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With a quick flex of his bulky figure, Jann Lee gathered all his strength, preparing to attack. Lei Fang, on the other hand, moved her arms around freely, controlling her breathing and stretching her legs across the cracked ring floor, as she stood close beside Jann Lee.

Shen became outnumbered, surrounded by a group of seven people, but Kasumi, Hayate, Zack, and Ryu promised not to get involved, letting Lei Fang and Jann Lee handle him alone, figuring they should have the honor of taking Shen on. They would only intervene if needed.

"I can't believe your willing to go through with this," Shen said to his former pupil. " Do you think you beat me? Not a chance!"

Jann Lee sped forward and kicked the old man right off his feet, putting him on his back in the dirt. Shen then staggered to get up, sporting his usual smile.

"Nice. You give me no choice, Jann Lee. Since you will not take my gift back, then I guess it is time for you to die, you too, little girl!"

Shen crossed his arms, putting them in front of his wooly face. A dark aurora surrounded his body, an aurora similar to the one that surrounded Jann Lee when was possessed by the Kagai. The wrinkled flesh on his body began to peel off, revealing hidden scales underneath with his muscle size increasing slightly.

"What the?" Lei Fang said in a low gasp.

Before them, Shen stood in his real form, that of a demon. "Now you meet your doom!" he screeched. "Never was I a human, and I am grateful for that. Your kind is way too inferior for my tastes. That is why you must be destroyed. I could have spared you, Jann Lee. You were like a son to me, but it seems now all you care about is being pathetic and weak."

Shen generated a ball of fire in his hands and lunged toward Jann Lee's head. The young dragon quickly side stepped from the scorching ball of flames and skipped his feet forward. Lei Fang performed a series of cartwheels as she begun an attack of her own, but Shen grabbed a hold of her leg just before the bottom of her sharp heels could touch the scales on his face.

"Seriously, you've got to try harder than that," he laughed.

Jann Lee suddenly appeared from the sky, roughly bashing his fist against Shen's forehead, forcing him to let go of Lei Fang's leg. As she recovered from the ground, Lei Fang sweep kicked Shen's bended knees, dropping him on his back.

Shen rolled up from the ground and hurled a dozen fireballs from his throat at his two targets. A thick layer of smoke built up in front of him and as he looked around, he saw no signs of Lei Fang or Jann Lee, that is, until he heard a noise come from behind. Rapidly, Lei Fang and Jann Lee pounded Shen's backside with a barrage of punches, frequently taking turns on each strike. Shen could feel his body numbing, as he seemed to be losing the battle. Not wanting that to happen, he spun around to try and nail one of the fighters with a harsh blow to the face. He missed as Lei Fang ducked his swinging punch and kicked him into the air using her right leg. Zipping through with a quick jump kick, Jann Lee nailed his foot into Shen's stomach just before he crashed into the ground.

The vile creature stuttered, oozing blood from his nostrils and mouth. Both Lei Fang and Jann Lee as a team were too much for him. He could not understand how two humans could possibly inflict so much damage upon him.

With glaring eyes, Jann Lee stood over Shen's body, ready to deal a crippling blow, but realized doing so wasn't his job.

Ryu soon came vaulting toward Shen's laying body, figuring he'd do the honors instead, and with one quick raise of his sword, he stabbed the demonic creature straight in the heart, leaving him with a few parting words.

"Rest in peace, monster."

Shen gasped as he reached up to try and grab the hilt of Ryu's sword to pull out from his bleeding chest, but it was no use. Slowly, his body began to dissolve into a pile of burning ashes. And that was the end. The tournament was over, and even without a victor it did not matter, not to Lei Fang and neither to Jann Lee. With Shen gone, Kasumi ran up to Lei Fang pulling her into a tight hug, grateful that the battle was over.

"Thank goodness, your ok."

"Yeah, but that was weird. I need to lie down. All this stuff with demons and possessions has made me tired," Lei Fang yawned, jokingly.

The battle had lasted so long it was dark outside, past midnight with morning approaching on the horizon. Lei Fang could now sleep soundly and the other fighters could return home back to their daily schedules.

