Van Helsing and Carl were in the Valerious library trying to search on how their dreaded enemy could come back from the dead, and maybe a way to stop Anna from fainting. They had left her alone again in her bedroom, the lights were out and she wasn't even close to the library being that her room was upstairs rather than down near the library. It must have been mid-day by the looks of it, the sun was starting to tire but the bright colors still swept through the library as they flipped through pages of books.

"What are we exactly looking for?" Carl asked his comrade.

"Well," Van Helsing started. "Maybe some information on how our old buddy came back to life with his brides in tow…"

"Oh, right." Carl said as he lightly tossed the book onto the table. "Well I can't find anything in these books Van Helsing, but I am thinking it could have been some sort of spell, you know by a witch or something…"

Van Helsing stopped flipping through the pages of the book he held in his hand, "I haven't faced a witch before so if that is it I need information on them… But I'm thinking the devil brought his son back to try to kill me again, that's just my opinion."

Carl shrugged at the thought, but it could have been possible that the devil wanted his son to finish the job and live for a little longer until he died again for good. The window next to them blew open, it was not your typical strong gust of wind, but rather a crash of glass hurtling towards them. Before they knew what hit them the beast was on top of them, ferociously growling and glowing yellow eyes staring at Van Helsing taking him as a bigger threat.

"Carl… get to An-Anna!" He yelled at Carl through struggling to get the massive beast off of him. A large claw was pinning him down at chest point and the other took the hunter's arm and slammed it down, its claws latching onto the ground only leaving the hunter's right arm free. "Ge-Get… off!"

Carl wasn't so sure if he should leave his comrade with the werewolf but turned and ran for the stairs but got interrupted by Aleera popping directly in front of him. "Did I scare you?" She asked with a big evil smile on her face, hair down just like before he escaped her last time. "Uhh… no." Carl was practically radiating with fear now, and it just made her smile grow all the more wicked.

Upstairs there was silence, then there was one voice he could hear and Anna's replying to it. "Sorry to make this short, but I have to go…" He said as he tried to run past her but she grabbed him and tossed him down the few stairs to the ground. "I'm afraid I can't let you do that Carl, you see I'm not allowed to let you upstairs." She said with a bit of disgust in her voice, she was always bossed around by Verona, she was just glad that Marishka chose to stay at the castle with their masters permission.

"Anna, my dear. Come with me," Verona said to the Valerious extending a hand to the woman, no matter how much she hated this it was what her master wished from her to do.

"B-But…" Anna looked confused as she glanced around the room, to Verona's hand then to her face. "Why should I go? I belong here…" Or did she?

Verona growled to herself, it was barely audible to the human ears. "My dear, you must come with me, its for your own safety. These… these people are not your friends, they seek to destroy you and I only wish to take you away from this dreadful place. Do you understand?"

"I, well, um.." Anna didn't even know who this woman was, but soon she would know who they were and regret all of this. "If you say so, I'll go… they were getting a little…well suspicious."

She smiled, not a normal one but a 'I am going to get a reward for this, hopefully' type of smile. "Good, now take my hand and I'll take you to the place I told about." Anna took her hand and rose to her feet, the bride of Dracula had to deal with all of this but it wouldn't be so hard as it was to get used to the other brides, or would it?

"Aleera! We leave now!" Verona yelled at her sister as she took the door into the large weapons room, and to the nearest window opening it and jumping out with Anna's arms wrapped around her neck on the flight homeward. Aleera wasn't so nice; sure she went the same way but went through the ceiling window instead and sped off after her.

In the library Van Helsing and the werewolf were still fighting, except the beast wasn't on top of him anymore. The hunter didn't have a weapon with him, he had taken them off from earlier and that was his biggest mistake of his life, either he was going to die or the beast was going to take off. Carl had rushed back into the room after finding no Anna in her bedroom, he suspected the worse and knew it had to be true, why else would the brides use a werewolf to distract Van Helsing?

The first thing Carl could find was a large pole that had still been in the library that needed to be placed in the correct place, well it was supposed to fix something they just couldn't remember. As the friar moved closer to the beast while Van Helsing was telling him not too, the werewolf growled and stood tall turning to face Carl, grabbing the pole that nearly hit it. Van Helsing saw this as an opening and found the gun he must have left on the shelf, he dove for it and as a few books fell the werewolf threw Carl at the wall.

