Vampire High

'Taylor, Taylor get up, I need to talk to you.' I think it's a dream but I'm not really sure. 'Taylor come on hurry. I don't have much time.' I open my eyes to see that my roommate Cherrie is still asleep. I get out of bed and grab my sweater putting it on as I walk towards the bedroom door. As I open the door I make sure no one is around. I run down the stairs to the library, a boy is sitting on one of the chairs reading and all of a sudden as if on queue he looks up at me.

"Finally, what took you so long?" He asked me. This boy, he's a heartthrob for a boy I've never seen in my life before. He has dark hair and light blue eyes, I think if you look into them long enough you'll be in a trance. "Well?"

"I…I was asleep, I thought I was..was just dreaming." I look at the boy confused. My hair falls in front of my face as I stare at him, he reaches up and moves it behind my ear. "Your hands they're…they're so"

"Cold, I know. Taylor can you answer me a question?" The boy stands and walks over to one of the bookshelves and replaces the book. "Please, sit down."

I sat down on the chair across from the one he was sitting on, I looked around then back at him as he sat down again. "How do you know my name?"

He smiled. "I've seen you before. I hear you talking to your friends about your perfect soul mate you think you'll never find. I know that you hate this school and you think your parents put you in here because they didn't love you and you were a disgrace to your family." He looks at me and goes straight-faced. "Taylor, you belong here, haven't you noticed, you have friends, people who love you and you know you can trust them."

How do you know all this?" I stared into his blue eyes as if I was drawn closer to him. "What's your name?"

"Drew" He got up and moved toward the piano, and started to play. He called me over, or at least I think he did, I felt myself moving to the piano. I sat down beside him and closed my eyes. I could feel his body get closer to me as he played. "The rain kisses you until your body stings with his possession. And for one solitary second, you feel as if you can go to him."

He stopped playing and now I could hear rain hitting the windows around us. It wasn't like a harsh heavy rain but a simple soft rain. Now our bodies were even closer. I felt our lips brush against each other. I waited a few seconds and nothing happened. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I looked around and sighed as I got up and walked towards the window the sun started to rise. "I knew it was to good to be true" I turn away and went up the stairs to my room, got back into bed and pulled the blankets over me. "It should have been a dream."