. For instance, try giving him a blowjob. That is what you humans call fellatio these days, correct?

Naruto didn't respond, and Kyuubi didn't bother to wait for a response anyway.

"This boy, Sasuke, enjoys control. Fellatio is an act of submission. You bow to him, take a part of him into your mouth, and pleasure him. And when he is done, you swallow his semen."

"WHAT?!" Naruto shouted.

Kyuubi stopped stroking and squeezed, causing Naruto to hiss in pain. "Do not interrupt me, hildboy. If you wish to ensnare the boy then you will do as I say. If you swallow his semen then he will be all the more aroused. Though if you really have a problem with that, you could let it slowly dribble out of your mouth, which can also be pleasing. But do not spit it out. That can shown signs of rejection."

"You seem to know a lot about how to fuck a human," Naruto said slyly.

"Are you attempting to form some type of innuendo?" Kyuubi asked, his voice sounding dangerous.

"No, not at all," Naruto said, knowing when he was pushing his luck.

"Good." Kyuubi released Naruto's cock and then let him go. He walked the opposite direction of Naruto. "Listen to what I tell you and you can not fail. I am your savior, Naruto, and I am you."

"Stupid fox, always speaking bullshit," Naruto mumbled so lowly that no one should have been able to hear it. But he heard a swishing sound, and suddenly Kyuubi was standing in front of him as if via teleportation.

"Boy," Kyuubi growled, "I suggest you be more careful with your speech. I can leave you here to rot, if you'd like!" Kyuubi bared his fangs dangerously, as if about to attack.

Naruto felt a flicker of fear course through him and shivered. He shook it off. "Alright, fine. I'll listen to you," he told the fox.

Kyuubi smiled wickedly. "Good. Now, I'm afraid that we have run out of time. But we can finish later. Just remember what I said, Naruto…"

Everything went dark, so dark that Naruto could no longer see anything. He closed his eyes, and when he reopened them he saw the walls of his cell again. He jumped when he heard the door open.

"Master Uchiha requests to see you I his room," spoke the guard.

Naruto grinned. 'Perfect,' he thought.


Sasuke was lying on his bed, waiting for the guards to bring him his slave. In the meantime he pondered what Itachi had said. His slave, that little blond goofball, having a being of great power inside of him! It couldn't be possible, it just couldn't be!

His thoughts were interrupted when a knock came from his door.

"Come in," he answered.

The door opened and a guard walked in holding the chain connected to Naruto's collar. The blond looked at the Uchiha with sultry eyes.

"You may go now," Sasuke said to the guard.

The guard removed the collar around Naruto's neck, bowed, and left, being sure to close the door.

Sasuke got up and walked towards Naruto. "Well, my little pet, I been hearing some very interesting stories about you."

Naruto simply stared at the taller boy, saying nothing.

''But don't worry about that. We have other…things… to occupy our time." Sasuke said slyly.

Sasuke put his hand on Naruto's chin and grinned his smug little grin. "I enjoyed our session together the other night, didn't you?" he asked. "Of course you did," he answered himself in an assured voice.

"Do you want to enjoy yourself tonight?" Naruto asked in a lascivious voice.

Sasuke was caught off guard. He narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Let me show you," Naruto responded.

The blond walked to Sasuke's large bed and sat down, waiting for his master to follow. Sasuke moved cautiously toward his slave, and when he was in arms distance of the boy Naruto grabbed him and threw him on the bed.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke demanded.

"What I'm suppose to do. I'm your save, right? I have to make you feel good. This doesn't mean that I'm giving up or being submissive. I just think that while I'm here I should play along," the blond explained.

Naruto threw one leg over Sasuke, sitting on his waist. Sasuke wanted to push him off, but his body wouldn't let him. He was suppose to be in control, damn it! But he was too excited.

Naruto ran his hands up Sasuke's shirt and pulled it up, exposing his well-muscled chest and abs. Naruto bent his head down and licked the flesh, tasting it as he trailed upward, rolling his tongue over one nipple when he reached it. Sasuke's breath got deeper.

Sasuke did not like the fact that he was the one being played with. But he did like what was being done to him. He wanted more, crave it. He had no idea that his slave had such talents. But if he really had some powerful demon inside of him, one would think he'd have a bit more pride than this. Sasuke jerked when Naruto's hand reached his pants.

"What are you doing?!" demanded Sasuke.

Now it was Naruto's turn to grin. "Relax. I'm just doing what I'm suppose to. You might as well get something out of me… while I'm here," Naruto added quickly.

"Hmph," Sasuke grunted, turning his head to the side. "You still think you're going to escape? You even stupider than I thought."

Any other time Naruto's pride would have forced him to shout some smart-ass retort. But he knew better than that right now. He just continued with his act of seduction. "Come on, you know you want to have some fun, master."

