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If Only You Knew

Chapter One: Internal Confessions

Keely Teslow fell onto her bed and sighed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Phil had just taken her for a ride on his skyak, and she was still in a daze. Almost a year had passed since Keely found out about Phil Diffy's secret - that he and his entire family was actually from the future and had lived in the year 2121. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to the fifteen-year-old girl... she was best friends with a boy who owned gadgets that did things she never dreamed possible, not to mention the boy just happened to be the sweetest, nicest, and funniest guy she had ever met. She never knew she would score a friend like Phil. But that was all they were, right? Just friends? As Keely laid there on her bed, her thoughts started forming.

' Are we really just friends? I mean, I know we're closer than normal friends would be, but that's only because Phil's, well, from a whole different time, and there's so much I learn from him every day. Not to mention that he's totally sweet, he always has a way of making me laugh, he's always there when I need him, and he's so cute---'

She gasped. 'Wait...where the heck did THAT come from? I don't think that he's...' An image of Phil flashed through her mind, showing off his goofy smile, as he held the top of his tennis racquet after winning another tiebreaker of tennis. '...cute...'

Oh God. She did think Phil was cute. Keely lifted herself off her bed and walked towards her dresser, where a framed picture of Phil and herself was placed. She picked up the picture and went back to her bed, slowly sitting on the edge and staring at both of their smiling faces.

She always seemed to be content when Phil was around, that was for sure. He was always there to help make her feel better if she was in a moody state. In fact, he helped her out more than she had realized. He was always there to tutor her in Algebra and Geometry, although it was still like he was talking to a brick wall since she still didn't really get it. And he always helped them get good grades on group projects by using a few of his many futuristic gadgets. He had also helped her overcome her fear of singing in front of an audience, even if it meant shrinking himself and falling into an ice cream wrapper. Heck, he even had tried to protect her from Tanner when he found out that the guy was cheating on her. If she had listened to Phil, she probably wouldn't have had her heart broken. It seemed like he was always there for her, no matter what...

Why didn't she realize it before? Was there really more between her and Phil than she thought there was? Then something caught Keely's eye as she stared at her own face in the picture. Phil had his arm around her, and her own hand snaked up, holding it. Her smile seemed happier than in any other picture she had of herself, and her eyes had a distinct sparkle in them. But what she noticed the most was a tint of light pink that flushed her cheeks. Was she...blushing? There was no mistaking it. Even if she had been wearing makeup that day, it wouldn't have blocked what was visible in the picture.

Keely just couldn't believe it. How could she have not noticed this? The realization hit her like a whack to the head.

'He's not just my friend...I actually...I think...I'm in love with him...'

She sat there, staring blankly into space for a moment, lost in her own thoughts.

'Oh, great. Just great. First Phil's my friend, and next thing you know, I'm in love with him. No...it's been there for a while...it didn't happen overnight...' Keely sighed and fell back against her bed once again. A memory of the past year, when she had been catering at the mayor's party, dropped into her mind. Phil had been there as well, though he wasn't with her. Instead he was with the girl he liked at the time, who just happened to be the mayor's daughter. Keely didn't know why, but she was incredibly jealous and even confessed it to Phil when she had the chance to be alone with him. Unfortunately, he wasn't himself...for some weird reason, he was acting like some sort of...caveman. After he wrecked the entire party and his date dumped him, though, she had been there to cheer him up and even ended up dancing with him. Maybe she fell in love with him then? But as Keely's mind wandered farther, she realized it could've been before that. She might have liked Phil from the start, from the moment he took her in his arms and started dancing with her at Otto's Pink Pig, and it had just grown after that.

'Okay, so I love Phil...it's not that big...'

It could've ended there...but it didn't. It got worse. The mind sucks sometimes, because you can't stop it once it's on a roll. And that's exactly what happened to Keely.

'Oh damn...it IS a big deal! How am I gonna face Phil now that I've got everything figured out? Oh God...I'm not supposed to fall in love with my best friend! This could change our whole entire friendship! And I can't even begin to THINK about what could happen if...if...Oh my God, what'll happen to me if Phil has to go back to the future!'

Her head was going to explode soon if she didn't calm down. And to say that she was freaking out would be a huge understatement. If the phone hadn't rang at that moment, her head probably WOULD'VE exploded. The shrill rings pulled Keely out of her thoughts for the moment, and she picked herself off the bed once again and grabbed the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey Keel!"

Her heart dropped. "Ph-Phil?" she sqeaked.

"Yeah...hey, are you okay? You sound a bit...shaken. What's up?" he asked with concern.

"N-no, I'm fine, really..." she lied quickly. "How about you? What's wrong?"

Phil's voice still held concern, but he continued anyway. "Well, you left your jacket at my house before we went skyaking, so I was wondering if you wanted me to stop by and---"

"No!" Keely answered a little too quickly, heart racing.


"I mean, it's okay, Phil, you don't have to do that...um, we have school tomorrow, you can give it to me then. I don't want to inconvenience you or anything." she explained, hoping that her voice wouldn't crack soon.

"But Keel, I'm only a block away---"

"No, it's okay, I don't need it now!"

"Okay, Keely, I'll give it to you tomorrow...you sure you're okay?" Phil asked again, still worried.

"Y-yeah, don't worry about me, it's nothing, really..."

"Okay...I'll see you tomorrow, then. Bye..."

"Bye..." Keely whispered, and hung up the phone. Her heart was still beating out of control, so she started taking deep breaths. Still holding the phone tight in her hand, she laid back down on her bed, laying her free hand across her stomach.

'If this is how I act towards Phil on the phone, how will I deal with him tomorrow? I just have to calm down. He's still my friend, it's not like everything has changed between us. I'll just have to act normal. At least, I'll try. Who knows? Maybe he likes me too.' She laughed shortly. 'Yeah, and then we'll go out and live happily ever after. Right.' She shook her head and yawned, dropping the phone on the ground and reaching for her pillow. 'He probably has better things to think about. He wouldn't be thinking of me.'

Keely turned her lights out and went to sleep. Not surprisingly, Phil plagued her dreams that night.


A block away, Phil Diffy was sitting on his bed, lost in thought.

'Well, that was weird. What was wrong with Keel? It sounded like...she knew something. Maybe she figured out that she means more to me than she thinks?' he shook his head and laughed bitterly. 'Nah. She probably just wanted to sleep or something. Hard to believe I actually love her. I wish...she felt the same...' Phil rolled his eyes. 'Yeah, right. She's probably not even close to dreaming about me.' He fell across his bed and snapped, and the lights went off in a flash. He drifted to sleep with thoughts of Keely swirling in his mind.

It's funny, how irony works sometimes...


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