Jann Lee sat on the rocks of the beach, watching the sun slowly rise into the sky. It was a beautiful sight, much more beautiful than anything he could imagine. With the Kagai no longer controlling him, Jann Lee could return to his normal life, but something seemed to be missing. Quietly from behind, Lei Fang approached him with arms folded in the rear of her back.

"Hey there," she said, sitting in the sand next to him.

Jann Lee did not react as he noticed her presence.

"Look, I'm really sorry," she apologized.

"For what?" Jann Lee asked in wonder.

"I'm sorry that I misjudged you. I and everybody else thought that you had turned into some kind of maniac after last year's tournament. Shen fooled us all into believing that you actually had changed."

Jann Lee carried his stone-faced expression as he turned to look his rival in the eye. "You're forgiven. Now leave me be," he quietly commanded, returning his gaze back at the rising sun.

Lei Fang stood on her heels, beginning to walk away and leave as her rival requested, but before she took even one small step, a deep voice caught her full attention.


"Yes?" Lei Fang said, turning around to see Jann Lee.

"Are you going to be in the tournament next year?"

"Um…sure. Why?"

"I'm going to be there too, and this time, I'll be training my way, under my own influence. You better be ready for a beat down when that day comes."

"Oh I'll be there alright. You can count on that. You had better watch out, cause I will be a lot stronger and tougher than I am now. Well, see you around!"

Lei Fang left Jann Lee's presence a moment later after taking a quick look at the sunrise. As she walked away and faded into the distance, all she could do was smile, with Jann Lee doing the same. Both fighters looked forward to their next encounter in battle and though they were rivals, they truly respected each other in some way or other. What lied ahead of their journey was unknown, but they both knew that their paths would someday cross again.

Author's notes: Well people, that is the end of the chapter and story of Overcoming the Odds. Thank you all for reading and commenting on the story. Aside from my thank you, I would like to clear some things for the people that do not understand. I am sure many of you have seen the reviews I have gotten, labeling me as a Jann Lee hater. I just want to clarify again that I am not. So here is the full explanation of the story.

After Jann Lee's loss at the tournament, he was a little displeased about his first ever loss, especially with Lei Fang being the one who defeated him. In a day, he'd get over it, moving back to his training to ensure that he will do better in next year's tournament. However, Shen, a man looking to increase Jann Lee's abilities by taking him under his wing, approached him with an offer. Jann Lee of course refuses Shen's offer, wishing to do things his way, but what he doesn't know is that Shen doesn't take too kindly to people that refuse his offers.

If you have not noticed in the first chapter, I never mentioned what happened to Jann Lee after Shen confronted him. Did he or did he not accept Shen's offer? I never revealed it, leaving it up to the reader to guess what happened. What really happened was Shen purposely knocked Jann Lee out and summered up an evil spirit to take over his mind and body. Even while he was possessed, Jann Lee could see and hear what he was doing, he just could not stop himself. This is where we all see Jann Lee take a different attitude toward Lei Fang and everybody else. Some people were probably thinking Jann Lee is out of character; he would not act like this. The Kagai was what took over Jann Lee and made him into a bullying psychopath.

Shen's goal was to make Jann Lee one of the most powerful fighters in the world, as well as to have control over him for his own evil purposes. Shen believed the first test for Jann Lee would be for him to kill his rivals, including Lei Fang. So, none of Jann Lee's horridness actions was under his own influence but that of the Kagai's. At the near end of the story is the part where it all comes together, showing that Jann Lee is indeed not the bad guy after all. Out of anger of having his plans ruined, Shen then reveals he is not a human, but a demon wandering in the human world. Ryu then kills him after Jann Lee and Lei Fang defeat him in the final battle. Once all that is over, Lei Fang and the others start to feel guilty over thinking Jann Lee had actually turned to the path of evil, though a minor few did not believe it was true. Lei Fang apologizes and Jann Lee forgives in his own way. They later decide to have another fight at the next tournament, hoping to fight each other again.

Well, I hope that sums it up for those who are confused. Anyway, now that I am done with this story, I have another story I have been sort of keeping under wraps. If you are interested in this new fic, add my name to your author alert list, or just be on the look out for when my name pops up. The next fic I'm writing will be better written than this one, I believe, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as soon as I send it through.

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