Sasuke shivered. Hearing that last word that Naruto spoke excited him so much. He could feel his dick growing a little, but he struggled to control himself. Naruto moved his body so that he was sitting on Sasuke's legs.

Sasuke decided to let Naruto have his way, just this once. After this he would resume his command. After all, it would be fun to let the slave think that he had gained some kind of control, and then snatch it away from him in an instant.

Naruto unzipped Sasuke's pants. Naruto put one of his hands on top of Sasuke's cock through the boxers, following up by slipping his other hand under Sasuke's balls with his free hand. Sasuke's breathing increased; he closed his eyes, struggling to keep control of his body's reactions. Naruto had to smile at his master's futile efforts. He could feel blood slowly flowing into the veins of Sasuke's cock. The blond rubbed the top of Sasuke's dick through the boxers, causing Sasuke to jump slightly. Then he rolled his balls around. Naruto could feel Sasuke's heartbeat increase from the veins in the gradually growing member. He chuckled, but Sasuke did not hear it - he was lost in a state a pleasure.

"You like this…master?" Naruto

Sasuke's eyes snapped open at that for the second time. That did it. He felt like he was on fire. Sasuke's cock stretched to full length, forming a large tent in his boxers. Naruto was sickened by what he was about to force himself to do, but he put on a smile and kept at it.

Naruto moved his body down until his face was directly overtop of the large lump in Sasuke's underwear. He wrapped his hand around the clothed erection and stroked it lightly. Sasuke gasped and hips twisted somewhat. Naruto grinned, knowing that he had forced his "master" into a state of submission without knowing it. Right now Naruto was in control, even if he was defiling himself to achieve it. He continued his actions.

"It's so big," Naruto purred and leaned his head down and stuck his tongue out. He gently licked the tip of the bulge in his hand, tasting cloth. Sasuke's body shivered as chills shot through him, engendered by Naruto's work. Naruto raised his head but continued stroking. "MMMMM…" Naruto moaned, "I want to suck you off, master. I want you to cum in my mouth. I'll swallow, I promise. Will you let me?" he requested in the most lustful tone of voice he could, which was surprisingly effective.

Sasuke looked up at Naruto, his slave, his little bitch, and did not even conceive of any deeply thought-out plan or demonically possessed vessels. All that was on his mind was how he must have been having some clout over his slave, how he had managed to finally make Naruto see that there was no way out, and this was his future. He did not know just how wrong he was. He grinned. "Continue," he ordered.

"Yes…master," Naruto said.

Naruto stopped stroking Sasuke's clothed cock and put his hands on the rim of Sasuke's boxers. He slid them down, revealing the erection in full view. It stood straight up, pale and slender. Naruto leaned down and licked the head of Sasuke's cock. The enlarged flesh jumped at the feeling of the wet tongue. Naruto tasted the salty, musty skin that was arousing and masculine.

Naruto went further down, taking in as much as he could.

"Mmm," Sasuke moaned involuntarily.

Naruto started to move his head up and sown, being careful not to scrape the flesh with his teeth despite the desire to do so. He licked Sasuke's dick as he bobbed his head.

"Shit," Naruto heard Sasuke utter. Sasuke moved his hips slightly, bucking upwards in pleasure. Naruto wanted to grin, but the fact that he had a hard dick in his mouth made that impossible.

Sasuke's hands moved to Naruto's head, grabbing his hair and shoving him further down. Naruto chocked a little before adjusting himself. He heard Sasuke breathing deeper than before. The demon vessel sucked deeply. He started to rub Sasuke's balls with one of his hands. Naruto circled his head around the member, forming a sucking vortex with his mouth. Naruto forced his head up and left only the head of Sasuke's penis in-between his lips. He slipped his tongue into the slit.

"Oh….GOD!" cried Sasuke. His hips raised his hips into the air and felt pure pleasure. Several pulses shot through his cock, lasting for what seemed like an eternity, even though it was only a few seconds. When it was over Sasuke lowered himself onto the bed again. He felt completely relaxed, as if he could lie there forever. He heard something like a sloshing sound and looked up.

Naruto was moving his lips around. He opened his mouth for a few, succinct seconds. Sasuke saw a white fluid inside his slave opened maw. He stared for a while before realizing what the liquid was. Just as he reached his inference Naruto closed his mouth and swallowed hard. Sasuke shivered. He couldn't believe it. Naruto said he would swallow it, but he didn't think he had meant it! It seemed so…disgusting, but, for some inexorable reason, Sasuke found himself turned on by the action.

"Well, master, I will go back to my cell now, I guess."

Sasuke paused before responding. "No," he said. "You will stay here for tonight. You can sleep in my bed.

Naruto blinked. "If you say so…master."

Naruto lied down on the bed, and he could hear the Kyuubi chuckling in his head before the demon spoke to him:

"You see, Naruto? I am the quintessence of intelligence. Only do as I say and the world will lie at your feet."


Next Chapter: Power

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