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Transylvania. The dreaded place that holds the very creatures of the night, and one to mention is Count Vladislaus Dracula. A monster, a vampire to be exact, he finds the need to feed off of the living to keep himself alive. Some have said he's like the devil himself. His beastly form looks like a bat from afar, but close up the Count has long fangs and large wings with nasty claws. His very eyes are completely captivating, those dark brown eyes that run deeper than a well itself, but on the outside he's magnificent. Pitch-black hair only shoulder length is drawn up behind his head with a black hairpin, lazy strands of hair flow freely on either side of his face only to be removed with his smallest finger. Clothing consists of only the best, a suit of black almost leather like, golden thread around buttonholes on his slender jacket. A long black cloak covers his human form unless he reluctantly lets it leave his figure, and leather gloves he removes with the dark cloak.

He has three brides, and for any other man it would be wonderful but dastardly sown. Verona; the oldest of the three sisters, her features are like that of an angel. Her dark eyes match her masters, and clothing bringing the best of her figure, skin only showing here and there. Pitch-black hair that reaches down to her waist, never curled but beautifully straight. Then there is Marishka; the middle aged one, she too looks like an angel blessed her with her features. Eyes are hazel brown, and she has such a fiery temper that makes her the favorite of the three. Blonde curls cascade down to the middle of her back, and she dresses a little differently than her oldest sister, she shows more cleavage. Last but certainly not least, Aleera; such a young spirit. Her face is so nicely made out like a young angel, and her eyes are a hazel brown as well. Red curls lay gently down to the middle of her back, her clothing is so different from Marishka's but similar to Verona's. She loves to toy with her food before taking them down for herself, and it had earned her an early grave in the past ten years.

Ten years. Has it really been so long since their death? Sadly, yes. Each of them were killed off one by one, by the dreaded monster hunter Van Helsing. We are not speaking of Dr. Gregory Van Helsing, but his own son that doesn't remember a thing of his past, Gabriel Van Helsing. Such history he had with Dracula, but he wouldn't give the monster time to speak to him about it, and for that he has been searching even in the libraries for information. With no such luck he has no information, only the Count was his source, why had he killed him? To rid the world from his children when they were brought to life that night, Gabriel had let his wolf inside loose and killed his best chance of finding out about his past. After ten years, the death of Dracula and his brides had subsided into peace, but what is this? A dark shadow has started to pass the crimson velvet drapes of the windows, has the dreaded Count returned, and his brides?

Unknown to Van Helsing the Vampiric Lord has returned to his thrown, and his beloved Anna Valerious is recovering from the lunge of his wolf. He thought he lost her, but no, she was still alive and her heart started to carry a steady beat now. Carl, the friar aka monster hunter as well, has kept by her side in case she was to wake up and he could get Gabriel. Currently, he had fallen asleep once again in the chair beside her bed in the Valerious manor. Anna stirred, her gentle hand gripped the sheets tightly before it relaxed at her side again, eyes fluttered open and her hand lifted to her head. As she struggled to move herself she felt something around her, bandages? When Gabriel had mistakenly attacked her it would seem he had made a wound on her side. No, she would not become a werewolf, she had somehow fought it and it retaliated before leaving her be.

"Where," she started. "Carl?"

When he heard his name he snapped to attention, but then he remembered that voice, it was so confused though. "Anna, you're awake." He smiled, and she returned a weak one, her eyes were trying so hard to focus on things again that it made her dizzy. "Anna, get some rest… I'll let Van Helsing know you are awake, you can speak to him when you feel better." She struggled to remember who this Van Helsing was, and her confused look on her face became tight and fearful, did she know him? Before she could ask Carl had left the room, out of the corner in her eye she saw something but couldn't focus yet.

"Who-- whose there?" She struggled to ask.

"Rest," were all the words that came from the dark silhouette as he touched her forehead, and she fell into unconsciousness again. As she fell asleep the dark figure materialized as he heard voices coming, and he wasn't there anymore, he would come later.

Van Helsing walked into the bedroom rather quickly, Carl strutted after him into the room. "She must have gone back to sleep," Carl said. As he looked to his friend and friar he nodded and walked over to the chair then sat down, Van Helsing watched her. Then Carl figured he should give them time alone, and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

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