Fic: Elderly Pets Author: josieh

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: Mature Audiences (M/M sexual content! And themes)

It's an AU!... The Premise: A hundred and fifty years after the final battle with the Senior Partners… Demons rule the world. The luckier humans are pets…. Most are bred for food. Spike survived, and in the early days found Xander at an auction, purchased him and did what Spike does best…. Made the most of it.

Author's Note: Don't own the characters etc and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give them life.
The elderly human Pet leaned quietly against his Master's thigh. His knees were calloused from nearly a hundred and fifty years of kneeling at his Master's feet. In private, he was always allowed on the couch or the bed with Master, and he had 'Pet's special chair' to curl up on when Master's friends were present, or Master was out.

Unless the event was significant, these days his Master allowed him to stay at home. The cold played havoc with old joints, and the continuing fashion of keeping slaves adorned in aught but jewels, chains and precious metal or leather restraints gave no protection in the winter months.

In earlier times, he had run proudly with the Master vampire, delighting in the pretense of hunting, sprinting competitively for the sheer joy of the feeling, and feeling satisfaction as his Master was congratulated on such an athletic and trustworthy Pet. Xander had always delighted in the golden eyes and fang filled grin as Spike inevitably pulled him to the ground for a 'post hunt tussle' if they were alone.

Xander used to walk easily. These days he simply tried to manage, concealing the pain his hips and knees brought him from his keeper. He swung the hip chains, particularly when they were with company, as adeptly as any old pro might, but at a cost. Spike dearly loved his now silver haired slave with a passion, and hurt along with his beloved charge, as the master vampire noted each wince and occasional undisguised look of pain as his pet moved to try yet again to please his Master.

Xander still 'looked good', though the skin had lost its elasticity, and he was obviously less muscular than he had been in his prime. The greatest worry was the bruising, and the fact that Spike's bites were now taking almost a week to heal, even with the boost of vampire blood and delicately, lovingly applied saliva from the Master.

Xander knew a decision had to be made soon. There would come a day, in the not too distant future, when moving would no longer be an option… when even with the best of drugs and all possible surgery, his Master could no longer fix the mortal body. He wasn't sad. Indeed he knew he'd been blessed. His Master had never failed to remind him how much he was loved. In word or deed, for one and a half centuries since he had been purchased, Spike, his beloved Master had reminded him that he had been chosen specifically; that he belonged; that he was owned and would always be cared for; and that above all, he was loved… deeply, dearly and unconditionally. And because of all that, they both knew. Soon it would be time. He'd had a 'good innings', as Master would put it…. and Master always knew best. Xander accepted, but in truth, it was Master who could not bear saying goodbye. Xander's longevity was due to taking small amounts of the Master's blood, but he was not immortal. And they had always known this would come, but Spike had refused to turn his beauty, no matter his age. Yet to be kind, Spike must, one day soon, provide his most treasured possession and dearest friend with the final gift…. Death.

Spike's blood tinged tears flowed in private whenever this final decision was raised… Yet Xander knew that somehow his legacy would live on.

After some seventy years of non breeding, Spike had relented regards Xander and reproduction. Consequently the brunette had sired only eighty seven beautiful children that he knew of. Thirteen of them, out of five prize female slaves, Spike had kept for the Aurelian Stud. Xander never met the mothers. The Master vampire was uncomfortable with the whole breeding business, and indeed, had disallowed Xander from actually coupling with the human 'brood mares', only agreeing to have them clinically impregnated with his seed. It had been a relief for his Pet. Xan was not comfortable with partnering with females since his enslavement. Master was the only coupling he wished for… ever. He knew that after his death, they would continue to use his sperm, they'd both had many years to become used to the idea that Master would monitor the number and care of his progeny.

Eleven of the thirteen offspring claimed for the household had thankfully remained in the ownership of the Spike to date. Nine were girls, and of those, four were natural witches, so there was a vested interest in keeping them as breeding stock… with appropriate training of course. The other 'normal' girls, all came from mothers with a history of multiple births, certainly seen as an economical advantage to the breeding program. He and his pet had been pleased by the apparent familial cohesion in the female enclosure. Spike intended to 'turn' one of the girls at a later date if possible, though had good reason to wait, and it was beneficial that they matured and produced offspring first anyway. A pretty Vampire sired of the family stud stock would certainly bolster his standing in the demon community as he would take no other life partner after Xan 'passed on'.

