After crying for what seemed like forever, I fell into a deep sleep, my mind running around in circles. Flashes of my nights with Drew appeared behind my eyelids. I remembered them all, from the beginning to the end. The one that played slowly was the one that just happened, but instead of it being Marty that threatened me it was Drew. This wasn't how I remembered it. But Drew wasn't speaking to me. He was speaking to Marty. Telling him to stay away from me or he'll kill him.

I groaned in my sleep, rolling onto my side. It felt like someone was there beside me, without opening my eyes I moved closer to the body, feeling the cool skin against mine. "Drew, I'm so happy you came back to me. I was so worried about you."

When no one answered me I opened my eyes, realizing that it was just a dream, no one was there. I sat up slowly looking around my room. It was light out but Cherrie was still asleep. I got out of my bed and changed into sweat pants and a tank top.

It was early Saturday morning but still dark out, most of the students went home for the weekend, including Cherrie. I stayed here, I would rather be here forever instead of going home. But the odd thing was: before I met Drew I did go home on weekends.

Ever since that night I thought about what to do on weekends, go home and fight with my family the whole weekend or stay here and see Drew, obviously my choice was stay and see Drew.

I walked over to the door and opened it quietly, sneaking out. I closed the door behind me as softly as possible. I walked towards the stairs, when I got closer I could hear voices, but I couldn't figure out who they belonged to.

I looked down from the top of the stairs seeing a group of people standing around talking. I recognized two of them: Marty and Drew. 'Drew' I thought as I watched him.

"You tied me up." Drew said pointing at Marty. "I swear Marty, if you hurt her, you'll regret it, for the rest of your life, which will only be a few seconds longer before I steak you."

"Oh, don't be so dramatic Drew, your little human girlfriend is fine." Marty replied taking a seat on the table. "She probably just stay away from you from now on." A smile forming on his lips.

Drew looked at Marty. "What did you do?" he asked as he got closer to him, "Tell me!"

Marty laughed and pushed Drew back. "I just told her, that if she doesn't stay away from you, I'll kill her."

Drew got angry and attacked Marty. They began fighting violently, throwing things at each other and screaming. The others in the group just watched not knowing what to do.

All of a sudden, someone stopped them. "Stop! Right now!" It was Mr. Murdock. "Will someone tell me what exactly is going on here?"

Marty backed away from Drew. "He's just a little angry about something I did."

Mr. Murdock looked at Drew. "I don't care what he did. Clean up this mess, both of you, the rest of you, come with me, it's time to go, the sun is coming up."

I watched as the group left Marty and Drew to clean up. The whole time they just glared at each other.

I turned to leave but as I did the floor creaked, I froze where I was, scared of what might happen if the two saw me.

"Taylor?" I head Drew's voice. I turned towards the railing again looking down at him. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I..I stay here on weekends." I said looking from Drew to Marty.

"Get out of here." Marty said looking at me.

I looked at him, my heart pounding in my chest. I was about to leave again when Drew stopped me. "Taylor. Please. I need to speak to you."

I looked at Drew and within seconds Marty was standing infront of me, holding me back away from Drew. "I told you, if you come near him again. I'll kill you."