"Carl move!" He yelled as he turned and reached for the gun that had fumbled out of his grasp when he slammed into the bookcase. The werewolf stood tall and snarled as it approached the hunter that had been lying on the ground, mindlessly grabbing for the gun. When it finally chose to lunge at Van Helsing, the hunter grabbed hold of the hilt and shot the 'wolf in mid-air making it crash to the floor next to him, the bullets weren't silver but at least it fazed the 'wolf for the moment.

"Carl! Where are the silver bullets!" Van Helsing desperately asked as the werewolf struggled to get back up, and shaking its head from its dizziness. Carl frantically looked around, "There!" He pointed to the shelf just near the window, how could he have missed them! Van Helsing growled and ran for the bullets, grabbing them just in time to see the werewolf fixing itself back to its feet. Swinging the gun up to point at the werewolf's head, its ears laid back against its head and roared as it darted past the hunter and pushed him aside rather quickly and escaped through the window.

As the hunter got back to his feet he stopped at the window and was going to shoot, but the werewolf had already vanished into the forest, another unexpected attack in daylight. Winter made the sun hide behind the clouds more often, but they had not been prepared and it messed everything up. "Van-Van Helsing… they took Anna…" Carl struggled to say and Van Helsing shot him a look, "Count on the Brides to ruin everything!" Van Helsing shouted angrily as he stalked out of the room and upstairs to the weapons room.

Carl sighed, "I'm not a field man…" He said in a light whisper as he followed after the hunter, he wasn't much of a help but at least he could figure things out that could help them rather quickly. Van Helsing started to pack up on silver bullets, and a few other items that could help him kill the brides and a werewolf that came in his way, the problem was… where were the brides going?

After a brief stop to wait for the sun to hide back behind its clouds did the brides finally make it back to the castle, with Anna on Verona's back. Aleera landed behind Verona and Anna, no matter how much she hated the woman for killing her she had to deal with it or end up getting yelled at by her master. At times, Marishka would act like the head of the house, but not above her beloved Count even if she knew how to handle his anger.

"Oh," a voice said. "You're back."

"Yes, we are back… and successful." Verona said, "What were you two doing while he sent us out?"

A wicked smile came on her face, "Just talking about our plans for Anna, nothing else."

Anna looked at all three of them, she couldn't put faces to names, but they knew her? How was that possible? Struggling to remember she had a confused, and very cautious look on her face, she didn't know if she could trust them. "Umm… who are you people?" She asked in a very confused tone, a bit of fear making her words shake to make them come out correctly.

All of them turned to her, "Well my dear, I am Marishka." The blonde woman said as she walked up to her and the others. "Aleera." The red haired one told her, and finally who was the raven haired one? "I'm Verona," she said in a calm reassuring tone other than her sisters, best get on the woman's good side if there was trust involved.

"Okay… now that I know your names," Anna started. "Where am I? I… wasn't really told where except somewhere safe, like Verona said."

Before one of the brides could answer they all stopped, and looked at the doorway. In the midst of the shadow at the doorway stood a man; his face was hidden only revealing half of him because of the little light. "That, my dear Anna, is a secret." His voice was so familiar to her but she could not place his face to it either. The Brides each moved away from Anna, they knew their place and for some reason Anna felt that she was supposed to step aside, but didn't budge.

It was like she was staring at dream while awake, somehow, somewhere she remembered his face as he came into full view to her. His raven black hair put up in a ponytail, two strands of hair hanging on either side of his face, entrancingly beautiful green eyes staring back at hers. This was the man who haunted her dreams, the black knight who defeated the white knight, and the one who took her away from all her enemies. How is this possible? She asked herself as she stared at him like a child seeing something shiny for the first time in their life, how embarrassed she felt as she tore her eyes away from his and down to the floor.

"Don't be embarrassed," he told her as he approached her lithe form, only to stop directly in front of her and lift her chin to look up at him. "Anna, you are safe here. There is nothing to be afraid of, your enemies won't find you any time soon, and if they do I will protect you."

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