Shounen-ai: Yuki x Shuichi
Created 13th July, 2005
Contains mild coarse language.

Sometimes I think I'm dying.

"Yuki? I think you might be getting sick..."

Why is he so nice? Doesn't he realise I would sooner snap his head off than be nice back?

"... 'flu going around. Maybe you're coming down with 'flu."


"What do mean, 'no'? Look at you, Yuki, you're all pale. You're obviously coming down with -something.-"

Sometimes I think I'm drowning.


"But, Yuki-"

"I said I'm fine."

See, there I go again, cutting him down when he's only trying to be nice. Its odd, this – he genuinely cares for me, yet...

"Please, Yuki! Just... go to bed."


Is he putting his foot down? But Shuichi -never- puts his foot down.

"I said go."

Why? Haven't I done enough damage, yet? Do you honestly want to take more?


Only because I -am- tired. Don't go getting any ideas – it has nothing whatsoever to do with you.


Sometimes I think I don't know a lifeline when its thrown to me.

"Want some hot lemon? Its supposed to be real good for you if you've got a cold or 'flu or-"


"Want a hot water bottle, then? It -is- the middle of winter, after all, and the bedroom's freezing."


Don't you realise by now I'll only hurt you more? Why don't you give up? Why do you persist, even when you already know the only thing you'll receive in return?

"Well, you're having it anyway, I don't care what you say anymore, Yuki Eiri."

And he juts out his chin stubbornly, refusing to hear another word... this is a new development. In all the time we've been together, he's never...

"Here, Yuki. Now drink up. Please."

Sometimes I think I don't deserve it when you rescue me like that, even when I'm just too proud to want to be rescued... especially by -you.-

"... Fine. Whatever, I don't care."


"I -don't.-"

"Huh? Don't what? I didn't say anything."

"Nothing, don't worry. Just talking to myself."

"See, you -are- sick if you don't even know my voice from your own mind."

Indeed. You couldn't find anything more different than those two.

"You should go to sleep."

"I have my story to finish."

"I don't care. You're not getting out of bed until you've at last had a sleep, and if you're editor rings up I'll tell her the same thing!"

You're so defensive when you're looking after me. Like a Mom.

"So go to sleep."

"I can't when you're hovering over me like that."

Sometimes I think you haven't even bothered to throw me a lifeline – you jumped in straight after me instead.

"Fine, fine, I'll go, but you had better sleep... or else."

You just can't look that threatening with pink hair, sorry, Shuichi. And...

"Don't leave."

Way to go, moron.

"What... what are you doing?"

"Lying down beside you."

"You'll catch my cold."

"Don't care."

I told him not to leave... why does he care like this? Why, after everything I've done...

"Love you, Yuki."

Sometimes I think I'm saved.