For all his bravado, Spike still preferred his female pets to express a desire to mate with a particular breeding male. He was reknowned for releasing several eligible individuals into the holding areas for weeks at a time. Fortunately with DNA identification, it was easy to determine the bloodline if there was any confusion. Whenever possible, Spike then purchased the preferred male partners from their owners and established breeding pairs. His radical methods and success rate as breeder in the latter years had become legendary.

Xander really had no idea of the number of his grandchildren now. He was sure Spike kept stud records but he'd never asked.

Sadly two of Xander's male offspring had displayed tendencies toward aggression and rebellion early in their lives, exhibiting rash and dangerous behavior, and the urge for independent procreation, even with their female relatives. After consultation with one of the local Pet doctors, it was decided that they be removed from Spike's 'herd' and were consequently sold to a local breeder. The demon had reportedly determined that the best course of action was that they be 'fixed'. After the removal of their vocal chords and testes, the geldings were reportedly now far calmer, and Xander was told by one of Spike's staff that his two silent sons were excellent eunuchs in the demon's prize herd, and that he should be proud. Spike never spoke of them, appearing noticeably distressed if they were ever mentioned by visitors. Xander was touched by the depth of his Master's concern.

The elderly pet had initially worried about his eldest, John. At six foot six, the athletic, sandy haired, quiet man, along with Xander's youngest son, Daniel, were still fully capable of breeding and perfectly suited to their roles. Xander had observed them responding well to their training, holding form and moving with the grace he had once possessed. But as 'stallion' stock, he noted that his eldest was disinterested in the females he was required to 'cover', failing to engage with the partner if simply left to his own devices.

Spike's staff had taken to habitually injecting the man immediately before any coupling activity to 'enhance his performance'. They would then send in another male slave to stimulate his organ by hand or vibrator cuff and force him forward into the restrained female at the moment of ejaculation. Spike and Xander had been thrilled to learn when the boy had finally been paired with a gay stable mate. Two months ago Spike had casually mentioned to his Pet that the two were thriving more than ever and his eldest's long term prospects as breeding male was secure.

Xander's youngest boy was the real prize…. the pride of his Master's stud. Handsome thighs, coupled with well developed, highly trained arms, taut torso and powerful back… and a libido to match. He was tall, with dark features like his father, and had been pampered and worked until at his peak from the very first day of puberty until now at nearing eighty (longevity inherited and condition enhanced by small amounts of Spike's blood). Obedient to a fault in his actions, Daniel still maintained a fire in his gaze that implied his father's keen intelligence and fine spirit. Other owners often asked Spike to allow Daniel to cover their prettiest breeders in the hope of creating a similar beauty. Spike was most discerning, however, and to date only one hundred and four progeny had been produced. But those were all reportedly exquisite.


Xander snapped from his reverie. The meeting was in full swing and he noted a young human male slave kneeling opposite. He smiled at him, a tiny sign of solidarity. When there was no response, Xander looked hard at the individual. He'd seen those eyes before. The other Master was a Kailiff demon, … It was obvious to Xander that the boy had not been born into servitude, he'd been broken. Unlike himself, and very sadly, it was now common practice for broken slaves to be drugged heavily to improve their sexual abilities. Xander recognized the signs. This boy sported a hard-on that could split stone, but eyes that spelt…. nothing. When the Kailiff master touched the boy lightly on the head, there was a reflex servicing (his gag reflex absent courtesy of the drugs and orgasm lacking due the heavy leather bindings). Xander cringed. Whenever the old pet serviced or was taken by Spike, no matter how often, in what position, or in what company, it was a joyous affair, one that they both participated in willingly, whether or not he was given the order to come. Regardless, every time was followed by a passionate kiss and quiet words of praise from his Master. Xander reminded himself again just how incredibly blessed his life had been.

Spike rose to move from the meeting. Despite the urge to groan at the effort, Xander stood silently, a pace and a half behind the right shoulder of his powerful and beautiful Master, head bowed, yet standing straight and exuding his own charisma as treasured elderly pet. The hundreds of diamonds adorning his chains, the rubies embedded in the collar circling his neck, and the elegant spirals of white gold and amber around his aging legs told of his Master's devotion to his Pet. The fact that his Master reached back as he turned to leave the meeting and deliberately took the Pet's hand rather than his lead, spelt an ancient bond of mutual trust.

All the demons present could easily see the age and frailty of the Pet, yet had also observed the same silver haired human servicing the vampire with a willing mouth during the meeting, unprompted and with great enthusiasm. The others were complimentary but it left the Kailiff particularly frustrated and confused. He thrust his large member into his drugged slave's young mouth with jealous dissatisfaction, grunted as he completed and walked off leaving his pet to recover and 'catch up' as best he could.